Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If Only My Teacher Were This Fashionable

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher at the gym in Alexander Wang Spring 2013

From time to time, I always like to take a look at some of the new editorials that various international magazines tell about in their monthly issues. When you stare at each page of an editorial for more than ten minutes and imagine yourself in that story, then you know the magazine did an excellent job.

Elle Mexico's (yes!) April issue came up with a steamy story titled, Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone, that portrays a very luxurious teacher who apparently doesn't follow dress code rules. If you look at the pictures, the model (teacher) does an excellent job being the center of attraction. Each piece is a beauty that can only be a dream for most people. 

If you're really into fashion, you have to agree you would drool over your favorite teacher if she ever dressed this way. I know I would stop by every day and talk to her just to see who is she wearing. Wouldn't you?

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher in Burberry Spring 2013

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher in Fendi Spring 2013

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher in Bottega Veneta Spring 2013

Now, if you know of any teacher who really dresses in this high-end designer dresses in real life, I'd like to see. It doesn't hurt to wear one designer piece a month, but each and every day of the week? I'd be very suspicious about that. How in the heck can she afford to look so good and luxurious with such check? I'd love to know the secret.

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher at the hallway in Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2013

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue - Prada
Teacher at the band classroom in Prada Spring 2013

Teacher at the playground in Chanel Spring 2013

I have to say the most memorable one has to be the teacher in Prada. Prada did such a beautiful collection this season that was so breathtaking. There were some that said the clothes were ugly on the runway, but when they saw them styled differently, they fell in love with it. Only Miuccia Prada can play with our minds.

Which one of these photos is your favorite of all? Do you see any teacher of yours wearing this?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top Ten Ways To Wear Glasses With Style in 2013

Ten Ways To Look Cool In Glasses.

If you are currently wearing glasses or have to wear them for the first time then fear not. It is now the summer and you want to look as chic and cool as possible.

Follow the ten guidelines below to ensure that you are looking hot as a glasses wearer this year, make everyone jealous of your cool, new look.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the look you have always wanted.

1. Firstly, pick the correct style of glasses that fits your face shape. For instance a rounded face is normally suited with an angular frame while a square shape will be suited with a round frame. If your lucky to have a heart shaped or an oval shaped face then most glasses will suit you so you'll have many options to choose from.

2. What sort of character are you? Do you seek to be individual with your own sense of style or do you like to blend into the background with everyone else? Choose from dazzling, bold designs or muted plain designs depending on your traits and characteristics.

3.Gather your dosh so that you have adequate funds to buy the pair of glasses that you want and that suit your style. Don't skrimp on getting the right pair.

4. Consider which outfits and garments you wear and make sure you select the glasses that fit in with this look so that your glasses flatter your attire rather than conflict.

5. Think about your hairstyle, its a good idea to get tips from your hair stylist as to which glasses will suit your cut.

6. The brow of your eyes are of great importance as a glasses wearer as it helps to frame the face so you should make sure that you trim them regularly and are formed well.

7. Invest in a qualitiy concealer that will mask any imperfections that your glasses will enhance such as eye bags and lines.

8. Shape your eyelashes so that they look good when they are enhanced by your glasses and try to curl them up so that they don't touch the glass of your eyewear.

9. Always clean your glasses with either an alcohol based spray or warm soapy solution along with a soft microfiber cloth to keep them clean and smear free.

10. Consider getting a gift for all glasses wearers to keep your glasses safe and in good condition. A glasses case will keep your vision being clear as they will ensure your glasses have no smears nor dust on them.

(Source: http://www.ilovedurban.co.za/index.php/shopping/item/ten-ways-to-look-cool-in-glasses)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Fashion Forecast for Women

Even if the last month of the first quarter of 2013 has already started, who says we cannot get started on a wardrobe overhaul just now? You can make instant changes on your fashion statement, and this is simple if you know what resources to consult online. Get to know more on recent fashion trends through these tips: 

Winter and Autumn Fashion
Cold months require a lot of clothing, but who says you can't be fashionable with a lot of clothes on? Icy sidewalks and freezing weather should definitely not hinder you to look chic and trendy this winter season.

Fur coats: You need not earn the ire of animal activists if you love fur on your clothes because there's already a wide variety of faux fur clothing available in the market today. Since winter fashion will surely be incomplete without any fur coats in sight, you can always afford to wear your favorite furry jacket that's animal-friendly and comfortable at the same time. Get more fashion forecast 2013 on FashionPlus TV.

Cardigan: An unexciting turtleneck blouse or simple long sleeves can be made fashionable with a cardigan on top. You can actually wear cardigans in several ways. One is the basic open type wherein you just wear it as is. Draped and shawl types are also other ways to wear it. Of course, your look will also depend on the material of your clothing, your inners, and the neckline design of the cardigan.

