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Fall 2013 Trends in Eyewear for Men

Fall 2013 Trends in Eyewear for Men

Eyewear in India has gone far beyond sun protection or vision enhancement: It has turned out to be an essential accessory for individual style. With every season, new styles come into view, or re-emerge, and fall 2013 is no exception. New trends are out for fall 2013, and some striking and trendy alternatives are available for both genders these days. However, we will have latest drifts of eyewear for men in this article. 

Eyewear for Men - Fall 2013

The much-loved trends for men include a touch of everything, from the past to the future. The first innovative trend in eyewear for men is the comeback of vintage hues and patterns, which give you an idea about the conventional frames from the 50's and 60's re-emerging. During 50's, eyewear for men was quite basic, and you will perceive a lot of grave frames for spectacles, dark shades, and simple looks with this trend. Men who like the basic but classy will love the air of sophistication these eyeglasses and sunglasses lend.

Another vintage trend making a comeback is High-Flying glasses, referring to the unending esteem of the aviator style frames. These pilot inspired eyeglasses and sunglasses show that some trends are eternal. The aviator style is ideal for people who want to look classic and fresh at the same time.

Another trend that is all set for fall 2013 is metallic infusion. This sci-fi revival is all about metallic, mirror frames, and shiny surfaces, which call innovative space stations to mind. This trend is anticipated to be most favored one due to its distinctive frame styles and metallic designs.

Rimless will continue to be in vogue untill the end of the year, and fashion freaks will season some amazing shades in rimless frames for spectacles during fall 2013. Rimless will be an hottest trend in eyewear for men as well as in eyewear for women.

Oversized goggles for men are steadily catching up with fashion forwarded people in India. These large sunglasses have become an ideal style statement for those who love to be center of attraction wherever they go. For fall 2013, all the leading brands are going to present some new designs in oversized sunglasses in India.

Part 1 of 2: Paris Fashion Week is Full of Excitement

PART 1: A Review of Kenzo, Chloé, Céline, and Givenchy Spring 2014 Collections.

From Left: A wine embroidered draped dress from Givenchy SS14; an olive pleated dress from Chloe; and the back of Celine blue pleated top

Paris Fashion Week is about to end, but that hasn’t stop Paris from showcasing some of the top labels from the fashion industry. Some made a very surprising presentation like at Celine with its giant strokes of art tailoring and Givenchy in its number of intense draped jersey dresses, while others kept their lines luxe commercial like at Chloe’s modern fabrics , Stella McCartney’s intriguing sporty silhouettes, and Elie Saab’s injection of lace that would look great from daywear to evening. Saint Laurent also infused its bias grunge aesthetics into metallics, deep v-cut colored dresses, and of course black leather looks. And all this happened in only two days that explains why Paris is still the center of Fashion. 

kenzo womens spring 2014 print dresses

Kenzo has turned its logomania items – tiger sweatshirts, blankets, hats – and prints into iconic items anyone can afford to wear and look cool. If it weren’t for those sweatshirts, I believe I probably wouldn’t have been intrigued to seeing their progress or writing about this label. Or it’s probably ever since designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim were appointed creative directors to the house that have turned Kenzo into a pocket friendly and desirable brand among teenagers. You won’t leave a Kenzo show without being submerged into an overwhelming amount of prints that while it may not work for critics it sure does turn the switch for its younger audience. Humberto and Carl know their marketing skills very well, because if an eye design can sell pretty well, I bet their new series of melting-fish and scribbled waves – in blue, pink, and red – will be swept away and turned into the next street style moment. New were few outfits designed with patches of thick contrasting strips.

chloe spring 2014 pleated and lace dresses

Chloé may have also demonstrated to be one of the most effortless and chic girls when it came to true casualwear at its spring 2014 collection Sunday morning. We already know Chloé is one of the labels girls trust when on a busy daywear schedule. You don’t want to look overly dressed, but neither too casual. And over the time, the lovely balance between a boyish rigor and feminine fabric that has become the signature of the brand seems to be shifting around into only relaxed feminine appeal with the exception of its cool cropped trousers. Creative director, Clare Waight Keller, was thinking about modernity – giving clothes and effortless look with more movement through lighter fabrics.

