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Fashion is Everywhere - Check you Neighborhood

Stay tune for those of you following me! Once again fashion week is just around the corner, or should I say next week (February 7). I am so excited to see what New York is going to offer this season. By the way, they are presenting their Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collections. Also, as designers are showing their collection, several of them will start displaying their recent Spring/Summer 2013 collection for regular buyers to purchase them; you know, since were not celebrities, who have already worn them since seasons ago. This will be my first time writing full-time reviews and editing pictures to format collages, since I don't want to make my posts three pages long full of pictures, or cause the blog to crash. On the side note, I am still learning how to manage different photo editing tools. I am not that great handling those tools yet.  SMEKDB2DNSZ7

Don't forget to follow, because I will constantly be updating new reviews for the whole month of fashion week. I will try my hardest to be on task, making sure reviews are fresh from the oven, as they would say. 


Where's Your Gold Capri's Girl?

Fashion Collage - Printed Pants

As you know, Fashion week is almost here! As everyone is getting their invitations ready, having your best outfit shot by photographers is a must. Getting a picture taken has to be inspirational and eye catching. There are two things you should have in mind when packing up: prints and vibrant colors should become your best friend when it comes to fashion.

When choosing what to pair with prints, make it enjoyable! Remind yourself you’re a young child when it comes to dressing up. Don’t stress out too much over an outfit, because people will notice you’re trying too hard to impress. The more you have fun with what you decide to combine, the more intriguing it’ll be. Strive for the “Eye Candy of the Day,” as Wendy Williams would state .SMEKDB2DNSZ7

You could take for example the gold printed pants from J.Crew. The nude shoes with neon straps became the color scheme of our outfit. Why? Simply, the pants had enough statement to speak about – it was a matter of playing around with another scheme. Color doesn’t have to be your only alternative. Opting for different fabrics and textures gives uplift to your style.

Remember: Set your mind as a young child who’s experimenting with what she’ll wear, and work it!

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs silk top available at
2. J.Crew gold jaquard printed pants available at
3. Neoon strap pumps available at
4. Marni gold bracelet available at
5. Miu Miu leather clutch available at
6. Cutler & Gross sunglasses availabe at
7. ghd metallic styler available at
8. Chanel frisson nail color available at


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She goes by the name of Fauzia Abdulkadir(Fawwie).She is from Kenya but has been  living  in Tanzania for many  years .Her fashion sense is beyond compare.Her style is a mix of classy,trendy,retro and everything fabulous .She has plans of starting her own  fashion blog and  opening a shop this year .Get ready for all the good stuffs from her .



Model Kitchen by Cesar Casier - This Healthy Tips May be What You Were Looking For?

Cesar Casier Model Kitchen Book

Model Kitchen sounds interesting, no? I mean, who doesn't want to look slim and built, and overall feel like a model? I do! This book has very tasteful images of various healthy foods you can prepare. They seem like the food you would think most models would eat to stay fit. It does look very informative, easy, and healthy. I'd have to read it completely to find out if it's just one of those other regular cooking books who simply tweak small things to make it sound fascinating. I'm sorry, but I do believe you won't get the looks of model Cesar Casier, who wrote the book.If this book made both of this miracles, I doubt publishers would have a brake from printing out millions of copies (I may have exaggerated a tiny bit).

Anyhow, I'm actually going to try cooking meals from this book, and writing down my progress. Yes, I will also exercise more. My main goal is to get leaner this year before I start college, compared to how I am right now - fat.

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Meegs Fashion is Part of Run-way to Style

For some that may have been following the first domain blog, you are in the correct place. It was once Meegs Fashion, but changed recently to From:Run-way To:Style.

Being a Computer Geek Deserves Respect

The sunset is never to late to finish what you were doing

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a happy Tuesday. Today wasn't such a terrible day. I have to say I spent most of the hours trying to search for ways to change around the font size and links to connect to my menu bar. It was a pain in the butt, for I am not a computer geek. I literally spent about four hours trying to make sure all the links worked well, and overall change the "Read More" thing to what I had in my mind. It took some hard work (well, at least for me), but my blog is working how I had wanted it to work before.