Down-filled jackets: Well, you might find these a bit "puffy" depending on your sense of style, but if the cold weather calls for it, then you just have to add a little bit of accessorizing to make your look more polished. First off, you can pair it with a skinny jeans and knee-length boots. You can also add up a fur scarf for a classy look. Complete your getup with a pair of glasses when going out during daytime. Check out fashionplus.tv for fashion trend 2013 industry tips.

Spring and Summer Fashion
Summer and spring seasons are the best time to shed out those clothes and go for a more relaxed yet classy style. Here are some must-have clothing and accessories for these seasons.

Black and white trend: While spring and summer are always associated with colors, one growing trend in the fashion industry these days is the black-and-white look. Alternate those typical flashy and festive colors with black-and-white patterns and designs of clothes. With their classier look, such clothes are perfect anytime and anywhere - be it at the office or a party with friends after work.

Lingerie: Summer won't be complete without showing off a little bit of skin. With this said, lingerie-type of dresses and clothing are seen to be popular in the market these days. Think of lingerie collection in a broader sense - sexy and daring, sheer fabric, and exquisite designs. From nightwear to party clothing, to work or regular daytime clothes, you can check out different lingerie-type of clothing in many fashion boutiques near you.

Beach wear: For a lot of people, summer is equivalent to going to the beach. And of course, going swimming is also a time to show off your exquisite taste on fashionable swimwear. You can check out info on elite fashion swimwear online to get started on prepping up for the summer. Like what's mentioned earlier, sexy lingerie types of clothing are available in the market today, and you can also use your favorite lingerie pieces to cover up when going to the beach. Of course, 2-piece and one-piece swimsuits are still popular. Modern designs are geared towards showing off some skin while still leaving something to the imagination. Think of a not-so-traditional one-piece with a slit on front, or something that is bare at the sides to show off some curves. More about fashion swimwear for women at FashionPlusTV.

(Fashion source:http://www.articlesbase.com/fashion-articles/fashion-forecast-2013-for-women-6486058.html)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring 2013 fashion-what don't to do

A new season brings new reasons for you to shop. And when its spring, you cannot resist to shop till you drop. But do not add to your cart just anything and everything. Spend your money intelligently and avoid what's done and over with. Nobody likes dark nail paints anymore- unless of course you have an emo style. But trust me, when you flaunt that emo look nowadays, you become a source of entertainment for people around. It's just not hot anymore. And for me, it never was. Go for light floral nail colors- like juicy coral or sweet lilac paint. Sky blue is a wonderful color to paint your nails with this spring season. 

Do not make a jazzy Christmas tree of yourself with big blings all over you. A huge necklace, thick jewelled cuff and a big in-the-face ring together is just pushing it too far. Wear any one of them at a time and you'll be just fine. Bling adds glamour to your look but over doing it will put you in the fashion disaster books. Now you don't want that do you? Dark brown lipcolors. They weren't in fashion last year or the year before that and they continue to stay far away from fashionville this year as well. Last year's bright orange and pink lip colors are still in vogue. They are lively and youthful, and make a perfect spring look!

While jeggings are a comparatively new trend then leggings, both of them seem to have stopped appealing to fashionistas. But we cannot deny the fact jeggings are very hot and chic. And I think they will be able to survive this season. But anything too tight is a big NO-NO! So you might want to say bye to leggings this season. Choosing the right hand bag and glasses is probably the most difficult task a girl has to do. Especially when there are so many of them in the market. But there's one thing you can scrape out of your options this year- the big black bag. Its spring! You must go colorful. When I say go colorful this season I do not include head bands. The bright plain head bands are so last season. This year we have the uber cool ZIP bands! Shop from the market or make one at home, they are the hottest hair accessory this year.

Its time you update your fashion calendar and scratch out what's not hot anymore. The main point to remember is to keep it colorful and lively. Go chic and trendy with bright yellows, pinks and sky blues this season!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Latest Fashion for Spring/Summer 2013

Spring/Summer Collections 2013

Spring is here and Paris Fashion Week's catwalks were lit up with all the latest from the top designers from all over the world. It's official, black is back! Designer Alber Elbaz for Lanvin excelled again with his collection of tuxedo shifts, asymmetrical vests, space age tunics, jump suits, wide jackets teamed with baggy trousers all in black, white and gunmetal grey. He came out tops with the reinvention of his signature menswear-inspired suits and beautiful jewel toned dresses. Deep slits were in and dresses, trousers and tops dazzled with sparkle. The look was strong, contempory and sexy. Another winning collection from Alber (see his amazing creations on the catwalk at the Paris Fashion Show for Spring/Summer 2013 in the video below).

