Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Ozeal Refreshes Online Eyeglasses System?

Recently Ozeal Glass has redefined fashion by introducing a wide range of eyeglasses, exuding timeless feel. Gone are the old days when eyeglasses used to be a mere tool to restore vision, however, in today’s world eyeglass has turned into an effective fashion statement, creating a huge craze among the users for vintage, classic style. With the changing trend of fashion, online eyeglasses have become iconic fashion accessories to add zing to your dull look. One can sport it at any time in any place, regardless atmosphere and surrounding. 
Having an array of products of different choice and taste on offer, Ozeal Glass invites the whole lot of buyers at their store to avail them at an affordable price. Recently Ozeal has launched their classic model incorporating vintage style to grab the eyeballs. The vintage glasses exude 1940’s touches and bear a cool look, while tempting cat eye can only add to the femininity. Another model namely classic black glass can be an option if one wants to generate the old quaint charm. So, instead of flocking to the offline retailers, users find it rather effective to choose the virtual platform and buy eyeglasses online. 
The geek chic trend is the craze nowadays. With a little bit of tweaking, vintage style has appeared to be a significant frame that goes nicely with a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt only to revive the 50’s charm. Today’s fashion buffs are pretty style conscious. Considering the demand, smaller-fitted frame has garnered spike. And it makes no sense as to overpower a petite face with a large frame. To avoid such cartoonish look, users are experimenting with the whole lot of vintage eye-glasses that are best suited to their style and appearance. A black cowl-neck sweater with skinny jeans and knee-high boots is apt for men to look simply smart, modern and sexy. Ozeal Glass fully understands the new definition of fashion and to keep up with the trend, the premium company has launched a wide variety of vintage glasses. For a better view of a range of products users can visit their website to buy cheap eye glasses online. 
However, large, over-sized frames are yet to be thing of past. When men have their own unique choice, women are not far behind to mix and match. Style conscious divas love to flaunt their shirts fitted and pants in a boot cut by sporting an oversized frame that liberate the encased femininity in the most smartest manner. Again then, there is risk involved as the large frames can fail to fit and are quite likely to fall and break. Keeping this fact in the mind, Ozeal Glass has ensured durability and longevity to their products. Budget is no longer an issue, as with Ozeal Glass users now avail cheap eyeglasses online. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Menswear Themes for Fall 2013 Trends| Creativity Counts

womens fall 2013 menswear inspired theme outfit collage

Its been awhile since we've posted an outfit collage inspiration, but due to fall arriving we felt it was necessary to give you a preview of some of the trend pieces you girls should be collecting for next season. We will be posting soon the Fall 2013 Trends you should be wearing so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, we will give you three major trends that were seen throughout the whole fall 2013 collections and if you notice are present above: animal prints (any), color-block, and menswear inspired outfits. It is crucial for next season to invest in a great pair of trousers (dress pants) and suit jackets that will keep you on the season's major must have trend. Go for a pair of ultra cool heels like Fendi's cuffed suede ones or Giuseppe Zanotti's gold embellished shark tooth suede slippers for a more tomboy look. You decide which way to go as for either one will keep the inspiration alive. 

Shop all the looks at

1. Karl Lagerfeld purple/black leopard-print chiffon shirt (here)
2. Band of Outsiders black tuxedo pants (here)
3. Helmut Lang jersey-twill blazer (here)
4. Hervé van der Straeten gold cuff (here)
5. Saint Laurent black suede clutch (here)
6.  Fendi gold cuffed suede pumps (here)
7. Giuseppe Zanotti gold embellished shark tooth slippers (here)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Pre-Order My Mink Coat Baby

mink fur coats from michael kors, gucci

Prices for the above mink coats (left to right):
Michael Kors houndstooth mink wrap - $17,995US
Gucci Jaguar Mink Cape - $21,000US
Brunello Cucinelli Mink Intarsia Jacket - $21,525US

What extremes can fashion take to make luxury much more sumptuous in a ready-to-wear collection? There are many designers who insert rich details in their leather numbers to drive prices up, or simply add crocodile patches to elevate the standards of true luxury. Perhaps ridiculous, but we can't deny sometimes we wished to own a nice leather piece; I myself would have to confess to be a fond owner of some leather numbers. Authentic leather has become an accepted fabric over the past years, but what may still be digesting unpleasantly is the acceptance of real fur - or more specifically Mink.