She played around with fabric and proportional details that added a mighty brisk to the new collection – lightweight chiffon dresses that were made to wear for any woman (no ultra-revealing transparency that would require someone to add another slip-dress underneath); super-chic georgette tops and jacquard looks; rough lace dresses; and edgy pleated designs that gave a great amount of texture and attitude to the clothes. Ms. Keller exceled at introducing her vision of a new Chloé without forgetting the boyish swirl Chloé has been so fond of in very thoughtful olives, whites, blues, and black paired with casual sandals. And a small dose of pale pink to brighten things up.

celine spring 2014 art collection

At Céline, Phoebe Philo gave her clothes another different type of movement through her asymmetrical number of pleated skirts painted with gorgeous brushes of strokes over effortless pieces of tailored T-shirts and tank tops that were artwork. What were more intriguing is how she played exquisitely well with colorful pleated tops taken from knits.

 This collection was the most surprising and one of the best to date so far from Philo. She took art and she referenced it perfectly on her designs. Art is a form of movement, freedom, and a state of mind. These clothes were powerful for the woman who knows how to wear them - especially her number of artistic coats with opening gold circles etched on them and graphic buckets of paints spilled on some. They’ll be a hit next season together with her creative selection of shoes and handbags. 

givenchy spring 2014 draped dresses

Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy also surprised everyone with his more mature take on draping. Everyone knows who Tisci is now: the guy who hangs around with Kanye West and designs one of the best graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts according to his young clientele.  He knows that’s what sells the most, and prices them at very high values. Whether a lot of work goes into an ordinary black “Pervert” t-shirt or not, he knows it’ll sell at any price he stamps on it. 

This time he let go of those graphic statements and put his work on draping these dresses in several different manners. It felt like watching an advanced draping segment video lesson; they somehow felt awkwardly delicate. His final pleated ones in metallic embroidery and sequins were the ones that were eye catching. Tisci really did push the boundaries here without letting go of his signature dark atmosphere. His spring 2013 collection didn’t work, but this succeeded. 
Continue Reading more -->Part 2 of 2: A Continuation of Commercial Paris Collection

Monday market update: is it still raining?

MLS numbers update courtesy of the VREB via Marko Juras. These numbers are for the Victoria Real Estate Board's reporting area, including Sooke, Shawnigan Lake and the Gulf Islands.

September 2013September
Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Unconditional Sales96
New Listings3055988741073
Active Listings4513455645794565
Sales to New Listings
Sales Projection403470495485
Months of Inventory

The final monthly numbers will get confirmed tomorrow--at which time this post will be updated.

Latest Accessories Hair Trends

Latest Accessories Hair Trends

At a recent hair show, hair accessories were the most popular trend. Silk hair flowers, headbands, barrettes and jeweled clips brought the presented hairstyles to life.
Also, one of the latest trends is healthy, chemical free styles that embrace more natural products. Chemical hair treatments are being used less and all natural hair care is becoming popular.

Right now, long, lush hair is in. That which is full of waves or curls. Texture and volume is back in. Put your hair straightener in storage and dare to wear curls. They are back in a big way.

Bangs are fading to the side-swept variety. Wear a side part for an edgier style, with hair cascading over your eyes. Roll your hair in a side bun or braid and twist your hair up with a creative up-do.

For formal occasions, pull your hair back to the neckline with a fashionable hair piece. Leave the sides slick. Pull out strips of hair for a more sexy look
The main point is, have fun with your hair. Be creative, possibly starting a new trend of your own.

tattoo popular on the trends

tattoo popular on the trends
tattoo popular on the trends
tattoo popular on the trends
tattoo popular on the trends

tattoo popular on the trends

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, definitely be aware of tattoo trends, and my advice would be to avoid them as well! There are trends in tattooing that come up every now and then where everyone and their brother hops on the bandwagon. Before you know it you have a ton of people looking all the same, because they decided to follow a trend.
Here are the different kinds of tattoo trends to avoid:
Tattoo Designs
There are certain trends which arise in regards to tattoo designs. For instance, remember the chain link design that people got around their bicep, ankle or wrist? For whatever reason everyone seemed to jump all over that trend. Then what happened? The trend died off and was no longer popular. A bunch of tattoo wearers now had chain link designs that were outdated and considered lame.
Another example are tribal tattoos. While tribal tattoos have their place and can provide meaning to some, for many others they simply wanted to jump on the tribal bandwagon because it became the popular style of the time.
Tattoo Placement
The next trend is where the tattoo is placed. This is also a trend you want to avoid. Many women for example have jumped on the "lower back tattoo" trend. So many have jumped on this bandwagon, that slang terms have now emerged for these type of tattoos: "tramp stamps". This is in response to the huge number of women who chose the lower back placement just because it was the popular thing to do at the time.
Make sure you make your tattoo placement choice based on your own personality and originality. If a lower back tat really does speak to you then that's great. But if you are just following a trend that you may later regret, then think twice and focus on you as an individual, not as a follower.

