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Look, Kate Upton Can Also Be Demure with Her Square Framed Glasses

Kate Upton Can Also Be Demure with Her Square Framed Glasses
On November 25, American actress and model Kate Upton was caught on camera wating for her flight home. She had flown into Los Angeles the week before for the photos shoot .
She was wearing black jeans and a black camisole shirt with a black see through blouse over it.Her vintage style square framed sunglasses really complimented Kate’s face. The orange lens glasses lenses looked very nice. 

Kate Upton is a vintage spectacles fan. she often wears vintage wayfarer glasses and she has done more than one photos shoot in a pair of stylish classic Gucci. The model always looks well in anything she wears, But the other day at the airport she was looking especially good. Black is not a color everyone can wear and look well in. 

Kate Upton is best known as the Sports Illustrated Model. She was named rookie of the year in 2011, when she first appeared in the magazine.She was the cover model in 2012 and 2013 for the magazine . She was the cover model of vanity fairs 100th anniversary issue also. 

The photo shoots she flew to Los Angeles to do was done on November 23. It was done at Malibu Beach. There were over 30 photos taken of Ms. Upton in western style attire, most showing her natural assets off that have made her so famous. Some of the photos taken on the beach included horses. She told friends she really enjoyed herself doing the shoot.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rose Tinted Glasses: Make the World in Your Eye Rose-colored

Rose Tinted Glasses

A line of rose tinted glasses have been brought out by wine make Robert Moldavi Private Selection in collaboration with Woodzee, an eyewear company. These designer glasses are made from recycled wine bottles. The glasses have a distinctive tint imparted to them by the wine which was previously stored in these bottles. 
They allow the wearer to see the world through a tinted lens, which can be rose tinted. The glass wooden frames are made from oak wood derived from wine barrels and have a distinctive tint imparted by contact with the wine, in this case the coastal crush red variety created by the label. The fashion sunglasses contain a barrel logo on the temple as a sign of its origin. 

Woodzee has created eyewear from very novel materials in the past like skateboard decks and bamboo reeds. These sunglasses come in four shades. These are reflective blue, reflective green, bronze and grey. The designer eyewear is unisex and in a wayfarer type shape. These glasses can be purchased through Woodzee’s website. These wayfarer glasses are in a very unique style and the result of the collaboration between the wine making company and the eyewear manufacturer. It has been the creator of a highly individual product which is high quality and distinctive.

Lack of love


Am I sensing some lack of motivation in the air? Is it just me or has everyone else unwillingly cut down on their Instagramming, posting and over all social media existence? I’m blaming the weather, the wind and the days that are over before they begun. Ideally we would all be on a plane on to better and brighter things but that’s not reality right now. So time to bite the bullet, light up some expensive designer candles and fill the glass up to about half full. Soon comes the snow, which will set all aesthetically obsessed bloggers at ease for a few extended weeks. Good times.

Come on, Gaga: Mind Your Broken Spectacles

Gaga: Mind Your Broken Spectacles

If there is anyone at all who could try and turn broken glasses into a fashion statement and actually succeed, it is Lady Gaga, or “Mother Monster” as she is called by her legions of “little monster” fans. Gaga has been in the news, more for her outlandish sense of fashion than her music, the latter, needless to say, is less attention-grabbing when compared with her meat dresses, balloon dresses, and now, broken glasses. 
Spotted recently wearing a pair of broken metal glasses which were accessorized with two wigs and a lavender menswear inspired dress, Gaga made it clear that even a simple pair of glasses had to have that unique “Gaga” fashion edge to it. 

Interestingly the trend of wearing broken metal glasses is predicted to hit the market soon. No matter how bizarre or outlandish her fashion choices, one can be assured that anything preferred by Gaga will soon be fashion favorite. The broken glasses trend therefore, will be spotted on runways and in high street markets alike and cheaper, more budget-friendly variants will no doubt make their way into the unique eyewear collections of Gaga fans worldwide. Also expect the accompanying double blonde wig and menswear inspired dress to follow the same pathway into popular fashion magazines.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Amanda Bynes Has No Problem for Fashion Eyewear Trends

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is facing DUI charges but she may be shown some leniency as she has been diagnosed as mentally ill. She will most likely have to stand trial but will probably make a plea bargain. At her public appearances she regularly appears in fashion eyewear which keeps up with the latest eyewear trends and in fact plays a role in influencing these trends.
She often sports oversized sunglasses. They may perhaps serve to hide her emotion from the public. Amanda Bynes mental illness has been a major issue for the former teen actress who has been displaying erratic behavior recently in New York.