What’s Hot

Pretty jewel colors for dresses and tops. Strong asymmetrical shapes in black, grey and teamed with white. Strong necklines and silky fabrics. Trousers that reached just above the ankle teamed with wide jackets and all-in-one tuxedo trouser suits. Bold jewelry and accessories like prescription glasses and sunglasses rocked the look. Heels are a must this season, especially with ankle straps.

Classic cut trousers

Every wardrobe needs a couple of pairs of well cut, tailored trousers in this season's latest ankle skimming length. These look very smart for daytime workwear worn with a fitted shirt or tunic, but can also be teamed with a fashionable, sparkly top to take you through to any social occasion.


Glamorous 80's inspired shirts look great with skirts or just above the ankle fitted trousers. Silky, chiffon and cotton shirts with sparkle were hot with designers this season. Glam shirts can add chic to any casual outfit. These look great with long elegant skirts or classic trousers.

Little Black Dress

This has been reinvented and making a big comeback in the Spring and Summer seasons. Look out for dresses, tops and tunics with deep slits, slash necks and with little or no sleeves.. The classic lbd, can be worn with nothing but a tan or fine tights, high strappy sandals and chunky jewelry for a high fashion look or dressed up with embellished gold pieces.
Black cotton, silk and dark metallic fabrics give a smooth, sexy look


Big Asymmetrical jackets that taper in at the waist give a stylish look to this season's favorite pieces. They can be two toned in black and white or simply black. Trouser suits are back with a bang, and Alber's signature male-inspired trousers and suits were a big hit on the catwalk. They looked best worn alone or with a fine camisole. The epitome of chic and elegance.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2013

How to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2013
Spring / Summer 2013 is on it's way which means its time to think of ways to update your wardrobe to make it lighter and fresher.
In this article, I will show you several inexpensive and easy ways you can update your wardrobe and look for Spring / Summer 2013. The ideas are suitable for both a work and casual wardrobe. Read on to learn about:
  • The KEY colour for S/S 2013 which will instantly update your look.
  • How to INSTANTLY look more uptodate for less than $1.00!
  • Which six items of clothing are essential for a Spring / Summer wardrobe - you probably own most of them already.
  • How to edit your wardrobe and create a core capsule wardrobe for S/S 2013.
  • Four NEW neutral colours you may like to try.
  • Six FRESH and NEW trend colours.
  • NEW print ideas for S/S 2013
  • How to use these new S/S 2013 colours to expand or update your core wardrobe.
  • How to quickly update your make-up with the NEW nail varnish, lipstick and eyeshadow colours for S/S 2013
  • THE key accessory for S/S 2013 that every stylish woman needs.
  • Which inexpensive and easy accessories to buy to update your look.

Start with a wardrobe edit and review.

If you wish to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2013, it is a good idea to start by reviewing and editing your existing wardrobe and creating a small core or capsule wardrobe which you can expand and update.
To start, I recommend removing the following types of clothes from your wardrobe, then seeing what you have left:
  • Heavy winter clothes - winter coats, heavy knitted jumpers and cardigans, heavy wool suits, skirts and trousers, winter accessories such as woolly scarves, gloves and hats, woolly tights, winter boots and shoes.
  • Dark coloured clothes - any dark neutrals such as black, dark brown, dark grey.
  • Dark coloured clothes - and dark winter colours such as dark purple, plum, burgundy, dark teal, mustard, burnt orange, dark khaki.
If where you live is still a little bit chilly, you may like to keep one of your winter chunky knit cardigans in your wardrobe. Try to pick one in a lighter neutral colour such as white, cream, beige or light grey. If you don't have one in a light neutral, pick out one in a darker neutral such as grey, black, navy, dark brown.
Try to store the clothes that you have removed elsewhere, away from your wardrobe. I store my out of season clothes in a suitcase under my bed.
Next it is time to look at what you have left - your wardrobe for the forthcoming Spring / Summer 2013 season.

Update your neutral colours

Next we are going to create a capsule wardrobe based around clothes in neutral colours. We will add colour later in the form of extra items of clothing or accessories.
For now, we will focus on the neutrals.
The traditional neutral colours for Spring / Summer Neutrals are:
  • White, cream, light grey, camel, light grey, khaki.
  • Denim
However, in order to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2013, you may like to try out four new colours that Pantone have identified as the trendy new neutrals for 2013. Pantone are an organisation that predicts the trend colours for the fashion and interior design world. Their trend neutrals for Spring / Summer 2013 are:
  • Monaco Blue - Navy, but a new softer, lighter and brighter version.
  • Dusk Blue - A mid-blue that is soft and calm.
  • Grayed Jade - a mid-tone jade green, that contains a lot of grey.
  • Linen - a soft and pale nude skin colour.