Tribal Sun Tattoos so Popular?

Tribal sun tattoos are so hot these days that many people are sporting it on their backs, chest, belly-button, or legs.Despite its sudden fame, the sun tattoo maintains its mystery and does not seem so ordinary still. What is with this sun tattoo, anyway?
Tribal Sun
The sun is deemed to be a representation of warmth, energy, spirit, and life. Cultures in the past venerated the sun as if it was god, which is why men during these eras found the darkening of the sun to be a bad omen, which means the world is about to end. At the same time, they also believed that etching the sun onto your body is a trick to fight off evil spirits or forces. 

Tribal Sun Tattoos
But contemporary living does not entertain this old notion anymore, though modern men still see the sun as an important object of nature that adds vitality to this world. Sun is not associated anymore with apocalypse or wickedness.

Tribal Sun Tattoos
Since tribal sun tattoos are infamous these days, how can your sun tattoo remain unique despite its resounding popularity?
The key is by joining membership on websites that offer printable design of tattoos. These websites have enormous database of quality designs for you to choose from. You can absolutely have a design that is truly your own and be sure no one else has it on their bodies. Yet, the difficulty lies in it being a time-consuming method to find the ultimate design for tribal sun tattoos.
The other strategy is to create your own choices of tribal sun tattoos. If you can sketch or draw your preferred design and have that polished by a professional tattoo artist in a quality image that is made easier for copying, then this would be a great idea for you to have your personal design etched on your body.

Affordable Summer 2013 Fashion Trends

For my Fashion Styling and Photography class, we had to do a blog shoot for one of our assignments. Our theme was picking out popular fashion trends that are being worn and sold in stores right now. For this class, five of us worked in a group and produced photo shoots every so often. I cannot wait to post the formal shoots we did in class! The model for this shoot was Nicole Clancy and the photographer was Jessica Vlachos. 

Neon, Neon, and more Neon!:

 photo P1040412.jpg

For the past few seasons, neon has been extremely prominent in apparel and accessories. For this summer season, it will continue to be popular and used in new and exciting ways. If you love neon, you can easily pair neon colors and accessories together through a print, like in this picture. If you are not comfortable using all neon in your outfit, neon can easily be paired with neutral colors. The statement is just as powerful as all the neon colors put together.

 photo P1040410.jpg

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Marshalls
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (Splurge!)
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses: Target

 photo P1040413.jpg

Pastel, Floral, and Mixing Prints:

 photo P1040433.jpg

For this spring and summer season, pastel colors have been featured in almost every aspect of apparel and home decor. Turquoise, light blue, and a mint green are the most popular pastel colors and are featured in almost every retail store. There are several types of floral prints out right now, some being realistic and others more abstract. Mixing and matching prints are also trending, but must be thought out before executed. Looking for a common color or theme within the prints can help pull it together. For this outfit, it is the mint green featured in the bag and the mint green in the shoe.

 photo P1040434.jpg

Dress: H&M
Necklace: Aldo Accessories
Bracelets: Aldo Accessories
Tote Bag: Target (In my post yesterday!)
Wedges: Steve Madden

 photo P1040430.jpg

Maxi Dresses & Tribal Prints:

 photo P1040469.jpg

This summer maxi dresses will be available in a variety of styles, prints, fabrics, and colors. Hi-Low maxi dresses will be the most popular out of all the styles, that will be offered this summer. Statement choker necklaces can easily be paired with most strapless maxi dresses as an added accessory, but be careful to not go overboard. In some cases, less is more. Tribal prints will also be popular this summer for apparel and accessories. If you are looking to try out a more country or western feel, tribal prints may give you the look you are trying to achieve.

 photo P1040451.jpg

Maxi Dress: Marshalls
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Bangle: Aldo Accessories
Heels: Payless Shoe Source

 photo P1040475.jpg

What are your favorite trends this spring and summer?

