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Send It On Song and Music Video Download

Source: iTunes
Size: 7MB
Bitrate: 256kbps
Codec: m4a
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Size: 39 MB
Resolution: 624x352
Format: AVI
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Hannah Montana I Honeslty Love You(No Not You) Download

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Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana

Part 1
Wizards of Waverly Place S02 E25 - Cast Away
Part 2
The Suite Life On Deck S01 E21 - Double Crossed
Part 3
Hannah Montana S03 E20 - Superstitious Girl
Part 1
Wizards of Waverly Place S02 E25 - Cast Away
Part 2
The Suite Life On Deck S01 E21 - Double Crossed
Part 3
Hannah Montana S03 E20 - Superstitious Girl
Credit: DD365Media

Hannah Montana Full Concert Download!

Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack Download

01 It's All Right Here
02 Let's Do This
03 Mixed Up
04 He Could Be The One
05 Just A Girl
06 I Wanna Know You (Ft. David Archuleta)
07 Supergirl
08 Every Part Of Me
09 Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)
10 Don't Want To Be Torn
11 Let's Get Crazy
12 I Wanna Know You (Solo Version)
13 Let's Make This Last 4Ever
14 If We Were A Movie (Ft. Corbin Bleu)
15 It's All Right Here (Full Length Version) [Live]
16 Let's Do This (Full Length Version) [Live]
17 Every Part of Me (Full Length Version) [Live]
18 Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) [Full Length Version] {Live}
19 Mixed Up (Full Length Version) [Live]
20 Supergirl (Live)
21 Just a Girl (Live)
22 Let's Get Crazy (Full Length Version) [Live]

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Hannah Montana 3 Music Videos!

Mixed Up Music Video

Just a Girl Music Video

Every Part of Me Full Song

I Wanna Know You Solo Song

Miley and Nick Performing Before The Storm!

MP4 Download

They look so much in love with this performance! They are SO dating! <33

Joe Jonas Confirms Miley and Nick Are Together!

It seems like Joe Jonas may have accidentally outed Nick Jonas' recently rekindled romance with Miley Cyrus when the brothers — who kick off their tour Saturday — were on "Larry King Live" Thursday night.

When Larry got to talking about who the guys were dating, Joe remained mum on specifics, simply confirming that he does have a girlfriend. As Larry pressed on, wondering if Joe's lady love, Camilla Belle, is as famous as Nick's girlfriend, he surprised everyone by saying, "I don't think anybody is as famous as Miley Cyrus."

Reps for both artists had not responded to MTV News' requests for comment at press time.
Kevin tried to smooth things over by telling Larry the guys have never been shy about their dating lives. "For all of us, we've always said we always date," he explained, while Nick looked visibly uncomfortable with the topic, stating he wants to keep things private. Kevin added, "For us, it is kind of odd to have people all around the world so concerned with a 16-year-old's love life."

But Kevin couldn't avoid questions about his own love life. "Yes, always dating, been together with someone for a very long time and very happy," Kevin said of his girlfriend, Danielle DeLeasa. When asked if he'd marry her, he said, "We'll see. She's an amazing girl."
Miley recently revealed that she and Nick had "reconnected." "He's my best friend, and we still hang out all the time, and we've definitely reconnected," she said when asked if it's weird to work with her ex. "And we don't know what's going to happen in the future, but right now we're just kicking it and hanging out as much as we can."

Miley and Justin Have Officially Broken Up!

Miley Cyrus has reportedly split from her model man Justin Gaston.

The pop sensation posted a cryptic message on her Twitter blog last week, which read "my heart is in two... and its all because of you," which the teenage singer/actress passed off as "a song i am starting to write," but insiders claim it was a message to fans about her romance.

And Cyrus tells, "He's (Gaston) got his own thing going on."

Meanwhile, in another Twitter post, Gaston wrote, "Haven't been this miserable in a looong time."
Cyrus has since jetted off to Georgia, where she will shoot new movie The Last Song.

Jake..Another Little Piece of My Heart Download

Jake...Another Piece of My Heart
Credit: and for the mp4! Visit JordensBanners and JordensDownloads Their Amazing!!

Hannah Montana Season 4 Confirmed

The Disney Channel has ordered a fourth season of its hit series "Hannah Montana," starring teen sensation Miley Cyrus.

