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Fashion Review | Versace's Fall 2013 Vunk Theme

Versace Fall 2013 Vunk Theme

Vunk! This will become the new word of the fashion dictionary – punk style mixed with the sex symbol of Versace. 

Versace literally nailed it this season. The manner of turning punk into something vunk was beyond perfection.  All items – mink skirts, tight fitted vinyl pants, and nail dresses – were convincing enough for any women who loves to take risks. There were elements of Gianni’s past work except they were modernized for today’s glamour chicks. It seemed Donatella wanted to be original…….and she was. 

Lately, there have been negative buzzes of people commenting how awful this collection was. Really? It seems they don’t quite understand where the authentic DNA of this brand falls. I wonder what was awful for them, because for me this was extravagant, energetic, and revealing – typical of Versace. What was the surprise? Too much Vunk in your face?

If they ever asked me to describe this collection in one word it would be vinyl.  It may sound dirty for some, but boy did Donatella know how to make this fetish fabric sexy and wearable. She added some plaid to some of the dresses and skirts, but I never remembered them extremely vividly as I did with her vinyl. Suits had no button, for nails closed the deal (don’t mess with me). I could go all day watching the models wearing those designs in various colors – white, black, purple, and yellow – which screamed party. 

Versace Fall 2013 Vunk Theme

 A yellow mink coat was one of my favorite outerwear pieces. I was intrigued by its unique tipard (tiger and leopard) print. Fun and deceiving.  Another that made the list was a yellow mink skirt I will be rooting for someone to wear soon. Will it be you?

Accessories were another big hit here. Spiked chokers and necklaces seemed painful, but wanting.  Nail earrings seemed daring and could become the next must have accessory of the season.  

Versace Fall 2013 Vunk Theme

For evening, slits, spikes, and vinyl portrayed the sexual vunk.  Cara Delevinge ported an intense red number with spiky pride. A purple evening dress wrap around with nails was striking. Karmen Pedaru in a white vinyl slit dress was too high we could even notice her underwear. The last two models finished Donatella’s glorious triumph. She took her bow like the queen she is……….in vinyl pants.

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MFW Review | Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - 40s silhouettes

What does a dangerous woman look like in Gucci? For fall, Giannini took advantage of her femme fatale and converted her into the dark, guarded, and sexual assassin. The introduction of the first model wearing an appliqué ensemble – paired with mesh leggings, leather gloves, and booties – provided a mysterious, but in a certain way, sensual mood. The use of rounded shoulders on most jackets gave that special touch the “dangerous woman” would port.

I was intrigued by the fact Gianni focused on new concepts for the brand – in a very Gucci manner. She’s become so strong in what she does that when describing something in this collection I can’t help but use the term Gucci to reference to what I’m saying.

Gianni was feeling for dark bolder colors – a decision I thought was perfectly made. This time, she decided to shift around her beloved 70s era, and move into a more constrained (not really) 40s theme. Suits reminded me of those Dior was famous for – narrowing of the waist and wider hips. Dresses – such as a cyan colored one in a bateau neckline – kept the consistency of the element. There were not copies of Dior, for Giannini made sure her designs appeared more explicit than usual.

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - Python and Houndstooth

Python – applied on suits, dresses, and skirts – heated up the catwalk in a very sexual behavior. A shiny python, peplum skirtsuit deeply sliced in mesh was hands down one of the best suits for a woman.

Interpretations of houndstooth in glittery shades and colors provided a unique element to the collection. The form in which she layered one suit with a metallic python turtleneck reminded me of aspects a dangerous woman must have – thick skin to fulfill her needs.

As stated, several silhouettes resembling that of the late 40s may have seemed too covered for the Gucci woman; maybe because they weren’t as body fitted. Well, Gianni shut me up when evening dresses were introduced.

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - Evening dresses

Dresses were beyond dangerous; so Gucci I would state. The use of mesh in these looks – detailed in patterns with sequins, feathers, and silk fringe – were striking beautiful. Silk was superbly shiny and screamed luxury.

By the way, if you ever want to go for an innovative jumpsuit, look no further – Gucci has one for you.

Photos: Style.com

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Stripes and Cardigans - What Every Men is Seeking For

As you know, spring is just around the corner. Since next week is the last week of February, I thought why not post a pre-spring collage. Stripes have always been my best friend when it comes to t-shirts. I don’t know why, but I feel a t-shirt should be youthful, cool, and stylish. Yes, a plain t-shirt can be stylish too; I still prefer color in my shirts (designs/prints).

I always say there is no excuse for trying to look your best – creativity is the key ingredient. As you can see, I did my best to lower the prices on most of these outfits. I usually stick to retailers, such as Zara and H&M, when it comes to fair prices. H&M does great when it comes to the most recent fashion trends.

Style Tip: Take a t-shirt, such as the one above, and pair it with a cardigan. A cardigan can do wonders to your outfit; this could be a great investment to think about. They can be worn both formal and casual. You could even layer a navy blazer over it if you’d like to.
There are so many ways you could shift around with these outfits above.

Do you have any other ideas to share?

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