She has been diagnosed as schizophrenic with bipolar disorder. She has recently been in a rehab center in Malibu. Before that she was in the UCLA Psych ward. She has been facing a host of problems recently. However, before her troubles began she was quite successful as a child actress. The vintage glasses she wears, which often have tortoise shell or other decorative glass frames give a stylish touch to her appearances. They help to maintain her position as a successful and well known actress even in the midst of the legal and psychological problems she has been going through.

The Dream List

CARTIER ‘Trinity’ bracelet
2ND DAY waistcoat
CARTIER ‘Juste un Clou’ bracelet
HERMES diary cover
CELINE beige pumps
CHANEL quilted clutch
HERMES ‘Kelly’ bag
CARTIER ‘Tank Solo’ watch
CHANEL snow globe

Christmas is just around the corner so I am grabbing every opportunity to drop subtle hints in the hopes of turning pajamas and bedsheets into any of the ones above. Seasonal wishes? I could fire at you with lighting speed but then there are the classics, the dream buys that will forever have me week at my knees. My favorite online destination, Vestiaire Collective keeps teasing me with the likes of a golden nail from Cartier and The Herm├Ęs Kelly (I can’t even pronounce it without transposing up a tone), both things that come best served as gifts (I’m looking at you, older man). One can dream, but I won’t be expecting to unwrap a designer snow globe anytime soon, leave it to me to justify the worth of something so amazingly pointless.

Don’t miss out on the ‘Ready to ship’ section for free delivery until Dec 15th on those smart, bigger than life gift decisions. Trust me, they will pay back themselves.
In collaboration with Vestiaire Collective

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Look out: 2014 Eyeglass Fashion Trends for Women

2014 Eyeglass Fashion Trends

With all the modern technology nowadays, eyeglasses are becoming easier to follow the fashion trends. The new designs are no longer solid black dreary glasses. Eyeglasses are as trendy and fashionable as your clothes or shoes. You can go on the internet and find the perfect pair for your needs and find them very reasonable. 

2014 fashion has a whole new look with animal patterns and retro patterns leading the group. Do not be afraid to try the bold new look. Glass lenses are now being colored and tinted to match the frames and you can even have a completely different color lenses from your glasses frame. Latest fashion trends for women will be bigger rounder glasses,spice them up a little order a pair with a colored lenses that will match your shoes and clothes. You can even add a bold ,fashion trendy design to the frame order. 

With internet access you can shop all over the world. You can buying eyeglasses online any time day or night. Look around at the spectacles out there. Buy more then one pair. Do not be afraid to try the bold new designs and colors. You can be the first of your friends to start eyeglass fashion trends .Your glasses should be as unique as you are.

Suited alternatives


Borrowing another few pictures from my recent Finnish Trendi magazine feature, as the weather in London has me layering coats like there is no tomorrow. Stating that I love a good suit is surely an understatement at this point, but it’s not often when I feel like choosing beige over black. The subtle golden glow and ruched finish whispers all the right things, so a minimal styling was a given. After spotting some very similar pieces at the Olsen sister’s Elizabeth and James spring collection, the message to give the steamer a rest, is clear. So call it a suit reinvented, or a perfect party piece minus the obvious Christmas reference, thank god.
pictures courtesy of Trendi

Friday, November 22, 2013

Women's Jackets - 10 Ways to Wear the Latest Fashion Trend for Spring

20 Celeb-Approved Ways to Wear a White Blazer This Summer
There's no easier way to transition your wardrobe into summer than with one simple staple: the white blazer. It can be casual or formal, worn with torn jeans like Olivia Palermo or a lace dress like Gisele. 

