Monday, December 16, 2013

Reece Witherspoon Wears Wayfarers Outside

Reece Witherspoon Wears Wayfarers

Reece Witherspoon was spotted while shopping for groceries in Brentwood, California on Wednesday. She was quite stylishly dressed in leather boots and wayfarer glasses. These high heeled dark boots added some extra inches to her height. She was also wearing a short black skirt made of a kind of cloth material. It was not tight fitting, the getup showed off her well toned legs. Her dark sunglasses shaded her eyes from the sun. She seemed to have appeared without makeup and wore her blond hair straight and un-styled. She also wore a simple white lined sweater with her skirt. Her wayfarers gave her the rather reserved look as she attempted to remain anonymous on her shopping trip.

She seemed to be in a buoyant mood after her recent romantic trip to Paris with her husband. The thick vintage glasses frames she wore suited her. The fashion glasses she wore gave her a rather glamorous and modern look. She had just returned from a trip exploring Paris with her husband Jim Toth. They also did some designer clothes shopping. She has just finished shooting for her new film Wild. She is set to begin shooting for Nancy Meyer’s The Intern soon.

Charlize Theron's Fashion Side in Dark

Charlize Theron's Fashion Side in Dark

Trust Charlize Theron to look fashionable even when she is sad. While being caught at the airport on her way to South Africa from LA, Miss Theron looked stylishly dark in her dark sunglasses, blue and white top and black leggings.
Other than the vintage glasses she was wearing, everything she wore was in black, including the black pumps. Even the handbag and the blazer she was carrying were black. The blue color of her top added some contrast to her all black attire. 

Charlize Theron looked visibly upset while on her way back home and we know the reason why. Like any other devoted patriotic South African, she has been grieving over the death of Nelson Mandela. She had first met the great freedom fighter way back in 2004 where he had praised her for making South Africa famous all over the world. She had been reduced to tears by his generous words of praise for her then.

As we said before, Charlize Theron managed to look stylish even in a solemn mood. Her dark fashion side on a dark night can easily be termed as a new fashion style to follow whenever you are feeling low! The wayfarer sunglasses she wore did a good job of hiding what she was really feeling inside.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bespectacled Katherine Heigl Shows Fashion & Love

Bespectacled Katherine Heigl Shows Fashion & Love

All dog lovers must be very familiar with what we are about to say here! They follow the master wherever they go! So it was not a surprise when we caught Katherine Heigl with her pet Chihuahua, Gertie at the JFK airport on Sunday. What’s more? Gertie even posed for our cameras! 

Katherine has always been fond of dogs and Gertie is the latest addition to her growing collection of furry friends. But we were not ready for the surprise and the fashion trends she threw at us! It looks like Miss Heigl and her Chihuahua are going to become a favorite with photographers all around. 

Heigl was in all-black while Gertie was wearing a velvety violet coat and prescription glasses. While posing for pictures, she actually stuck out her tongue and held up a paw at us as if to say” I am here and ready to conquer you all with my antics”! Heigl looked like a librarian, a sexy one of course, in her black-rimmed trendy glasses. The rest of her attire was completely black as well, with the bright red shoes being the only exception. The fashion glasses she wore were big and rectangular, with the frames being a combination of black and brown colors. She seemed to be in a very good mood and so did Gertie!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Aviator Sunglasses Sharpen Dowdy Mom’s Look

Aviator Sunglasses Sharpen Dowdy Mom’s Look

The singer Pink has recently been busy on a North American tour. Just a few hours before her concert she was seen coming out of a New York Hotel carrying her two year old daughter and wearing aviator sunglasses for women. Husband and father Carey Hart was seen coming out with a cup of coffee in each hand and a large bag over his shoulder.
The singer was wearing vintage glasses and looked quite cosy and warm in an oversized sweater, black leggings and beige Ugg boots. Her daughter wore a bright green skirt, cream coloured sweater, white tights and sneakers. Carey was wearing a short sleeve shirt with blue trousers and boots. Some of his tattoos were on display. 

Her black frame sunglasses gave her a rather intense and reserved look as she made her way through the cold. She is slated for two performances at the Barclays Centre. Her husband, retired freestyle motor-cross racer, Hart posted some pictures of their daughter Willow on Instagram as did Pink herself. Her black frame glasses went well with her white head cover. Her husband posted a picture of her on the cover of Billboard Magazine with a caption appreciating the effort she put into her career.