Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013

Now that we're well into summer, let's take a look at what's walking the runway. Similar to what was popular in the spring, summer fashions are bold and beautifully patterned. 

Bright Color Blocking

Color blocks are still very much in fashion, with neon oranges, spring greens, fuchsias riding the second half of the wave of color-block fashions that brought us the blacks, reds and whites of the previous spring. Lacy feathery dresses in bright colors, and the paring of non-matching, eye-catching print fabrics are the new summer ideas.
Tie these unmatched neon pieces together with accessories, and you have some one-of-a-kind summer fashions that make a bold statement of flourishing flowers and unique designs. Now's the time to express yourself with blocks of neon color, so speak up (loudly in color) and show what you've got. Summer 2012 neon fashions are bound to turn heads.
Softer Living
In the 103-degree temperatures this summer, try soft, pastels. Dresses in soft colors, accessorized in matching natural shell jewelry will give you the look of coolness this summer. There is nothing prettier walking on the sand than a woman wearing a pretty pastel, gauzy sundress.

Floral-Print Jeans and Platforms

Floral-print jeans roll in and out of fashion periodically, and they are back in style now. Why not pick up a pair of floral-print jeans, wear them this summer and then pack them away with your other seasonal wear, like floral platforms? These are all the rage in the summer of 2012.

A Passion for Floral Fashion

Speaking of floral platforms,invest now in a pair of flower-print platform sandals. Wear these with flower-print jeans. They don't have to match. These circulate the fashion cycle about every 3 years. So one investment will last you for years to come.


Add some bright, beautiful color to your floral print jeans and your print platforms or wear a pair of glasses. These beautiful Hawaiian prints are crafted into practical totes and cute clutches by talented hands.

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