Women's jackets are a fresh way to update your look this spring. A jacket is perfect for work, and can also make a statement for casual or evening wear.
If you want one new piece to add to your wardrobe, make it a jacket. Here are 10 ways to wear them this spring:
1. Take a cue from the old boys club and add a tailored blazer to your spring wardrobe. Use a tailored jacket in a neutral color, such as cream or grey, to tone down separates in citrus colors, or the crayon brights that are so hot this spring.
2. Layer a jacket over your strappy party dress for an evening look with impact. Great for chilly evenings as well.
3. A bold blue or navy blazer is a perfect way to top a classic button-up shirt in crisp white. This works well over tailored pants or your favorite trousers for the office, and jeans for evening.
4. Add casual sophistication to cropped pants by shrugging on a summer seersucker blazer. A fresh color like blue and white strips is fun, yet can still be business-like for the workplace.
5. The safari look is huge this spring, and there are many safari jackets to choose from. One idea is to find a belted safari jacket, which adds a bit of sophistication, so you can wear it to work, and then in the evening. Belt it over a full skirt for a cool, feminine silhouette.
6. A jacket that is fitted to the hips works for most body types. For a trendy look, try the longer boyfriend jacket.
7. A classic jacket has two buttons. Three buttons give you a more conservative look. Double breasted jackets have a nautical feel.
8. A jacket doesn't have to match your bottoms. Mix and match your items to create your personal style.
9. Sharply defined shoulders are in, but shoulder pads from the 80s are not.
10. School boy and tuxedo jackets are very big this season. They go from work to evening with style. Try wearing them with everything from a skirt, to jeans, to shorts for summer.
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Spring/Summer 2013 Jewelry Trend: Statement Necklace

Guess which trend is making its way back into fashion in a big way? After ruling out last year’s runways and red carpets, statement necklaces are making waves in fashion world again. Nothing says glam and elegance like a statement necklace and a-listers are adorning their necks with this versatile accessory for super-glamorous look.
Chunky and sparkling, statement necklaces have become a big trend for Spring/Summer 2013. They make a bold fashion statement and bring a great ensemble together. From campaigns to magazine covers, red carpets to streets and runways, these striking necklaces are popping up everywhere.
statement necklaces trend 2013
Bigger Is Better:“The bigger, the better” always holds true to statement necklaces. Big necklaces have power to take a simple outfit from drab to fab in an instant. Dramatic necklaces are a great way to add high-impact runway style to your everyday outfits with a bit of flair. Katie Holmes, Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera, Lena Headey and many more, celebs just can’t get enough of necklaces and rock over-the-top looks everyday!
Statement Necklaces Styles: The ongoing trend of statement necklaces include many styles to suit any taste and occasion. Twisted necklaces, choker necklaces, floral necklaces, feathered necklaces, geometric necklaces, maxi necklaces, bib necklaces; there are endless bold and loud necklace styles to add pizzazz to your jewelry wardrobe. Bright to metallics, simple to oversized, go for any type and style to accessorize your favorite outfit for night party, special event, office or everyday.
spring summer jewellery trends 2013
How To Wear Statement Necklace: Can’t leave your favorite necklace in your closet? No problem. Statement necklaces can be worn with several different outfits to create many divine looks. The best way to show off beauty of a necklace is to wear it with strapless dresses and make it a key focal point of look. Channel excitement of warmer weather pairing colorful necklaces with bright dresses.
Another option is collared shirts or jackets for fun edgy look. Go for trendy basic outfit in pastel color palette and pair it with metallic necklace. No need to limit yourself to just one statement necklace. Go for many pieces with a turtleneck. Since statement necklaces can really not go unnoticed, wear them with shorts, denim, sweatshirts, jumpsuits, minis, maxi dresses or long gowns.
celebrity statement necklace 2013
The general rule of thumb is to keep rest of outfit simple and let necklace take center stage. This season, give your casual or formal look an unexpected twist with big and bold necklaces and grab attention wherever you go. So next time before you leave the home, make sure you add perfect finishing touch to outfit via breathtaking statement necklace.

Slip 2013 Fashion Tendencies for that Furthermore Sort of.