Fall 2013 collections seemed to have attracted most designers to incorporate one or two mink coats in their presentations, but even more interesting was to watch the advanced techniques and cuts designers are able to captivate in any fabric today. We would want to presume though that Prada may have had something to do with the growing trend. If you recall, the designer's floral mink coats from her Spring 2013 collection became a very popular coat on editorials and street style blogs. Her mink coats could have had you wondering if they were around $3,000US (and acceptable price for most of us now), when in reality they were worth around $44,000US. 

Designers here opted to dye their mink coats - minks actually have a dark-brown fur - and inject invigorating prints that could attract the luxury customer. The trend seemed to have been a battle of who could design the most innovative mink coat to be on editorials this season. You would loose the number of mink coats if you had to count them from every collection this fall. The only truth here is if you are a mink lover, are you willing to pay such a high price for these treasures? Do designers really need to shed many furs or minks to be that popular with their special coats?

Although, if you were to think as a fashion editor looking for a great mink coat to put on your next must have editorial, something tells us you would have to choose Michael Kors' $17,995US houndstooth mink wrap. Throw Versace's yellow mink coat in their for the wilder and younger customer as well. 
Oh, and if you are ever curious to know the difference between fur and mink, we'll give you the short answer now. Mink fur is more durable because its hairs are much more shorter, thicker, and soft, which makes it an un-messy furry coat. 

Most mink coats are available to pre-order now online, which gives you some time to order one for you or your loved one before fall arrives. Money must be included in the order though. Sorry.

prada spring 2013 collection white mink floral coat
Prada White Floral Mink Coat from Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

July 30 Market Update

MLS numbers update courtesy of the VREB via Marko Juras. These numbers are for the Victoria Real Estate Board's reporting area, including Sooke, Shawnigan Lake and the Gulf Islands.

July 2013July 2012 
Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Unconditional Sales120
New Listings3156229191123
Active Listings4762481748554836
Sales to New Listings
Sales Projection552588584590
Months of Inventory

Reasonably solid week with 132 sales compared to 110 in the same week last year.  I suspect this pattern will continue for the rest of the summer and possibly the year unless mortgage rules are tightened again.  Compared to last year market conditions will look better, but make no mistake it is still weak out there.  July MOI will come in between 8 and 8.5.  Interestingly enough, active listings actually declined last week which usually doesn't happen until late August.

Joke of the day comes from DavidL who says "I hope that VREB will avoid spinning this as "sales volume up 5% over 2012""

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Fall 2013 Campaigns We're Talking About

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Jewelry

Oscar de la Renta recently launched its new Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Campaign via a unique and socially manner. While others have been promoting their new campaigns through Facebook, Tumblr, and other online sites, Erika Bearman (OscarPRGirl), as everyone calls her, decided to first promote de la Renta's campaign through her Instagram account. A strategic and magnificent idea we could state. 

Instagram has become one of the most popular Social Media Apps just about every brand uses to promote their products now a days. So why not premiere your campaign through here as well? In today's social media world we want everything quick and easy without hesitating to open up a new browser window to see new updates from our favorite brands. It works strategically if you think about it to open your App on your Smartphone and view all of de la Renta's campaign instantly at the speed of light all in one page; the campaign received an instant like and comments in a matter of seconds. The campaign was the news of the morning it wouldn't be surprising to see another brand promoting their full advertisements on Instagram as well. We'll be watching to see who does it next, while we give a great stand of applause to OscarPRGirl who has done an outstanding job as director of communications connecting the brand through Social Media over the past few seasons.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Handbags

Meanwhile, speaking of the campaign, it seemed to be portraying a much more darker atmosphere than what we're used to seeing in his bright ladylike campaigns. But the campaign actually sends somewhat of a strong message with those clothes and dark hairstyles that portray a rebel in de la Renta's version. His surprising draped suits and awkward cloche hats imbue an elegance in the campaign worth trying on when they hit stores, while his hypnotizing modern Cinderella gowns couldn't be left out in the campaign, because we all know these were the star of the collection. You can know pre-order some of these looks at; one 
metallic purple embroidered gown will retail at $13,990US. See more of the campaign through their Facebook account.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Draped Coats

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Gowns

What do you think about the campaign?

