Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amber Rose in Wayfarer Sunglasses Certifies Again with Wild Hairstyles

Amber Rose in Wayfarer Sunglasses

Amber Rose was seen attending the Beyonce concert in a very innovative and modern getup. The model and socialite sported a wild hairstyle with an electric purple buzz cut. It was slicked to the side on top and in a buzz cut style at the sides. 
The concert was in downtown LA, at the Staples Centre. She complemented her hair with bubble gum pink lipstick and sunglasses. She wore a tight mini dress and black pointed heels. She was also wearing an edgy leather jacket. Dark wayfarer glasses gave her look an added element of mystery and coolness. She appeared quite reclusive and elegant in her designer shades. 

She had earlier posted a photo of herself in a pool with her son, sporting quite an innovative hairstyle, with her hair in a zigzag shaped buzz cut. Her dark roots showed under a layer of bleached blond. She has a son, Sebastian, with her husband Wiz Khalifa, born about nine months ago. She showed her maternal side when she sent a series of tweets. She talks about her anxieties and worries. She has anxieties about his future and growing up, hoping that he adjusts well and is able to cope with any problems.

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