If your body type describes a pear shaped smaller top and a bigger bottom, experts recommend that you choose a Kimono dress; only because it balances the body. In the fashion world, draped sweater coats are going to be all over the place during the fall season. Most will come in knits and cashmere. You should also consider a wrap dress or V-neck dress.
They are ideal for plus sized women because:
1. The knit hugs the body
2. The folded top takes the attention from all other body parts, but your face
3. The sweater length provides a slimmer and leaner look
Colors to wear
If you are plus sized and want to create that slimming appearance, you should wear a red sweater with black pants. You can never go wrong with red and black. Smokey gray is another color that adds depth to an outfit and takes away from the fact that you are plus sized. When you wear the color gray, the best way to do so without appearing bigger than usual, is to mix it with bright colors on top. Make sure your top has a distinct neckline to take away all the emphasis from the body toward the face. Choose tones that are monochromatic since they provide a slimming effect to the body; not to also mention that they add sophistication and class to your look.
Other options
Rosettes are going to be popular for the fall. You can choose a basic shift dress and make it either professional or casual. A good pair of pants with medium-low wide waistband will minimize your midsection. Stay away from high thin waistbands. Select a bootleg style pair of pants because it is sufficiently wide to add balance to your hips. Tailored and proportionate dresses should be your first choice.
What you should avoid
If you are a plus sized woman, you should stay away from baggy and shapeless clothes; especially tunic tops and long skirts. You may want to hide your body by wearing these types of clothing, but it only gives the opposite effect of not actually hiding you, but drawing eyes to you. Stay away from loose fabrics. These will only make you appear heavy on top. Avoid pants that are too narrow or too wide in the leg because it will make your hips look bigger. Tummy control is something that you should consider by wearing shape wear under your clothing.
Be sure to begin your search for the right apparel by choosing styles to compliment your figure. A pencil skirt and sweater with no belt is an ideal combination for work or play. Add some nice little pumps to make you appear taller and more slender.

Nine Months Pregnant Rachel Zoe Went out in Round Sunglasses

Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and mother of one child, stepped out in style with her son Skylar. Being pregnant and waiting to deliver her baby any day now, she wanted to have one last outing as a mother of one before the 2nd baby arrives. She is due any day now and so is not letting go of any chance where she can spend more time with her son.
Both mother and son were dressed impeccably, with the mother wearing a camel coat and platform boots and the son wearing matching tunic and trousers and a beanie hat. The special attraction of Rachel Zoe’s fashion was her big round sunglasses.

Her vintage glasses were a unique combination of brown and white. The lenses were brown and the glasses frames were white. It added a very retro appeal to her overall style and look. In spite of being pregnant, there were no visible signs of her baby bump. Her glasses helped with taking off the attention from her bump towards her face. The big round over-sized sunglasses both acted as a diversion and a stylish accessory. In spite of being such a busy entrepreneur, according to her own words – “there is no time”, Rachel Zoe continues to step out in style every time.

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DIOR ‘Mise en Dior’ earrings
MARIA BLACK gold jewellery
BALMAIN nailpolish

The party season is on in full swing and this year I’m finding inspiration from who else than Saint Laurent. The easiest party update isn't necessary a new dress, but the accessories around it. My checklist reads: Red nails, pearl earrings and dotted tights. That is until I get my hands on/can justify spending this much on the ultimate nylon.

Aviator Glasses & Dog--Man's Best Friend

Aviator Glasses & Dog--Man's Best Friend

We’ve all heard of the old adage, dog is man’s best friend. However, in Russell Brands case, this adage seems a little incomplete as not only are dogs are his best friends but aviator sunglasses too. Who knew that specific glasses frames had such deep significance for some?

After denying all claims regarding his cheating on Jemima Khan with glamour model Sophie Coady, Brand can be seen walking Khan’s dog along while sporting the very hip vintage glasses that show his keen fashion style. And his day out doesn’t just end there but also extends towards hailing a taxi and asking the driver to get some flowers while en route to an address in London. His exit from the taxi was accompanied by those flowers, designer glasses and Jemima’s fluffy white dog, Brian. However, this same comedian who in a very recent interview with Alan Carr admitted to behaving himself and being in love was in recent times caught in a tricky situation with Sophie Coady.

The glamour model not only admitted to the fact that Russell cheated on his girlfriend with her, but also gave away all the gory bed secrets that literally bound them together. Oh and giving away is very polite considering the dirt she pulled up on the famous comedian who has a thing for getting caught in awkward situations and glasses for men. Along with dissing his sexual prowess and highlighting his keenness to cheat with her, she also claimed that he was obsessed with power.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

21st century eyewear evolution

The present day optical environment with its super charged and prevailing atmosphere undoubtedly gives a leading edge stress on frame embellishment today. Eyewear designs are not only used as a correction aid but also to feed the aesthetic side. A huge demand on fashionable and innovative frame designs has hit the market. Although there are no big or radical changes that you can fathom out rightly. But we do see some subtle ones where the existing frames are used as a basis for an innovative new look. 