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Women's Campaign Sexy Python Dress

Gucci was also feeling the dark atmosphere, but in a much more sexier version. Photographers Mert and Marcus were in charge of giving these campaign a provocative sex appeal that only needed a black leather sofa to let models, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Adrien Sahores deliver the scenes. There were some that stated famous supermodel Kershaw didn't appear convincing with short black hair, but we thought she was delivering the shot perfectly. There was that mien sexy assassin with those luxurious python and leather numbers that portrayed what the Gucci Fall 2013 collection's were all about. Whether you liked it or not, all we know is that it sure was another talked about campaign you had to see to judge for your own. Do you think it's as sexy as Gucci woman implies? We want some of those python numbers - boots, coats, dress - in our next season wardrobe. See more of the campaign here.

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Women's Campaign Bamboo Handbag

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Men's Wear Campaign

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Men's Wear Campaign Purple Leather Jacket

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Women's Campaign Python Boots

gucci fall 2013 campaign python dress

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 21 Market Update

MLS numbers update courtesy of the VREB via Marko Juras. These numbers are for the Victoria Real Estate Board's reporting area, including Sooke, Shawnigan Lake and the Gulf Islands.

July 2013July 2012 
Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Unconditional Sales120
New Listings315622919
Active Listings476248174855
Sales to New Listings
Sales Projection552588584

Months of Inventory

The third week of last July was the first week when sales started to seriously slow, dropping to 113 for the week from rates of 138 and 120.  This was most likely due to the mortgage rule changes starting to hit, and continued to make up the worst late summer, fall, and winter in well over 10 years.

No major mortgage changes yet this year (aside from the lenders becoming more and more nervous), and there is also no matching slowdown in sales, with last week hitting 125 (after 136 and 120 the weeks before).  Of course as the selling season winds down, sales will naturally start slowing regardless of the mortgage market.  Surprisingly enough, listings are up over last year by about 7%, hence our sales/list coming in a bit under.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Clip on Sunglasses

Many people consider clip on sunglasses as a type of sunglasses but in reality they are merely a lens pair which is designed in such way that another pair of sunglasses could fit on the top of it. However, clip on sunglasses modify the entire pair of your original glasses. These are highly flexible, variable and erratic; and thus they are also called as clip on flip up sunglasses. 

The best part about these sunglasses is that they have two separate lenses linked together by spring mechanism. Many eyeglasses with clip on sunglasses possess these features of spring and two separate lenses. These sunglasses are much inexpensive and anyone can buy them without any hassle. There are lots of varieties available into these glasses. You can also discern them on the basis of brand and quality.(Source: GlassesTribe)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Versace and Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Couture| The Last

giorgio armani fall 2013 couture collection dress

Giorgio Armani knows how to dress a woman with class. His Fall 2013 Couture collection was without a doubt one of the most beautiful collections we had yet to have seen from Mr. Armani. He opted to stay away from bolder colors and instead go for nude colors that would blend perfectly with his old Hollywood theme. The collection described everything about the Armani woman: sensual, sophisticated, luxurious, and of power.

He began his show with a series of nude numbers that could take your breathe away. His suits were cut with such a subtle manner, it was difficult not to fall in love with them; the construction of those shoulders portrayed superb authority. But what probably made his suits a stronger presentation were pairing them with a number of impeccable matching and lightly embroidered wide-legged trousers. Mr. Armani indeed reconfirmed he can cut a perfect pair of his signature trousers, because whether he fails or not in any season, his classical trousers always saves him from a harsh critic. One thing for sure is that if you ever decide to go for his couture trousers here - luxury cotton, silk lame, and organza - or his more affordable ones, be assure that you will have invested in the perfect pair of dress pants any women seeks for; a sophisticating at a high level included. 

