Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top Ten Ways To Wear Glasses With Style in 2013

Ten Ways To Look Cool In Glasses.

If you are currently wearing glasses or have to wear them for the first time then fear not. It is now the summer and you want to look as chic and cool as possible.

Follow the ten guidelines below to ensure that you are looking hot as a glasses wearer this year, make everyone jealous of your cool, new look.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the look you have always wanted.

1. Firstly, pick the correct style of glasses that fits your face shape. For instance a rounded face is normally suited with an angular frame while a square shape will be suited with a round frame. If your lucky to have a heart shaped or an oval shaped face then most glasses will suit you so you'll have many options to choose from.

2. What sort of character are you? Do you seek to be individual with your own sense of style or do you like to blend into the background with everyone else? Choose from dazzling, bold designs or muted plain designs depending on your traits and characteristics.

3.Gather your dosh so that you have adequate funds to buy the pair of glasses that you want and that suit your style. Don't skrimp on getting the right pair.

4. Consider which outfits and garments you wear and make sure you select the glasses that fit in with this look so that your glasses flatter your attire rather than conflict.

5. Think about your hairstyle, its a good idea to get tips from your hair stylist as to which glasses will suit your cut.

6. The brow of your eyes are of great importance as a glasses wearer as it helps to frame the face so you should make sure that you trim them regularly and are formed well.

7. Invest in a qualitiy concealer that will mask any imperfections that your glasses will enhance such as eye bags and lines.

8. Shape your eyelashes so that they look good when they are enhanced by your glasses and try to curl them up so that they don't touch the glass of your eyewear.

9. Always clean your glasses with either an alcohol based spray or warm soapy solution along with a soft microfiber cloth to keep them clean and smear free.

10. Consider getting a gift for all glasses wearers to keep your glasses safe and in good condition. A glasses case will keep your vision being clear as they will ensure your glasses have no smears nor dust on them.


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