Home Trends for 2013

Popular Home Trends 2013
There will be quite a few things that will top the hot home trends 2013 list. Therefore, I have compiled a list and details of some of the most popular home trends to make the list this year. So, whether you are going to update your home to enjoy yourself or if you are updating to sell your home fast, check this list to see if you are choosing the most popular trends.
√ Smart Homes – In today’s time we all live with smart devices like the iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. Therefore, be on the lookout for homes that are controlled with smart devices too. It will be even more affordable to control your home this year from one single device. You can use an iPad, iPhone, or an Android to control your homes lighting, temperature, electronics, security, your pool and more.
√ Outdoor kitchens – This year, we will see more prefabricated kitchens for outdoor use. They are much more affordable than a custom outdoor kitchen and just as attractive. Hybrid grills that cook with wood, gas or charcoal will also be popular.
√ Home gardens – As fresh food prices rise, many more people will turn to gardening for their fresh vegetables. Raised garden beds are perfect for home gardening. Raised gardens are especially great for homeowners who can’t do a lot of bending. We will also see more backyard ponds that homeowners are raising fish in for food consumption.
√ Outdoor living spaces – This has been a trend for several years now and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining. You can add lush furniture, fire pits, televisions and more to your outdoor space.
√ Home theaters – We should see more rooms in homes being converted to home theaters as more and more families choose affordable home entertainment. Some comfy seating, tables and dim lights set the right mood for a home theater.
√ Themes – Themed decorating will be making a comeback this year. After several years of plain contemporary design, many homeowners are looking for themes in their décor such as European flair, which is likely to be the most popular theme for home fashions.
√ Multi-use furniture – Since homes are still on a smaller scale in square footage than a few years ago, you should expect to see more multi-use furniture like sofa beds for sitting and sleeping, ottomans for sitting and storage, adjustable height coffee tables that can be raised for dining use, and much more.
While there will be many more home trends this year, these are the most popular ones for 2013. Each one will add value, efficiency, and style to any home.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Still Popular Trend

One of the most constant engagement ring trends of the moment is the Asscher cut engagement ring. In fact, almost 1 bride in 3 in the United States is opting for a square diamond featuring the Asscher cut. These diamonds offer a timeless vintage feel without looking old fashioned. The square cut adds symmetry to a setting and the diamond can be set alone or surrounded with smaller diamonds for extra sparkle and bling.
The Asscher cut is also sometimes known as a modified cushion cut, or a square emerald cut. The distinctive feature of this sophisticated cut is the square shape with corners cut deeply to look like an octagon. The Asscher cut has been patented by the Asscher family, and every genuine Asscher diamond will display the patent lasered on the stone. (This is not visible to the naked eye.)
Asscher cut diamonds need to be of a higher clarity and color, as the cut of the diamond means that any visible flaws are far more easily visible to the naked eye. This means that Asscher diamonds will cost more than some other diamonds of the same carat weight. Asscher cut diamonds tend to look best when set in white metal, but in this day and age any look and style is encouraged. Due to the cut of these diamonds they give off a startling depth when looking into them.
History of Asscher diamonds:
The Asscher cut was originally designed in 1902, and fast became very popular in the 1920′s, suiting the art deco engagement rings perfectly. The Asscher cut got an overhaul in 2001, adding 16 extra facets to the original cut to increase the sparkle factor. This new improved design has been repatented and is apparently harder to copy.
Celebrity engagement rings featuring Asscher cuts:
* Jessica Alba’s engagement ring features a 5 carat Asscher diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. The shank is encrusted with smaller diamonds for a luxurious, timeless and elegant look.
* Ashley Simpson-Wentz also has a 4 carat Asscher diamond engagement ring. Ashlee’s center stone has a band of smaller diamonds around it, accentuating the square cut. The band is set with small but sizable diamonds for a substantial feel.
* Elizabeth Hurley selected a generous 15 carat Asscher cut diamond for her stunning diamond engagement ring. Ms Hurley opted to finish the look with pave diamonds set into the white metal (platinum?) band.
Asscher cut engagement rings can be a great selection for the bride who loves vintage style engagement rings with an elegant or contemporary twist. These diamond engagement rings can be stunning with just a central stone, or can be set with additional pave diamonds surrounding the center stone. Another alternative is to allow the center stone to shine on its own and have a pave set band for an extra lift. Asscher diamond engagement rings can also make for a great investment.
Andy Moquin has spent 20 years in the jewelry business buying and selling over ,000,000 in diamonds, engagement rings and custom designed jewelry. He is an accomplished business consultant and is available for advice on topics such as marketing, advertising, merchandising and business turnarounds.