He also introduced several handmade lace tops that imbued a sensuality with those hair styles the models wore. A full laced trench coat would be a magical fortune for any women who purchases it, as for his evening wear dresses were fit for a royal ceremony. The Emmy's are arriving sooner than you believe, and a dress from these collection (such as one pictured on the right above) wouldn't hurt anyone who seeks for a beautiful piece that could speak for itself.

atelier versace fall 2013 couture collection dress

Donatella Versace scored some major points in her Fall 2013 Couture collection. How much sexier do you want couture to be? Oh, and then have Naomi Campbell walking down the runway like the Queen she is selling anything with ease. 

That was what Versace seemed to be pushing the limits here. Besides her tight hugging sexy leather dresses paired with mesh and crocodile jackets that are sure to sell like price were nothing, she came out with a number of dresses whose fabric were only held together with Swarovski pins that led to reveal laced tops. Her dresses were in fact delicate and provocative if were to think about it. One navy dress (pictured in the center) had one worry and curious to see a wardrobe malfunction occur at any time. 

What was interesting to have seen here was for Versace to include back again few mink jackets that in general have not played well for brand. But it was maybe the fact that we were hypnotized by Naomi Campbell closing the show in one black crystallized mink jacket and very provocative sleepwear vest that we were intrigued to have one. Although returning to reality, you have to be honest that not anyone would wear as good as the Queen.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cool Prescription Glasses: Bring Fashion & Function Together

Cool Prescription Glasses
Considering cool prescription glasses as the newest trend into fashion is like considering Mango as a fruit of summer. The connection between cool prescription glasses and fashion is unbreakable. You can categorize vintage cool prescription glasses, prescription lenses designed into aviator style, and many other stylish forms into cool prescription glasses. These glasses are nothing but the perfect combination of practical usage and fashion. This means that these fashion glasses not only improve the vision but they also provide a marvelous manifestation. 

These prescription glasses are designed into several forms on the basis of varying colors, shapes, sizes, and the looks. Therefore there is a huge scope to show-off chic appearance with these fashion glasses. Additionally, these glasses include lenses that are produced for fulfilling all scientific needs for having a good vision. Thus, cool prescription glasses are at the top of all other forms in glasses for offering both functionality as well as style.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Fall 2013 Couture | Chanel, Valentino, and More

chanel fall 2013 couture collection tweed suits

Chanel is one of the few - maybe the only one - brands who can produce 68 looks without appearing it was rushed at all. Karl Lagerfeld's team has become perfectly comfortable with couture, that by know it's as easy as stealing a piece of candy from a kid. Effortless and chic are their iconic Chanel suits - presented each season in newer designs - you would forget these are the true suits, made entirely by hand. 

There is always a question for others who are familiar with Chanel's collection though. Don't the other ready-to-wear suits and jackets have just about the same designs as the couture ones, but separated because one is handmade? Not exactly. 

Chanel's couture jackets are what keep couture alive momentarily. Even though these pieces may retail around $10,000+ for each, they do sell like hot pancakes. You would think such ridiculous price tag would exempt some one from purchasing these beauties, but it is the idea that a Chanel suit would fit perfectly like a glove (based on your body measurements) and embroidered with such impeccable details the main factor that would lead to a mass demand. 

Karl Lagerfeld in general seems to stay in his comfort zone, upgrading newer versions of his Chanel suits that's not hard to in love with. Yes, there is a dramatic detail effect in Lagerfeld's couture suits that drive their prices up. One dark gray suit and skirt ensemble was actually stitched with small silver-ly strips to achieve its lustrous effect, while another white suit jacket (pictured above) appeared to have been hand braided throughout the sides - something only Chanel has mastered. Dresses were pleasing to watch as well, but would have been much more beautiful without Mr. Lagerfeld's sumptuous skirts anyone could rock if money weren't the blockade. 

valentino fall 2013 couture collection dresses

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino were feeling the beauty of nature. For this, they decided to begin their show with a series of nature prints that didn't work too well to say the least. There were some that were intriguing, but others were too much in your face; it could make someone dizzy. 

Even though their choice of prints may have not been a winning factor as were their extraordinary crepe pipings last couture season, there was an effort put into those designs. There lace and embroidered dresses were the definition of high luxury here. There couldn't be woman who wouldn't think twice at least in trying on a black laced dress (pictured above) that would portray the refined classical woman Valentino is.

