Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring 2013 fashion-what don't to do

A new season brings new reasons for you to shop. And when its spring, you cannot resist to shop till you drop. But do not add to your cart just anything and everything. Spend your money intelligently and avoid what's done and over with. Nobody likes dark nail paints anymore- unless of course you have an emo style. But trust me, when you flaunt that emo look nowadays, you become a source of entertainment for people around. It's just not hot anymore. And for me, it never was. Go for light floral nail colors- like juicy coral or sweet lilac paint. Sky blue is a wonderful color to paint your nails with this spring season. 

Do not make a jazzy Christmas tree of yourself with big blings all over you. A huge necklace, thick jewelled cuff and a big in-the-face ring together is just pushing it too far. Wear any one of them at a time and you'll be just fine. Bling adds glamour to your look but over doing it will put you in the fashion disaster books. Now you don't want that do you? Dark brown lipcolors. They weren't in fashion last year or the year before that and they continue to stay far away from fashionville this year as well. Last year's bright orange and pink lip colors are still in vogue. They are lively and youthful, and make a perfect spring look!

While jeggings are a comparatively new trend then leggings, both of them seem to have stopped appealing to fashionistas. But we cannot deny the fact jeggings are very hot and chic. And I think they will be able to survive this season. But anything too tight is a big NO-NO! So you might want to say bye to leggings this season. Choosing the right hand bag and glasses is probably the most difficult task a girl has to do. Especially when there are so many of them in the market. But there's one thing you can scrape out of your options this year- the big black bag. Its spring! You must go colorful. When I say go colorful this season I do not include head bands. The bright plain head bands are so last season. This year we have the uber cool ZIP bands! Shop from the market or make one at home, they are the hottest hair accessory this year.

Its time you update your fashion calendar and scratch out what's not hot anymore. The main point to remember is to keep it colorful and lively. Go chic and trendy with bright yellows, pinks and sky blues this season!

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