The present day scenario, the twenty first century stipulates original designs, never seen before shapes. We have crystals, changeable sides , frames with frontal bow, the iconic foldables, luxurious solid gold, oversized, colorful fancy frames ,rubberized materials ,ultra light titanium, no screw designs ,the high performance flexible. Multiplicity has got into the all familiar eyewear arena.

This was not always so! Turning the pages back we see that the crave towards frames as a fashion accessory originated in the 80s-90s and increasing number of eyewear manufacturers and fashion houses immensely affected the optical market albeit positively. Aviators and Polaroid's were the makers of this era. Revolutionary breakthrough, which are a rage even today. 

In the 60s , huge oversized frames were popular, almost large enough to cover half the face. Artificially decorated frames and retro looks made a place in the fashion and disco world. This vigorously affected the both American and European culture. The movement which had a great impact on the eyewear was optical art which expressed the style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions. 

In the 50s, poles apart type of eyewear specifically for women was introduced, also known as the cat eye eyewear. The end pieces of the spectacles models were engraved and decorated. Then popular nylon eyewears were endorsed more by men, they looked as if the lenses were hung onto them. Hollywood film stars subsidized the esteem of the sunglasses worldwide. 

30s saw the rise of carl-zeiss and Bausch and Lomb as well as the rise of Pento shaped aviators models. These models are gaining popularity again as retro designs.

During the first and Second World War time, unique fashion cum durable eyewear design were popular, the mask eyewear and pex eyewear. The masks had no temples but only two ribbons to be looped whereas pex was celluloid with stripe tortoise shell design.

The frame as we see has a very interesting historical and cultural past. Slowly and gradually evolving to what we see today, In the process changing totally the dispensing zone .initially considered as boring and dull has now become a major fashion and luxury item, an accessory that personifies style statement and is sought after by each and every one!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Keeps Her Aviator Glasses on While Getting Her Eyes Made up

Lindsay Lohan
The 27 year old Lindsay Lohan continuously posts her pictures on Instagram. Recently she posted a picture of hers where she was getting her touch up for an Elle Indonesia shoot. You must be thinking what the big deal about the picture is.
So that you guys know it clearly, Lohan was getting her makeup done with her Aviator glasses on. We all are aware of the fact that Lohan loves her Aviators but we surely did not know that she loves them so much that she cannot part with them even while getting the makeup done. She did not remove her aviators even when her eye makeup was done.

In another black and white picture posted on Twitter the red head mean girl was seen getting her hair and her face touch- up done by her hair stylist as well as her makeup artist with these aviator glasses on. We know that both the Instagram and Twitter pictures were related to the same event but we sure were not aware of the actor’s unbound love for her shades. While her cheeks were defined with rouge and her lips were painted dark red, Lohan was seen confidently carrying herself.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The hotted eyewear trends in 2014

 hotted eyewear trends in 2014

Knowingly or unknowingly, you spot eyewear trends that might be oversized optical or geeky chic opticals. In its 2014 “Annual Eyewear Product and Trend Review”, Stylesight; the fashion forecaster featured displayed a wide range of optical and sunglasses products from all the world famous designers. The four major trends that will rule 2014 are: 

1. The Instagram Look with its 1970’s appeal is in demand in the social media. O’Neill, SPY, Ferragamo, Carerra, Maui Jim, Lanvin have come up with this Instagram Look. Designs from Original Penguin, Max Studio, Robert Graham, Karl Lagerfield have bought back the tortoise print. 

2. The Mathematical look focusing on Neutral colors and angular cuts has also made a comeback with Prada, Optical Nerve and Emporio Armani’s brown bar, XOXO, Robert Cavalli and Frost’s arithmetical frames prints as well as black and white patterns from Randy Jackson, Jimmy Crystal and Face to Face. 

3. The Aqatic Look fashion eyeglasses are back as fashion trends. Watery hues from Michael Stars, Vera Wong, Icon Eyewear and floating lens effect from Scott Harris and Prodesign are must haves. 

4. The Garden Look spectacles in vibrant pinks and earthy greens inspired from celebrity styles have been displayed by Mui Mui, Dolce and Gabanna, House of Holland, Robert Graham.


COS coat
ZARA mohair knit
ALLSAINTS 'Kara' shoes

Hey and sorry for the radio silence! It’s been a busy and fun weekend that I spent in Finland but I’m back on track and both mentally and sartorially in my comfort zone. The big Marant collaboration launched with a bang and although the signature print dose had me slightly overwhelmed, I managed to update my dark staples with some more current ones. It’s the season for double coating again and that’s what a Londoner has to do to sport some bare ankles in November. I’m happy to hand over the ‘best pants of the year’ award to these and clearly I’m not alone on that.