Production on the show's current season is wrapping this week and shooting will resume early next year, the cable channel announced Monday.

In announcing the decision, a statement said: "Miley and the producers have proposed a change of setting for Season Four that will provide the catalyst for wonderful new characters and further expand the storytelling opportunities."

The popular series was also made into a film, 'Hannah Montana: The Movie,' which launched in April. The movie won Miley an MTV award for Best Song, "The Climb," which was presented to her last night at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

Miley Cyrus Live at Atlantis

Mileys Atlantis concert
See You Again
The Climb: Part 1 Part 2
Wake Up America

Hannah Montana - Once Twice Three Times Already

Download WMV
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Download iPod (Mp4)
credit DD365Media and MileyNick23

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Theres a new layout at the Gallery!Please check it out!It took me a long time to design all of that..Each detail of it :)

Please comment if you like!

Some new changes.

Hey everyone...Im not being able to take out much time for posting,but i am really glas that gabby is covering up the backlog for me.
Well..a few changes :

  • This blog will have a new layout soon,which will be TEMPORARY.
  • The whole thing will be re-built.
  • I will be deleting all affiliates for once.and adding new ones.
  • There are going to be 3 partner sites,out of which 2 are booked.If you want you can apply for the 3rd one.
  • Max No.of affliates - With icons, is 25.I will not be adding a list.Atleast not now.Mail me if you want to apply.
  • All fanart is accepted in the gallery.
  • a new chatbox will be added.
  • only ONE sister site will be accepted.
  • Last but not the least - I will not handling ANY youtube account which would have Miley videos.Currently we will be having no account at youtube.and all videos by US will be uploaded to BLOGGER.COM


Please apply ASAP.




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Friends For Change Commercial

Miley Cyrus - Disney Friends For Change Commercial - 15th May 2009
Length: 0:48
Download: DivX WMV

01 Back To Tennessee (Live)
02 Thrillbilly (Live)
03 See You Again (Live)
04 7 Things (Live)
05 Fly On The Wall (Live)
06 The Climb (Live)
07 Butterfly Fly Away (Live)
08 Thrillbilly (feat. Miley Cyrus) (Live)

Hannah Montana And David Archuleta I Wanna Know You Download

thanks to savvinaynay from HR for the cover
thanks to dd365 for the Song

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift Fifteen LIVE

Taylor Swift Feat. Miley Cyrus - Fifteen
Credit: Idol Downloads and

Miley Cyrus on Jonathon Ross

April 29th, 2009

Miley Cyrus on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross 24th April 2009
Length = 12:46
Download Now:

Nick and Miley Getting Back Together?

April 29th, 2009

It looked like Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas had finally squashed their beef in the first months of 2009: collaborating on songs together, meeting for lunches, even surviving their first car accident together.Now, it seems like the two have taken things even further. The former couple, who dated for two years, is rumored to crushing on each other again. The NY Daily News reports that the two are very “sweet together” and that they “want to get back together.”A source reveals, “Miley was over at the Jonas house recently, and they were smooching. Nick’s parents have this rule that when a girl is over, the door has to be open, but that didn’t stop Nick and Miley from making out.”Wait…what about Miley’s super-hot, 20-year-old boyfriend Justin Gaston? Apparently she wants to break it off, but is hesitant to give him the bad news.“She doesn’t know how to tell Justin that they’re over, but Nick is being very firm with her. He’s a good, stand-up kind of guy, and is making Miley tell Justin very, very soon,” the source adds. “He’s being tough about it.”Miley has been busy overseas promoting her new hit movie, , and hasn’t been spotted with Justin in weeks. Has Justin’s over-the-top preaching turned Miley away?A rep for Nick said, “We have no comment on our client’s personal life,” while Miley’s camp didn’t return any comment.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Co-web!

Hi, my name is Gabby. You may know me from or a co-web on! This blog shut down a while back and Im going to update AMAP today with downloads and news from my blog so that Ambika is up to date on Miley!

Were going to be partner sites, so Everything I post here will be from MileySource1!

Im going to update most of the posts from my blog here to get this blog started, but it might take a while since I have about 75 or more posts but only important ones will be posted!


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Its time :D

Its time to restart this blog now.I have people who are going to help me.Thankyou so much.For now i am just clearing the sidebars and stuff but in a day or two we will be a having a new temporary layout :D Please tell all your friends!