We know they are also perfect at making a great cape and overcoat - present in here - but what brought a doubt here was one specific look. It was the only look that was the most different of them all and infused somewhat of a vintage Valentino. A light brown deep cut dress (pictured above) seemed quite provocative compared to what we have been used to seeing Chiuri and Piccioli show at Valentino. This dress could make the younger girls of today go desperate for something like this; a favorite of mine. It indeed maintained a classic sophistication with the correct color choice, but the question is could Valentino soon be moving to another new chapter? If the question were yes, I believe most of us would be in favor. The duo is doing excellent introducing new elements in their menswear line, so why not shift some major things around in their womenswear line?

elie saab fall 2013 couture collection embroidered dresses

Elie Saab can best be recognized on the red carpet for his signature embroideries and beadwork. They have become a favorite among celebrities to wear on the red carpet, and it wouldn't be surprising to see a dress from this collection appear soon at a premiere. 

His colors - burgundy, blue paillettes, light gray, emerald, and violet, - were a big triumph for Elie Saab. It may have been Mr.  Saab's strongest couture collection compared to previous seasons, because just like his burgundy numbers, imbued seductive authority. His jumpsuits, like one light gray embroidered look, was feminine and elegant - appropriate to wear for a gala besides a dress. Overall, there were various options of colors and cuts to choose from. This doesn't mean it was bad, it just means choosing something to wear from this fall 2013 couture collection will be harder to decide. Good Luck. In your dreams.

alexis mabille fall 2013 couture collection dresses

Alexis Mabille loves to create drama in his couture collections, for which being couture most of us have to view as a form of art. But his fall 2013 collection had somewhat of a less drama; surprising. Of course not all was about taking away drama as were his dresses - finished with exaggerated shoulders and more structures. He included several pants - hand painted, embroidered, and simply satin pastels - that weren't as unappealing for a couture standard. The only drama in his pants could have been they were high-waisted.

A semi-draped pink satin dress stitched with an embroidered top was an interesting technique coming from Mabille. Compared to his other dresses, one black embroidered dress with a 3-dimensional purple flower was appealing, and had Mabille's signature in a much more refined (modern) manner.

 Someone searching for a little dose of couture drama could definitely find something of their wish in these collection. If Mabille would want to reach a much wider audience, his precision in dramatic effects while still managing to tone his obsession for drama, could put him on the map of a designer who can offer very special treasures.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Browline Glasses-Let Eyebrows Frame the Eyes

Browline Glasses
Eyeglasses always get treated as one of the most enhancing trends into the world of fashion. Usage of glasses got categorized into the fashion statements during the middle of 19th century. During the time of 1950’ and 60’s, the newest version in glasses got established. People were newly watching classic frames into the glasses. Browline Glasses did this change. What factors usually get counted into the eyewear trends? Apart from color, frame size, and frame shape; there is one more factor that has great influence on eyewear trends. The ability of frames and lenses to cover the most part of your face is one factor that affects the fashion in positive manner. Frames of these glasses are made from two sticks. The best part about browline glasses frames is that these frames have bold design that could easily resemble the eyebrows. Therefore the name of this style is given as browline glasses. The bottom frame is little invisible in nature.

Many famous eyewear brands started following the design of browline glasses. Into most recent eyewear trends 2013 year is stuck on browline glasses. Ray-Ban; the famous brand into eyewear has also followed the browline glasses design into many of their glass categories. Clubmaster is the best example of it where Ray-Ban has used the concept of browline glasses. This is how browline frames are popular among the famous eyewear brands. Initially production of browline glasses was limited to black and brown colors, but these frames are now available into the series of colors that include white, red, and cream colors.

2013 Glasses Trends for Fall

2013 Glasses Trends for Fall
Have you started preparations for the upcoming fall season? You might have started looking at the latest glasses trends. Autumn season not only brings freshness into the air but it also changes the environment of fashion. Undoubtedly vintage inspired sunglasses are going to rule on this autumn. You are suggested to wear sunglasses that have frames with rich colors and unique outlines. This combination creates a good twist in between vintage and modern looks. 