Popular Jeans Trends For Women

This year we have spotted several celebrities wearing many breathtaking styles of jeans. Hollywood’s popular stars including Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim kardashian, Annalynne mccord and many more rock season’s hottest jeans styles.
From skinny jeans to colored jeans, high waist styles to ripped and boyfriend denim; celebs just can’t stop wearing these dazzling styles everywhere. So, check out latest jeans fashion trends that have styles for all body types, as seen on our favorite celebrities.
colored jeans for women
Colored Jeans Fashion: Colored Jeans is the latest celebrity favorite trend. Hollywood stars are brightening up their wardrobes with cool and splashy styles of colored denim. One can easily achieve a bold and eye-catching look with a crazy and sexy pair of colorful denim.
Colored jeans can be worn by everybody because of various styles available in market. Bright purple, hot pink, sultry red, cool turquoise and lots of mores hues are available for fun-edgy look. So, give your basic denim a break and opt for something bright and colorful with a pair of colored denim.
skinny jeans trend
Skinny Jeans Fashion: Skinny jeans is one of the hottest jeans styles that everyone can pull off. These jeans are a true wardrobe staple. They draw attention to the curves and flatter anyone’s body type.
Skinny jeans can be dressed up with a blazer or worn more casually with a simple tank. The versatility of these fashionable jeans are what makes them so popular. The key elements for pulling off skinny jeans is to balance it with fuller top, tunic or shirt.
boyfriend jeans trend
Boyfriend Jeans Fashion: Next hottest trend in jeans is boyfriend look. Boyfriend jeans are more comfortable, casual in comparison to other styles but still look ladylike. Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Bilson and many more have been photographed wearing a pair of super comfy and chic boyfriend jeans.
For a casual look on weekend, pair this look with fitted top, tee shirts or blouses. You can also team it with other Boyfriend-inspired pieces like Boyfriend blazers, Boyfriend sweaters or Boyfriend cardigans.
flare jeans style
Flare Jeans Fashion: Bring a retro touch to your wardrobe with a pair of bell-bottom jeans. Flare jeans are one of the hottest jean styles. These are tight to the knee and then flare out to the hem.
Celebrities wear this style of denim for a sleek and elegant look. They make butt and thighs look skinny and look good on anyone no matter how tall or short the person is. These jeans offer classic retro style with an updated and wearable twist.
high waist jeans trend
High Waist Jeans Fashion: The 70s-style high waist jeans are back on the scene. High waist jeans are great for lengthening legs and make a trendy choice for every fashion-oriented woman.
These denim offer retro inspired look which is comfortable and effortlessly cool. You should always tuck your top into high-waisted jeans, which is key to this look. Accessorize the look with slim belt and high heels.
ripped jeans trend alert
Ripped Jeans Fashion:Fashion-forward celebrities love wearing ripped/distressed jeans as they are super hot and flirty. These jeans are really popular and look super chic if paired with right outfit and accessories.
This style of jeans already has an edgy look to it, so always balance your ripped jeans look with modern & trendy top. Add some style by pairing them with feminine blouse, fitted t-shirt and alluring belt.
cropped jeans trend
Cropped Jeans Fashion: Cool and stylish cropped jeans are so hot right now. Whether you’re going for a relaxed look or an edgy look, there are lots of different cropped jeans styles to suit any taste. These are ideal to wear while going shopping, beach or any casual party.
But you can also dress up a cropped jeans with a classy jacket and a sleek tank for an eye-catching look. These are especially great for showing exquisite heels. This style is closet staple that’s always on trend.
tie and dye jeans
Tie & Die Jeans Fashion: If you want to try bold and daring look, then try out tie & die jeans. Show of your wild side with a pair of crazy tie & die jeans for a fun and hot look. With tie & die denim, keep the rest of your pieces simple.
Wear them with simple fitted shirts and basic heels. Those who love creating egdy urban look, team them with a destroyed tee or sheer top. This style is definitely a must have to stand out from others.
So, this season, don’t be afraid to try new jeans styles as they are super hot and trendy. Last but not the least, always choose a pair that perfectly fits your size and makes you look stunning. So, get ready to fill your closet with fancy and flirty jeans for that edgy rocking look.