Make sure you have the Six Key Basics first

If you have followed my advise above and removed all of your heavy winter clothes, you will hopefully be left with a rail of lighter coloured and lighter fabric clothes.
We will use these to form the basis of your new updated Spring / Summer 2013 wardrobe.
The next task is to make sure you have a collection of basic clothes in neutral colours which you can build upon. So, start by separating your clothes, by pulling out all items of clothing that are in a neutral colour and put them at one end of the rail.
As you have learnt from above, neutral colours for Spring / Summer include:
  • Navy, White, Cream, Tan, Camel, Taupe, Beige and Light Grey.
  • Denim
Now, check these neutral coloured items to see if they contain the following key primary basics of a Spring / Summer wardrobe, and put them together on the rail.
The Six Key Primary Basics
  • A trench coat - in one of the neutral colours. (The priority item if your Springs are wet.)
  • Spring Tops - 3 to 4 long sleeve cotton tee shirts for layering - in the neutral colours.
  • Summer Tops - 3 to 4 short sleeve tee shirts - in neutral colours.
  • Trousers - in the neutral colours
  • Skirts - in the neutral colours
  • Denim jeans or skirts in either a dark inky navy or a softer mid-tone denim.
Put these together on the rail. These items form the back bone of your wardrobe and are what makes it work. If you are missing any of these items, or feel that you don't have enough, create a shopping list and make these your priority items to buy.

Expand your core wardrobe with Secondary Basics

The eventaul aim of this exercise is to help you create a capsule Spring/ Summer wardrobe that contains enough clothes to last you a week.
Once you have your Six Primary basics in your wardrobe, it is time to expand it by adding some Secondary Basics. These can be in neutral or plain solid colours (no patterns yet).
Go through the rest of your rail and see if you have any of these items. If you have, add them to your core wardrobe.
The Secondary Basics
  • Short and long sleeve T-shirts in basic colours
  • Cardigans - in neutral and basic colours
  • Spring Tops - Long Sleeve shirts and blouses - in basic and neutral colours.
  • Summer Tops - Short sleeve vests, tee shirts, shell tops, blouses - in basic and neutral colours
  • Jackets - smart jackets for work and a casual jacket for week-ends.
Check that all of your basics are good quality, in good condition and still fit you. If they need cleaning, wash them or take them to the dry cleaners. If they need repairing in anyway, do this as soon as possible, so that your basic wardrobe is ready for the upcoming season.

Update your accessories

Another cheap and easy way to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2013 is with accessories. They are often the last layer and finishing touch to your outfit. If you can’t afford to buy new clothes at the beginning of the season, a new accessory, can bring your look bang up to date.
First start with the basics:
The KEY accessory for Spring / Summer is a pair of glasses. Choose your first pair in a neutral colour such as black, brown or tortoiseshell for a chic and stylish look.
Other basic accessories are:
  • Classic Shoes in neutral colours such as Ballerina flats, loafers, sandals, canvas shoes.
  • A basic everyday bag in a neutral colour.
  • For jewelry, there are classics such as gold or silver chains, hoop earrings or ropes of pearls.
Once you have acquired these, you can then add accessories in the colours and prints of S/S 2013 such as:
  • Sunglasses or glasses frame in a trend colour.
  • Scarves - silk or cotton scarves are a great way to update your look by adding a splash of the current seasons colour or print to your outfit. Wear a new scarf with your raincoat, tied to your neutral handbag to update it, wear it with a neutral outfit to add a splash of colour or on the belt loop of your jeans.
  • Pretty coloured ballerina pumps - in a traditional or trend colour.
  • A handbag in one of springs traditional or trend colours.
  • Trend accessories - for Spring / Summer 2013 statement necklace are a popular and trendy accessory.

Update your make-up

After winter and the first rays of sunshine and warm weather, it is nice to freshen up how we look. An easy and inexpensive way is to buy a new lipstick or eyeshadow in a soft or fresh Spring / Summer colour. Again it is cheaper than buying new clothes.
  • Traditional colours for Spring / Summer are coral, red and soft pinks.
  • New trend colours - choose a lipstick in one of the new Pantone trend colours such as the soft Poppy Red or the soft Nectarine.
  • A classy look is to wear a neutral eyeshadow, but for fun add a touch of the new Pantone colours to your eyelid, such as African Violet, Greyed Jade or Emerald Green.
  • If you like really colourful eye make-up, you may also buy eyeliners or mascaras in these colours.