Frames that have two-toned colors are an excellent choice on this autumn. The altering colors of autumn season get perfectly matched with the ombre fade trends. Thus, in case of glasses trends 2013 year is going to pick ombre faded trends. In year 2013 glasses trends are going to change the entire definition of fashion. Glasses that have metallic shine will get more preference. You can add little depth to your look by selecting delicate yet striking glasses. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Christian Dior's Fall 2013 Modern Couture

Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture by Raf Simons

Last week was a very stressful week for me, which did not permit me to post my short reviews of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, but it is never to late to talk about it. In fact, I find something much more interesting if you take the time to analyze it in a calm environment. Don't you think so? 

Haute Couture is nothing but a dream. In case you're not familiar with what is haute couture, in a brief description, it is a work of art a human can achieve entirely by hand - no heavy equipment allowed - in a matter of days. Being these clothes are crafted by hand, prices for these beauties can go way beyond an ordinary mink jacket. And yes, they are made to fit like a glove for the customer who decides to purchase them. How special can that be to have a top or dress made just for you? 

There were only around 18 shows in total that were presented during Paris Haute Couture Week, which at the beginning may sound like it wasn't too many to fulfill a week of womenswear fashion, but we're not talking about a ready-to-wear collection here. Imagine the team it takes to embroider a dress entirely by hand, to cut and sew an entire collection purely by hand. There was a time where I decided to cut and sew a simple top I was making by hand just to feel the couture vibe. For someone who is not so patient, you would guess how it went. I never finished the rest of the garment, but learned to appreciate even more every detail that goes into making such an haute couture collection. 

Raf Simons could relate to my experience I had with couture. When most of us see other haute couture collections, we come to agree that these are only shows that are about evening wear and exaggeration, but in Mr. Simons' world everything is questioned. 

Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture dresses by Raf Simons

His Fall 2013 Couture collection for Christian Dior took us to another level of haute couture. Why not make couture modern in a manner where even the younger generations will be able to fall in love with this art and keep it alive? Couture is fading, and if it's not shifted to another route it could extinct soon. What Mr. Simons showed during Paris Haute Couture was the perfect example of what we need for the couture world, and what other designers should begin emulating. 

There was no drama or exaggeration in this collection. It was all the opposite of a supposed couture show. He took us around the world - Paris, North America, Asia, and Africa - in a very effortless yet luxurious couture standard. He kept embroidered dresses minimalistic that set him apart from other designers; they made the clothes much more appreciative. Overt were his bar jackets except in new technical fabrics that played an homage to the woman of Paris; a gray houndstooth number with white sequins was a favorite. He also imbued a sportswear theme to the new couture - in very relaxed silhouettes - that were captivating towards a younger audience. His African prints - mostly striped ones - and spiky textures were probably the only numbers that added somewhat of a drama, but in such a refined manner without overdoing it. 

christian dior fall 2014 couture coats

There were other couture shows that centered around too much embroidery that became a nausea, but there was nothing as fresh and lustrous as what Christian Dior presented. Even the tune to Kanye West's new song was invigorating. In general, we could say he elevated ready-to-wear to a very high standard of luxury one could notice the difference when wearing it; details are what are worth everything. The question here though is if couture could soon become the new trend amongst a wider audience Mr.Simons seems to be engaging us? Maybe dreaming more of having in our opinion, or better yet, having us seek for a special couture shop that could fulfill our needs, and open the doors to a wider couture field that would keep this special craftsmanship alive for many more years.

When you think that something has become a new trend, Mr. Simons is always two steps forward, looking back at his history of what you thought was "new." He has only presented seven collections in total for Christian Dior, but with so many new innovative techniques, it is no wonder why Raf Simons will always be a legendary reference to the designer who came out with that idea or design first. 

July 15 Market Update

MLS numbers update courtesy of the VREB via Marko Juras. These numbers are for the Victoria Real Estate Board's reporting area, including Sooke, Shawnigan Lake and the Gulf Islands.

July 2013July 2012 
Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Unconditional Sales120

New Listings315622

Active Listings47624817

Sales to New Listings

Sales Projection552588

Months of Inventory

Might as well repost last year's numbers they are so close.  What's interesting though is that last year we had these month end anomalies with the inventory, where the weekly updates showed a couple hundred less active listings than were reported in the month-end from VREB.  For example, July 30, 2012, the reported active inventory was 4939.  However two days later, it was apparently 5178. 