 I still have some tweaks I need to make, for my bitchy computer gets an attitude every once in a while (Stupid Bitch). This is a main reason I have decided to possibly switch to an iMac, which I guess will be more convenient. I'm still in debate, whilst my camera seems to be malfunctioning too. Canon is in my list. I'm going to blame it on the camera for taking bad photos, but maybe its just me who doesn't know shit about it. 

Stay tune. I will be begin posting pictures about my outfits soon. I just have to research some more to learn how to edit professionally my shots. Honestly, I may be behind updating my posts, but I have to briefly master photo editor (Gimp). Why? Well, I have less than a week to get prepared for New York Fashion Week! By this time, I should be able to ball my editing skills. I Hope So!

P.S.: I have wanted to have a section of inspired street style looks, but I want them to be original (about you). If you would like to participate, you could send me your outfit of the day (men or women) to my e-mail so that I could post your looks to inspire others who visit. I adore creativity! If you have any other ideas you would like to see on my blog, contact me, and I'll be please to provide you with an answer.

Mr. Lazaro

A Touch of Color Can Hype Your Look

Men's Collage - color is your friend

A touch of color can truly enhance your overall outfit. Don’t be afraid of wearing colors, and by that I don’t mean dress like the rainbow.

Prints may not be your best friend, but colors such as this Burberry cashmere sweater maintain that masculine feel you’re searching for. The look above is as casual as it can get for those who want that minimalistic touch. It’s up to you to decide how minimal you want to be. 

Most of these items can be purchased at Mr.Porter or La Garçonne.

1. Burberry Brit (Chartreuse) Cashmere Crew Neck 
2. J.Crew Blue Brushed Slim-Fit Trousers
3. J.Crew White Cotton Shirt
4. A.P.C Derby Crepe Oxford Shoes available at
5. Garrett Leight Acetate Sunglasses
6. Dunhill Leather Belt
7. Bottega Veneta Leather Messenger Bag

Archive: Anne Hathaway at The Elton John White Tie & Tiara Ball

Fake VS Inspired Fashion

Style Inspiration....


pink and pepper  Sneakers, H&M  Shirt / Blouseshm.comVisit and Minusey  JeansLE BOURGEOIS, Bershka and Fashion Pills

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Jennifer's Lawrence Wardrobe Malfunction. Was It Done on Purpose?

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Spring 2013 Haute Couture
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Spring 2013 Haute Couture

Jennifer Lawrence struck us in this navy Dior Spring 2013 Couture piece. We could tell she had her game on, wearing a couture piece fresh off the runway (literally - the presentation was just last week). Rachel Zoe, who we believe is her stylist, did an excellent job dressing Lawrence on a last minute schedule. Apparently, Jennifer wasn't planning on attending the awards. A curious note is is that for the past few awards she's become very loyal to Dior. The dress seemed to be altered differently with a tail running longer from the original dress, but it was not a huge difference to not know who she was wearing. She took away the night with her supposedly wardrobe malfunction, which was not really a malfunction. It was part of the design the dress came with. The split called for more attention not only for Jennifer Lawrence, but for the brand itself (Dior and Raf Simons). The make-up and jewelry chosen to pair with this beauty gave life to the dress. Jennifer Lawrence, as usual, was wearing the dress, whilst Raf Simons should be enjoying his triumphs he’s been bringing to the “New and Modern” Dior. Cheers for both (three with stylist included).

Jennifer Lawrence supposed wardrobe malfunction
Jennifer Lawrence supposed wardrobe malfunction

Raf Simons at Dior Spring 2013 Couture - Original navy dress of collection
Raf Simons at Dior Spring 2013 Couture - Original navy dress of collection