I hope you found this article useful. Often the most stylish women are not those who spend a great deal of time or money on their wardrobes, but are often the ones who have a small well thought out wardrobe that suits their lifestyles and regularly edit it and update it with a few well chosen key items and accessories.
Often all you need is a new basic neutral garment to expand the possibilities of your wardrobe, or a new lipstick, nail varnish, scarf or cardigan in a fresh new colour to update it and ring the changes.
I hope you enjoy updating your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2013.

(Fashion source:http://rontlog.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-update-your-wardrobe-for-Spring-Summer-2013)

StreetStyle Shoe Trends - Dior vs. Valentino

Streetstyle Trends - Dior and Valentino Spring 2013 Shoes

Dior vs. Valentino - Two shoes that have caught the attention of many fashion freaks this season

If you happen to be a streetstyle admirer, you probably have noticed some very trending shoes women are wearing right now. 

Christian Dior's and Valentino's Spring 2013 shoe collection have been a mega hit on the streets and online fashion blogs over the past few months. I have lost the count of how many times I've seen both of these styles shot in photographs. Too much views is difficult not to remember the details even in your dreams. 

Personally, I believe these shoes are one of the best of the season. Raf Simons first spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection for Dior seems to be going pretty great for the brand. Valentino, of course, can never disappoint you - always modern classical.

The main question here is if you had the chance to choose between one of these pair of shoes - only one - which would you rather go for? Is it tough?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013

Now that we're well into summer, let's take a look at what's walking the runway. Similar to what was popular in the spring, summer fashions are bold and beautifully patterned. 

Bright Color Blocking

Color blocks are still very much in fashion, with neon oranges, spring greens, fuchsias riding the second half of the wave of color-block fashions that brought us the blacks, reds and whites of the previous spring. Lacy feathery dresses in bright colors, and the paring of non-matching, eye-catching print fabrics are the new summer ideas.
Tie these unmatched neon pieces together with accessories, and you have some one-of-a-kind summer fashions that make a bold statement of flourishing flowers and unique designs. Now's the time to express yourself with blocks of neon color, so speak up (loudly in color) and show what you've got. Summer 2012 neon fashions are bound to turn heads.
Softer Living
In the 103-degree temperatures this summer, try soft, pastels. Dresses in soft colors, accessorized in matching natural shell jewelry will give you the look of coolness this summer. There is nothing prettier walking on the sand than a woman wearing a pretty pastel, gauzy sundress.

Floral-Print Jeans and Platforms

Floral-print jeans roll in and out of fashion periodically, and they are back in style now. Why not pick up a pair of floral-print jeans, wear them this summer and then pack them away with your other seasonal wear, like floral platforms? These are all the rage in the summer of 2012.

A Passion for Floral Fashion

Speaking of floral platforms,invest now in a pair of flower-print platform sandals. Wear these with flower-print jeans. They don't have to match. These circulate the fashion cycle about every 3 years. So one investment will last you for years to come.


Add some bright, beautiful color to your floral print jeans and your print platforms or wear a pair of glasses. These beautiful Hawaiian prints are crafted into practical totes and cute clutches by talented hands.

Warby Parker | 1922 Limited-Edition Collection

Warby Parker - 1922 Collection
Warby Parker 1922 Collection available online at warbyparker.com

It has been three years since Warby Parker first launched its online eyewear company back in February of 2010, which did not take long for such a talented brand to be recognized by various fashion magazines – Vogue, GQ, Elle, and Esquire. Their seasonal collections of prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses for men and women have boosted them to be one of the most recognized companies in the retail market. 

What I really admire about their glasses is that they have a modern vintage appeal to their pieces. They offer a great variety of designs, colors, and patterns to stay dapper or fashionable all season long. As a customer, you want to search for that perfect pair that feels like a designer collection, fits your personality, and best of all won’t break your bank account. Warby Parker exceeds these requirements. 

Their eyewear glasses are actually designed exclusively at their headquarters in New York where each season they introduce a new collection for customers to purchase from. These pieces are made from the highest quality materials that offer 100% UV protection, and are sold online at a beginning price of $95 to $150 for prescription sunglasses. Also, for every pair sold, another pair is donated to someone in need, which is something very kind and charitable coming from a company. What else do you want when you know you’re not purchasing any sort of eyeglasses or sunglasses, but an authentic brand collection that offers luxury and charitable aid? 

For this spring’s limited edition collection, Warber Paker decided to travel back to the festive year of 1922. Their inspiration was taken back into 1922's year of iconic literature pieces that were published. James Joyce published Ulysses; T.S. Elliot published The Wasteland. Eugene O’Neill won a Pulitzer in literature.  And music may have been another big factor in this year, such as the influence of Louis Armstrong. Life was simply about literature and dance which would later open the doors to the roaring twenties.