This year this is not happening, and month end numbers are basically what one would expect given the weekly updates.  Last year Marko explained it was a different algorithm run at the end of the month, but I don't understand what algorithm is involved in counting.   Data fudging or what is going on here?

Bright Sunglasses for 2013 Summer

Bright Sunglasses
On this summer the tends of attires and sunglasses have tuned bold and colorful. All fashion lovers are wearing trendy funky clothes followed with the bright sunglasses. It is necessary to know that protecting your eyes is a task of lenses and not the frames. Thus, you are free to choose summer glasses that are available in so many colors. In fact, people are selecting the bright and bold sunglasses simply because they get a huge variety on colors. 

As stated above, there is no need to fear about a color choice in case of sunglasses. Customary dark gray or green lenses are sufficient to protect your eyes. Try to cross the limits or boundaries by selecting pink sunglasses. If you think that this color is extra dark and would not suit your skin then no need to worry; you could still choose yellow sunglasses. These are the coolest forms of bright sunglasses. If you wish to enjoy this summer then there is no other option other than selecting bright sunglasses. These are trendy, chic and stylish.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Celebrity Shoe Trends: Comfy Flats

Comfy Flats
Celebrities are considered as the important factor in case of fashion. They get followed; stating from their hairstyle up to their shoe forms. Several shoe trends get revealed from the celebrities. When a discussion goes around the celebrity shoes, it is necessary to consider their love at comfy flats. Many celebrities are fan of these kinds of flat shoes. 

In most cases, it has seen that female celebrities highly prefer wearing flat shoes than the male celebrities. Kourtney Kardashian is a best example of it. She prefers wearing navy flats in order to show off her relaxed look. It is necessary to note that there is a huge variety available into ladies flat shoes. A high level of comfort is possible in case of flat shoes. Besides this, based on the colors, size, and look several additional variations are created into flat shoes. Emma Watson prefers black flat shoes into her day to day life. She believes that flat shoes help her in performing all her daily tasks into style and comfort.

This blog is supported by Ozealglasses.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Best of Fall 2013 Ad Campaigns

Kenzo Fall 2013 cat in shoe campaign
Kenzo Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Most Fall/Winter 2013 Ad Campaigns have been released by now, and by most we mean we're still waiting for Gucci to close the deal. Yes, it's still July, but if you think about it, fall season is just around the corner. You'd have to agree that a great amount of campaigns have really put some effort into making one of the best advertisements this season. Some may be quirky cool, provocative, thoughtful, or controversial like Saint Laurent has been. 

Whether you love a certain campaign or not, the whole point of these campaigns are to captivate people's attention for a minimum amount of seconds. It only takes about two seconds to have someone take some time to turn around and pause to see an ad. This is why it comes to my conclusion that the following ads below and above are one of the best of the season. Being familiar with the brand's collection doesn't have to be tough homework, because a striking ad is all it takes to have you searching for that brand. 

Kenzo Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign with sean o'pry
Kenzo Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

In a short summary, Kenzo deserves an applause for its numerous outstanding campaigns. Its Fall 2013 campaign will probably have a wider audience searching for what the brand sells, and overall purchasing the item. In fashion, their collection may not have been the best of the season, but it will surely cause another street style sensation with their most recent technique of advertisements. As a customer, I felt somehow compelled to purchase those shoes the cat was in; they felt luxurious and cool. And about their other awkward semi-dissection ad, we have to say it does grab your attention.

What do you think about the rest of the Fall/Winter 2013 Ad Campaigns?

miu miu fall 2013 campaign with adriana lima
Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Miu Miu went for a provocative (lusty) ad that was set on a boat. Doesn't this sound like the perfect setting to provoke sensuality with models Adriana Lima and Emily DiDonato above? 

Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2013 military Campaign
Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Michael Kors seems to have focus on delivering a much more sophisticated campaign over the past few seasons. We know Michael Kors is a traveler, but we want to see where his collection will take us each season. Karmen Pedaru and Simon Nessman have turned to be the perfect couple to take us on their adventures. This season, it seems Kors' was portraying a tough military influence with class. Pedaru's black and white coat number sold us. If you thought the coat may have looked kitsch, think again.