Vegan Clothing Fashion Trends for 2013 - Ethical Fashion or Just Plain Hype?

What exactly do several a-list celebrities and passionate Hindu's have in common? They are living the vegan lifestyle.

More and more people today than in the past are opting for the vegan life-style as vegan clothing fashion research has reveal that turning into vegan is "cool", "hip", "sexy" and "trendy". This might be true however vegetable centered diet programs may also be extremely healthy, and a lot of people have opted to be vegan to benefit their own health.

Vegetarians possess reduced total body weights, low levels of cholesterol, low blood pressure levels, in addition to reduce rates of cardiovascular disease and diabetic issues. Style developments for 2012 demonstrate that vegan clothing is scorching hawt haut between vegans and non vegans alike. Vegan outfits are highly affected by acclaimed vegans for example Ellen Degeneres as well as Pamela Anderson.

In accordance wit market research this particular trend is here now to stay simply because a lot more people aren't just taking pleasure in the health advantages associated with a vegan way of life but additionally the ecological and ethical advantages too. "We are witnessing a real change from conventional vegetarianism to a more 'social, individual life-style option", "Vegans are not only looking for vegan clothing but also creating a statement using their budgets and having an influence on their friends around them, and merchants are being attentive!".

Merchants these days are including additional vegan clothing and ethical items inside their merchandise catalogs and of course if imitation could be the greatest type of flattery, you shouldn't be amazed to view veggie wordplay with items for example "tofurkey", a tofu item supposed to imitate turkey, or "Vegan fur", an animal free vegetarian synthetic leather/fur substitute.

So what exactly is the main difference from a vegetarian and a vegan anyhow? The lines are frequently fuzzy but the important variation is that vegans not just steer clear of consuming animal centered items, which represents your standard vegetarian, but also keep away from every animal produced items completely. But hang on, there is also a third classification of herbivores referred to as "Raw Vegans".

Raw vegans are just like vegan however they don't cook their food items. They declare that preparing food damages its vitamins and minerals and also the cooking procedure itself leads to the development and discharge of dangerous chemicals.

Who are vegans? Information for the market composition of vegans is tough to find nevertheless most vegans are between the ages of 23-36, 65% female 35% male, having a mean home earnings of $60,000. Vegans devote on mean 15 hrs on the web each week and many are participating in on-line social networking web sites, particularly Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, Google Plus, as well as Foursquare.

The developing issues with the atmosphere, personal well being and animal well being have created an outburst of need for vegan clothing and accessories by both serious vegans and non-vegans the same. Increasingly more merchants these days are progressively launching vegan products.

The reason behind the change is the fact that research has revealed that the single biggest influence a person might have on their planetary footprint would be to change to a vegetarian way of life. So if you're worried about your health, style, the earth, and the well being of animals, you might want to consider veganism.

Interested in learning more about the vegan life or vegan clothing? Click here: Vegan Clothing for more vegan fashion tips and vegan product reviews.

Lady Gaga: Rihanna Won't Make an Appearance on 'ARTPOP'

Getty ImagesLady Gaga and Rihanna have both been in their share of pop star beefs, but this news has nothing to do with bad blood: Rihanna isn't going to be on Mother Monster's upcoming ARTPOP album.
Gaga addressed the rumor in a radio interview this week: “No, that’s not true. I mean, it’s a rumor, I guess. I guess it’s a good rumor, I mean, I like Rihanna. It’s just not true."
The buzz has been going around for a while now and was inflated by Rihanna's cryptic tweet earlier this month. “Just left the studio… Recorded a #monster hook for one of my favorite artists! And that’s all I can give you… #NavySh*t," she wrote.
It's unclear what Rihanna was actually talking about — or perhaps she recorded a song with Gaga but it didn't make the cut. The world may never know.

It's a Girl for Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies

Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies are parents of a brand new mom of a beautiful baby girl — not boy, as was originally reported.

Gillies tweeted: "it's a girl. the tiny new empress of my everything. she's immaculate. we're delirious."
The She's All That actress announced the exciting baby news in May. She and Gillies got married in 2004, which was five years after her movie with Freddie Prinze Jr. hit theaters.

Demi Lovato Announces 'Neon Lights'

Getty ImagesDemi Lovato's album Demi debuted in May and she finally announced that she's hitting the road — early next year, after X Factor wraps up. The songstress announced her Neon Lights tour on Facebook with a snazzy promo video Sunday, however.

