Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fashion-y Things to Look Forward to This Fall

September is officially here and autumn is rapidly approaching! Beach days may be tearfully diminishing, but in the world of fashion fall is queen.

From events to trends, here's what's making it much easier to bid adieu to summer.
1. Buying New (Dark!) Lipstick Shades
This season will be all about dramatic lips like Beyonce's burgundy hue.

2. It's Boot Season
Come on, you know you've been missing your favorite pair of riding boots, too!
4. Fashion Week
In all its madness and all its glory, we can't wait for the runway and street style frenzy to begin! 
5. Busting Out the Coziest Scarves
We'd sort scarves all year round if the weather would allow. It's pretty much like wearing a soft blanket everywhere and it adds instant personality to any outfit.  

6. Loading Up on Utility Shirts
These simple button-downs are so flattering and cool while being perfect for dipping temps.  
7. Trying Out the Camo Trend
Gwen Stefani did it, Rihanna did it, and Sarah Jessica Parker did it, so we think it's about time we checked out how chic camo can be
8. Re-Working Plaid in the Coolest Way Possible Like Diane Kruger can attest, plaid is getting a makeover, and we can't wait to re-wear the classic in fresh new ways this year.

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