Lady Gaga Wears Bizarre Blow-fly Sunglasses and Almost Trips on Her Sky-high Shoes

We are all aware of Lady Gaga and the ways she adopts for looking “different” than the others. This recent appearance of Miss Gaga was no different as she put all her other weird looks behind with this one.
There was only one good thing about her whole appearance and that was her blow-fly round sunglasses. Even though they made her look like someone from space, they were still much less weird than the rest of her outfit.

We still cannot figure out what she was really wearing other than the round sunglasses. The “jumpsuit” looked like something astronauts would like to wear. It had sleeves at the oddest of places and was so shiny that it almost hurt the eyes. The white leggings she wore looked like they were stuffed with something around the knees. And that is not all! The Lady Gaga shoes looked like you can kill somebody with them! They were so high that she actually tripped while walking.

She didn’t leave her head out of the weirdness and chose to adorn it with a turban! Not a cap, not a hat, but a purple turban! It was the fashion sunglasses which somewhat managed to salvage her whole appearance.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Aviator’s Sunglasses—Men’s Edge Tool for Fashion

Aviator’s Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are popular accessories for men. Not only do they provide protection from the sun’s glare, but they are a current fashion trend that many people want to buy aviator sunglasses. Every time you walk outside, you will find many men sporting aviator sunglasses. Not only are they trendy, but they tend to be very comfortable for its wearers.

You can view a wide variety of men’s eyewear on Google where they are currently selling dozens of vintage glasses at great discounted prices. Among men’s eyewear trends are the Nike Men’s Vintage-inspired sunglasses currently selling for $57.99 on The lenses of this beauty are rectangular in shape with the Nike logo engraved on the arms of the sunglasses.

If you are looking for something more retro style, you can browse through the men’s eyewear section on eBay. They’re currently offering a pair of gun metal designer sunglasses with a retro theme for $9.94 for free shipping and delivery. The lenses of these sunglasses are neon purple in color and it has grey metal frames. These types of sunglasses are ideal for someone who prefers and edgier look.

There are many options in the eyewear selection for men. Whether you prefer plain black or retro colors such as neon orange, you’ll find that you like how they look and feel while you’re out under the sun’s rays.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The waxed, cropped biker-blazer

ZARA shirt
COS trousers

It took a while, but I’m following up on the promise I made in this post to take a closer look at my newest Charlie May jacket. As the title indicates, I don’t really know how to define this extraordinary piece, but maybe that’s the beauty of it. Meet my blazer/biker, where best of both world unite to compliment my large selection crop tops. My affection of red nails has turned me into a little bit of a lady, and I’m staring to crave high-wasted jeans again. No fear though, as it seems like I have the ideal upper half sorted.

Photos by Steffi

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eyewear Trend 2014 List

Eyewear Trend 2014 List

Eyewear trends have changed and developed a great deal. A number of styles have come up. The frame of the glasses, the tinting and shape of the glass and the frame play an important role in deciding the look of the glasses. These can vary and lend a particular style to the wearer. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Below the knee


 ALLSAINTS ‘Kiss’ boots

#BelowTheKnee, not to be confused with below the belt, although that would not sit wrong on 5 inch and up. Well, a new shoe range from one of the coolest Brit brands, AllSaints, with an inspiration from the NYC fetish scene is pretty much a favorite thing for me to have the honor to introduce. The brand best know for its leathers gets a sexy shoe update with a collection of everything from pony to python, without forgetting the inserts of studs, chains and buckles, presented in their famously scrumptious leathers. See the campaign video and you’ll get the hang of it! So with an overwhelming love for those beautiful cow hide pumps and a pair chain inserted booties, I can’t help but warmheartedly welcome the new direction of AllSaints.

But let’s not forget that I’m going to need your input too! High heels and a lot of knees, surely you haven’t missed the trending #belowtheknee tag on Instagram? You are invited to join in on the fun by uploading your own b&w version. Get creative as best photo will win a trip to London and two pairs of AllSaints shoes. Don’t worry, there are cool flats too but if you ask me, nothing nails ‘fetish’ better than a tongue and cheek pair of high heels. Good luck!