The tour kicks off in February in Vancouver and tickets go on sale October 5. Check out Lovato's video announcement and the full list of her 2014 tour dates below.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tortoise Shell Glasses: Sexy Laziness

Tortoise shell glasses and high heel accomplish the transition from a naïve girl to a sexy woman. Loose brown sweater, leisure jeans, and leopard-printed heels are all fashionable elements. However, the collision of modern and retro perfectly presents in your eyes with classy tortoiseshell glasses.

The tortoise shell glasses and leopard-printed heels enhance each other’s beauty, which generates strong visual impact. Simple casualness can become a sexy fashion just with the classy retro glasses on your face.

Wearing long soft-waved hair, vintage eyeglasses, soft long sweater, casual jeans and sexy heels, strolling on city streets, feeling the city’s air, taking photos of yourself, you can indulge in the pleasure of laziness thieved from busy time. Being lazy can be sexy!

Christian Dior's Extreme Innovative Transformation

dior women's spring 2014 by raf simons

Innovation exploded at the Christian Dior show on Thursday with an extraordinary setting that will have plenty to talk about all season long. With just less than two years since Raf Simons has been at Dior – which seems more than that – he has already caught everyone’s attention whether it be in a bad or esoteric manner. From international actresses, supermodels, to important political figures and the Princess of Thailand, all made their presence at this fashion forward trendsetting show. 

His spring 2014 collection greeted the audience with a mystical setting of real and fake neon vines of flowers hanging on the ceiling that simulated Dior’s secret garden in a much more futuristic statement. It seemed he wanted to bring back the nature theme memories of when he presented his first ever couture show for the house – thousands of flowers mounted on walls – that celebrated the codes of the late Mr. Christian Dior himself.  His spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection focused on tailoring and modern versions of the iconic Bar jackets, and so did his recent fall ladylike collection. But these vines conveyed a different message that one understood after the show. Dior was about to take a severe transformation for many.

christian dior women's spring 2014 highlights

He began the show with new interpretations of the bar jacket cropped to reveal some skin and be worn with a hybrid of shorts with pleated floral skirts; some referred to them as skorts. He also introduced unique shirt dresses in blue with twisted details and surprisingly pleasing colorful sleeveless satin tops that were the most ladylike; an ice blue top Kasia Struss wore was provocative paired with a white below-the-knee skirt that was cut very high at the back. 

Fetish-y were the neon trumpet skirts – in yellow, silver, and blue – that barely covered the models legs and side-pleated skirts with an exposed hip-bone on the left side, together  with a few balloon skirts that felt wearable and embroidered cropped tops with an opening keyhole in the middle. There were a number of varsity style looks etched with Dior badges and pleasing knitwear pieces paired with hanging garden inspired jewelry that felt the most comfortable to follow on this new journey.

christian dior women's spring 2014 innovation

Questionable were his awkward embroidered dresses with side pleats that looked kitsch and retro dresses with messages printed on them like “Alice Garden,” but they psychologically respected the signature codes of Dior; big change in designs, same codes hidden. I was more fascinated with his two finale black looks – one bar jacket and a coat dress – with insets of floral printed pleats on the back. These looks screamed Raf Simons’ injection to the new and more revealing Dior. Even noticeable were his final metallic looks of silver dresses no one would have expected to see at this show. 

Now, was this collection hard to swallow? It certainly will be for some buyers who won’t know how their average customer will react next season to these clothes. But in fashion, there is a whole different point of view. Mr. Simons is a risk taker, and that was not a secret here anymore. He’s had enough of trying to keep Dior contemporary, because we all know he was not meant to stick with the same styles. Take for example how he has revolutionized men’s fashion with his personal label being one of the most anticipated and innovative shows of the season. He is the first to set trends offering new creative skills.

dior spring 2014 new suit with back pleats
A Christian Dior Spring 2014 New Bar Suit Jacket with a pleated floral back and leather lace heels by Raf Simons.