Being that this brand approaches more towards the vintage aesthetics in my opinion, this
1922 Collection translates that interwar glamour into a wearable future, as the brand implies. Each of the three new unisex frames – Porter, Duke, and Joplin – comes with a sunglasses version that features dramatic details in custom acetate and lightweight stainless steel.

 I personally find this a collection I would see myself purchasing as either my new prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses. Somehow, I sense a desirable vibe towards the Porter frames. There is a structured design to them that just scream outgoing and confident. You have to agree the gimlet and whisky tortoise both would be a design you'd see in streestyle photographs. Gotta have them somewhere in your wardrobe.

The rounded Duke frames are great for those guys or girls who love to add a little bit of vintage touch in their looks. I am not a huge fan of rounded frames, but for this certain style I'd give it a try. There is no denial the Duke frames can make a guy seem dapper and intelligent without the feel of being viewed as nerdy.

The Joplin wide-spaced eyeframes fit perfectly for the guy or girl who wants style without overlooking it. There are several of these designs out in the market, but with the luxury finish and affordable price of Warby Parker, these frames are sure to fly off the stands very soon.The gold tone or silver Joplin's are another form of making your outfit be the one to like.

Warby Parker - 1922 Collection Porter Frames

Warby Parker - 1922 Collection Duke Frames
Warby Parker - 1922 Collection Joplin Frames

I would definitely take a look at Warby Parker’s eyeglasses and sunglasses 1922 Collection. There is no excuse to not try on a pair of these glasses. If you’re excuse is I live far away from New York, then think again. Warby Parker offers a Home Try-On program where you can order 5 pairs to try on and see if you like the style – shipped for free. It doesn’t hurt to look good and help others along the way. 

As of now, Warby Parker recently opened their first flagship retail store located in Soho’s historic Cast Iron Disctrict in New York. If you ever get the chance to travel to New York, you should visit this place. Hopefully, this retailer will begin to expand soon in other states, and best of all, keep donating.

Which of these 1922 Collection frames would you buy?

Monday, April 22, 2013

6 Hottest Fashion Trends of 2013 to Wear Now!

I just love fashion trends and I am super excited about current trends, especially ones that are totally flattering for all body types.
Are you looking for some stylish trend inspirations to rock this spring? Here I'll be covering five trendy pieces that should be part of your wardrobe, stat! And the cherry on top is that not only are these hot now, you can say they're classic staples, creating a perfect balance between trendy and timeless. Furthermore, they're super easy to pull off.

Top Fashion Trends in 2013
Now the drum-roll, please. The five hottest trends that you should be wearing if you are (or want to be) a hot and trendy chic are:
Leather... everything!
Leggings... are still in!
Black and White
Leather Everything
The material that gives any outfit an edge - leather, is back. This spring, colored leather is in and is to be incorporated into your outfit with either just a subtle studded leather bracelet or a hot leather jacket, or even dress!
Now there's no need to spurge on authentic leather, there are plenty of faux leather alternatives to be found. I personally love my pleather from H&M and ASOS. These pieces are not only cheaper, no animals were hurt in their creation, and they're uber sexy.
Leather outfit no-no: Don't pair multiple leather pieces at once!

Leggings Trend
Leggings are comfy and have been a recurring trend for years, evolving in all sorts of directions. Let's explore the different types of leggings!
The leggings trend started off with the basic black legging but now leggings are available in all sorts of colors, patterns, and graphics.
A recent leggings trend is taking leggings to new heights -jeggings, which is a hybrid leggings/jeans. I personally adore my jeggings but some say jeggings are a big no-no. What do you think?
While leggings have been adored by us girls, men are catching on to the trend and wearing meggings! Yep, you heard that right, men's leggings.
Outfit starring your leggings tip: Pair your leggings (or jeggings/meggings) with a loose-fitted top.

Denim Trend
The classic Americana fabric - denim, has expanded beyond just jeans and jackets this season into pieces like tops, handbags, and my favorite new look - the denim blouse.

Peplum Trend
The peplum is a trend to be embraced by all fashionastas. This spring staple creates the illusion of an ideal hour-glass shaped figure (or conceals a beer belly), no matter your figure.
I absolutely adore my peplum dresses and tops. My next quest - adetachable peplum belt!

black and white trend
The black-and-white trend is hot this season and the best thing about it, it's already in your closet! The chic color duo is really easy to pull off by using timeless pieces you can wear season after season.

Glasses is essential fashionable element, 2013 is still the trending.


Links a La Mode

Once again, I made to the top Links a la Mode list! I tried submitting each week a new post, but found out I wasn't entering the correct url. This time I made sure it was correct and guess it worked it, because here I am de nouveau. Hopefully, now I won't have more problems. 