His clothes are never meant to be seen as ordinary clothes. They’re meant to be seen as intriguing laboratory experiments you have to risk it like in Dior’s case now. And that’s why I admire about him so much. He said he wanted to take the literal DNA of the house with a different aesthetic – that being his creative injection – that would turn out to offer so much new techniques in one show without letting go of the strictly ladylike codes Dior is known for. He threw in so many ideas that we’ll probably see other designers implement soon in their collections – pleat techniques, lace shoes, twisted techniques and shirt dresses - but in may have been too much for right now where he’s at. The clothes were nevertheless magical on the runway in my opinion with a great taste of color and exquisite tailoring. 

Mr. Simon’s is molding the future of the label. Many have already criticized this collection as a horrible one, but it should be when you’re not exposed to seeing too many ideas in one show. His new tailoring may take time to get used to from what John Galliano did, but with the way his shaking things rapidly, he's developed an intense niche. And you can’t deny Raf is a very talented designer no matter what. Fashion is evolution, and with Simons' noteworthy experiments at Dior demonstrates he is here to stay and catch everyone’s attention. 

BATHROOMS - Interior Design Trends 2013-2014

Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are rooms I’m most often called upon to update. If you’re thinking about updating or adding a bathroom, while fantasizing about the enjoyment factor, think too, in terms of its investment value. Redecorating a bathroom will add value to your home so when you sell, you’ll enjoy a return on your investment along with potential for a profit. The amount of profit depends on the quality of materials and amount of wear and tear. That being said, a bathroom should be finished with high quality components and be well planned.
What are the important bathroom trends to incorporate in order to create an elegant, high end bathroom?
Colors – Think of powder rooms as large jewel boxes. They can be any color. I like to dress them up by adding sparkle and a bit of whimsy, sometimes using unusual sconces, wallpaper (remember the ceiling – the 5th wall), an ornate faucet set, artwork, elaborate (but elegant) accessories, and perhaps a chandelier.
For bathrooms used daily, select colors that flatter skin tones. Pastels in peach, pink, beige, warm whites, sea foam (a blue/green), work beautifully with any décor style. Tile* is preferable to paint. If the room is well ventilated, vinyl wallpaper is a beautiful as well as a durable choice. My favorite wall treatments are architectural applications that have depth and movement. Try sculptural porcelain tiling (see top photo).
Vanities – Continue the use of color onto your vanities. Use unique wood tone stains, keeping the natural grain: light and dark maples, oaks, walnut, stained toast, gray, bleached, for example.
Explore some of the new vanity surfaces like quartz that offers some exquisite designs and colorations.

Fixtures – Double sinks! If you’ve never had them, you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re
worth the sacrifice of space. Keep toilets, sinks, bidets neutral: white, bisque, maybe light gray.  Dark colors show water spots and are a full time job to keep clean.
Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Bronze (not Brass) faucets and handle sets with beautiful sleek lines that integrate the other bathroom elements are trending – avoid statement pieces that quickly become dated.
Water saving features, double flush toilets, comfort height seats, and other eco-friendly options that don’t affect performance are gaining in popularity.
Lighting – Like their fixture cousins above, lighting should tie-in with other bathroom elements. Keep them simple but ample. They should go with your faucet selection. I’m partial to vertical frosted tube lights that flank recessed medicine cabinets for ease in applying makeup or shaving. Add to that an overhead fixture and some recessed lighting for excellent total illumination. By giving each element its own switch, you have a range of lighting options.
Floors – Radiant heat (under floor heating) is a luxury that is also practical. It is an efficient way to heat small spaces and reduce humidity. It may not be as popular in Florida as it is in NY, but everyone can appreciate comfy floors that are warm and dry on a cool morning. Marble floors remain the material of choice, but porcelain is a less expensive alternative to marble.

Showers – Install a separate shower enclosure with frameless glass. If there’s not enough 
Trending - Sliding 'Barn Doors'
space, explore the option of a p-shaped shower/bath. A swing-out door is more highly valued than sliding doors if you have room.
Style – Sleek contemporary styles and natural materials remain strong, though modern and transitional styles are dominant alternatives.
Furniture – Smart storage solutions hide clutter and maximize space. Vanities, laundry baskets, recessed medicine cabinets, and sleek case goods are ideal to create space in more compact bathrooms and can be used as stylish features in larger rooms.
A Venetian Glass Mirror is an

excellent foil.
The good thing about these trends is that they’re not going out of style any time soon. They work in bathrooms of all sizes, adapt to work with any design style, and add to quality of life – sound investments.
*A Note on Tile: Ask the tile salesman or your interior designer about absorption rate. The greater exposure to water, the lower the absorption rate should be.