Below you fill find several other posts you may find interesting. Enjoy. 


World Click

Does it matter where you blog from? I say this as I've lived in four cities during my blogging career, and to tell the truth, it kind of does, but it also kind of doesn't. This week Style Bizarre asks that question to a few bloggers about their experiences with blogging and location. We also travel around to Australia to check out their MBFW, how Man Repeller got us thinking about Japan (again), about how female politicians across the globe relate to fashion (should they?) and where you can get globally conscious accessories. As always it's a mixed bag, so enjoy!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creating A New Fashion And Beauty Style For 2013

Far too many people nowadays don't understand the value of keeping up with fashion. If you have been considering keeping up with fashion for a little while but have not really done this then now is the time more than ever to keep up to date with fashion style simply because you have this short article as your guideline. 

An excellent way to dress stylishly for less is to sell the clothes from your closet that you don't wear. Look for a consignment shop nearby and bring those new or nearly new shirts or dresses so as to get cash. Make use of your new-found wealth to get a great-looking set of clothing and improve your fashion look.

Every woman should have a little black dress, however it is a good thought to have two or more. You should get one which you can wear if you are going to a formal function and another that is available if you are going somewhere that is not somewhat as dressy.

Accessorize to draw attention to the things you want attention on. This works to take focus away from problem areas, like a large bottom or shoulders. It also can be used to draw focus to specific things such as your eyes or legs. Use essential accessories such as cat eye glasses to make the most of your outfit.

Take advantage of the summer fashion season. The summer time is definitely the most open season with regards to fashion. You will find quite few colors that are frowned upon, and also the style choices are often endless. Put on the craziest colors and funkiest designs that you can think of while you can. When it comes to smear fashion and anything is possible.

If you're overweight, you should be extremely cautious regarding wearing outfits that have stripes. Make sure you wear vertical stripes if you are intending to put on any at all. Wearing stripes that run horizontally will only do the trick of making you look larger than you really are.

Clumps of makeup aren't an desirable look for female. Actually, latest surveys taken by men find that the less makeups, the much better. This doesn't mean that you need to avoid makeup altogether; try to make use of warm tones and put on only one layer of mascara and eyeliner.

Knowing how to practice excellent style is one important thing, but actually following through and practicing fashion is another. Try your best to follow all of the ideas from this article to ensure that you can have recreate your image. It really is nice to feel good about yourself after you have started good style and fashion habits and be good with what you wear again.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashion for the New Fashion Man

The New Generation of Men's Fashion

There are very few times where men get the focus of the fashion world. Times are changing, finally. Men's fashion has always been around, but Europe's everyday man seems to dress more bold than any American. Why is that? Too many men in this country feel that style is weakness. But, that has all changed thanks to one big designer Michael Bastian and a movie with its own collection The Great Gatsby.

Michael Bastian is the God of modern American men's fashion. Looking no further than his Gant by Michael Bastian spring/summer 2013 collection. The look is inspired by the "Gal√°pagos' Islands." This look is full of color, but touches on vintage American fashion. The mix is definitely a change to hit the streets of the city boy. The look gives city men a color alternative to the black suit that plagues our community. Gant's look opens the city boy up to taking an "adventure" by altering an image creating a new person within the new Gant collection. This collection has enamored the fashion community; it's time for the city boy to venture out and grab fashion by the collar.

If the suiting look is more your style, than GQ, this summer stop at Brooks Brothersand shop "The Great Gatsby" collection. This collection modernizes the classic novel's fashion, giving every man the option to pull some of the swagger of Leonardo Dicaprio. The collection has it all shoes, suiting, and best of all bow ties. Men if you don't have a bowtie than take a second and think about what you are really doing with your life, because your failing! The suits are cut perfectly to match the modern trends and the look is classic. The Blazers with their unique colors are the must have. White pants buy them already. The look is available to make every man into the icon Gatsby. Then take a second,and pick a pair of prescription glasses, get the look and stun everyone with your Gatsby persona.

Men, this is the time where we can out shine our counter part in the fashion world. Take your fashion and make it unique. American fashion is back and it is time for us all to grasp our own look. Mix, match, and create fashion on these streets that turns heads. The American city boy is now the best dressed man in the world.

Saint Laurent Sold Out

Saint Laurent spring 2013 collection have sold out
Several of these Saint Laurent spring pieces have already sold at various retailers, and are having to make a second order to keep in stock. The classic fedoras in rabbit fur have been a big hit.

Hedi Slimane may be by now the most talked about designer in the fashion world. Since his debut as the new creative director for Saint Laurent Paris, the negative critics for his work at the house have not stopped following him. His debut for his Spring/Summer 2013 collection was criticized as a horrendous mockery to the legend of Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent. In fact, his two most recent collections – his spring boho and fall baby-doll grunge theme – received one of the strongest negative reviews I had seen in a while. 

According to a latest New York Times article written by Eric Wilson about Hedi Slimane’s new role in the world of Saint Laurent, Slimane was already expecting such negativity from his collections even before his debut. If he sensed this was going to happen, then why create such a controversy? If you ever happened to know something about its original creator, Monsieur Saint Laurent, his brand itself was quite a controversy. It is no surprise Slimane has gone back to the roots of the once acclaimed power house, but in my perspective he has keenly made sure it becomes back again the brand we all used to once talk about so much. 

To sort of prove my side, Style.com reported in the article that Slimane’s show ranked the second most viewed collection for both fall and spring seasons – more than 2.2 million views for his fall collection – right after beloved Chanel. Apparently, while Stefano Pilati was under the house, Saint Laurent never made it to such a high ranking, not even the top 10. 

Several retailers have already begun to sell Hedi Slimane’s spring/summer collection for Saint Laurent. And critics may scream disaster, but the truth of the fact is that the customers who are shopping around for this specific collection have a different taste. Sales for Slimane’s spring collection have rocketed over the sky. The sales have been so huge that most online luxury retailers like Net-a-Porter and My Theresa have sold out several of its pieces already. Referring to the article, Barneys New York sold 60 percent of its spring orders at full price. There were no discounts. I checked back recently at other retailers after the pieces had been sold out, and it seemed they had restocked another order of Saint Laurent accessories and shirts. 

I believe what was once a collection that may have “shocked” you, after a certain time, converts into the most desired collection you can’t get out of your thoughts. It’s like hearing a song you hate so much, which after a while you’re joyfully singing it over and over. It may be that what is happening to this spring collection will hopefully happen to next fall’s baby-doll grunge collection. The critics may need to calm their negativity and take time to indulge on it slowly and sweetly. I’ll guarantee you’ll see a whole different dimension. If you still happen to disagree, then all I can say is get used to him, because it seems so far Mr. Slimane will be around for quite some time.

And for you girls waiting for the end of the season 70 percent sale, I doubt you'll get your hands on Saint Laurent. Better luck saving for next upcoming fall.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trendy Hairstyles of 2012 & 2013

A new hairstyle can get you loads of compliments along with a new look. If you're considering a new hairstyle, opt for one of these trends and let everyone talk about your new hairstyle! Be a trend setter, and watch everyone follow your fashion. 

Sleek Pony Tail
Do you know, what’s the hottest hair style of this season? Sleek pony tail is one of the sexiest hairstyles of 2012. A high, sleek and tight ponytail looks sexy and offers an edgy look. One can wear this look to work or at party. Look like a diva especially when paired with a pair of prescription glasses. Short hair ponytails look adorable and cute; while girls with long hair can make this hair style appear sexy and chic. A style tip: Don’t fasten the sleek ponytail too tight; add a little poof and you’ll instantly turn into a glam diva.

Side swept side curls
Sexy side swept look is the latest hairstyle that is a rage among fashionistas women across the globe. Bollywood babes and Hollywood hotties are seen sporting this look everywhere, from red carpets to award functions. It looks extremely ah-mazing and classy! This look will work wonder for glam nights and weekend parties. Add some voluminous waves to your side swept side curls with hot rollers then pull back the side, and secure it with a sparkly clip or barrette. Chic and colorful hair accessories add a dash of zing to any simple hairstyle.

Soft curls
Little messy look with smooth waves is my new look. Without any second thought, Bollywood’s style diva Deepika Padukone is my inspiration. Not just guys, but every girl is going gaga about Deepika Padukone’s soft curl hairstyle in Cocktail. The actress looks diva-licious in her every appearance. This has made curls and waves a big hit. Long wavy and soft curled hair present a messy and grudgy look and therefore looks extremely sensuous. Flaunting a seductively unkempt hairstyle like her will grab you all attention, with all eyes popping out.

Long Blunt
Welcome this new season with the comeback of bangs and fringes hairstyle. Give a punch of elegance to your current locks with the edgy bangs and fringes. Celebrities are choosing long blunts as their own signature fashion statement. Actress Dia Mirza is one who is carrying this look with perfect ease and oomph. Look dramatic in this look and be a trend setter. Long and blunt cut bangs add a little mystery to any look, bringing both elegance and glamour in an instant.

Messy Side Braids
Fall in love with the easiest and sexiest hairstyle trend of this season: the messy side braids. Bipasha Basu, Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone,every celeb is flaunting this oh-so-amazing hairstyle. Loose and messy braided hairstyle work wonders for every occasion and every attire; be it’s a traditional Indian saree or a little black dress.