Fendi Fall/Winter 2013 fur coat Campaign
Fendi Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Fendi took us to a very high building surface in their Fall 2013 campaign. It may be too overt (editorial vibe), but Saskia de Brauw is sure looking high-end in that fur coat. The campaign could even quality to have it framed in your salon.

Kate Moss in Versace's Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign
Kate Moss in Versace's Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Versace without a doubt hit a high note with their Fall 2013 campaign. Who wouldn't want to pause to see Kate Moss naked covered with only Versace's yellow fur coat? Or see her making us want to purchase those colorful handbags? Let's just say this may go on our wall of iconic supermodels who can sell anything easily. 

Gisele Bundchen in Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign
Gisele Bundchen in Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Louis Vuitton had no other than Gisele Bundchen and an extraordinary selection of more supermodels pose for its new Fall 2013 campaign. Just as the collection implied, it wouldn't be surprising that the setting took place at a hotel. It was a romantic intimacy with supermodels that felt alluring.

Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign
Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Jil Sander likes to keep things minimal, and that was how her Fall 2013 campaign felt. There was only something about the wind blowing the model's hair and high-collared leather coat that was mind thoughtful and relaxing if you think about it. 

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign
Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Tom Ford is the symbol of sexuality. This would be why his campaigns always portray a strong sex appeal in them, which is what his fall 2013 campaign had in them. As stated in one post, Mr. Ford knows who he is marketing to here: a woman who wants high luxury made sexy. (See more pictures here).

Donna Karan Fall/Winter 2013 Steamy Campaign
Donna Karan Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Donna Karan fall 2013 campaign was about capturing an intimate relation between an artist and his muse. The campaign doesn't need much explaining after this, because there is clearly something steamy going on between these two models. (See more pictures here). 

Also, take a look at Givenchy's Fall 2013 Campaign with actress, Amanda Seyfried here

Monday, July 8, 2013

Paris Men's Fashion Week 2014: Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and More

Day 5 of 5 Paris Men's Fashion Week

Saint Laurent Men's Spring 2014 rock designs

Vibe: The Dark Rock n' Roll.

Hedi Slimane created quite a controversy ever since he decided to changed the phase of the new Saint Laurent spirit. His first two shows felt like a huge slap from many fashion critics who couldn't bare to see how Saint Laurent would turn into a horrendous rock inspired label. It only took a season when his collection was finally available in most retailers, that most of us understood Mr. Slimane was in fact selling pure luxury; it has now become a big sensation amongst its young rebellious audience.

Slimane seemed more confident of himself for his new Saint Laurent spring 2014 menswear collection. This collection felt way more appealing than his first menswear debut for the label. It was obvious we were to expect another sort of California rock theme fulfilled with lots of black leather, skinny boys, and surprisingly a more relaxed tune. Perhaps it could have been that by know one should be very well acquainted of what the Slimane is focusing on: having a voice towards its youthful audience who want the taste of that rock clean luxury. No need for more drama.

He introduced a series of mesh shirts, polka dot dress shirts, and exquisitely tailored skinny trousers which could have been perfectly appealing on an average model. His suits - leopard prints, checked-windowpanes, and gold sequins - were just a few pleasing noteworthy numbers, whilst his outerwear designs, such as one silver varsity jacket, could become a great hit next season.

On an average perspective, Slimane's decision to letting very skinny boys wear his clothes on the runway, brings down the collecting quite a bit. They say that first impression is what counts, and his skinny guys are the unappealing impression. But once viewed on a well fitted model, it is unbelievable how powerful Saint Laurent still remains after all the changes. His sharp tailoring lets the clothes speak for themselves. It is as if Slimane enjoys playing with our minds. One day we could say the collection was terrible, and the next day we see a famous star porting Saint Laurent's clothes or accessories, you can find us searching for that piece to incorporate into our wardrobe.

Today, Saint Laurent is one of the go to brands for the bad girl/boy who wants to set a statement in those black leather numbers that have become the signature of the new brand. His motorcycle jackets are the most coveted designer ones; a classic now as stated in their description. The only difference about being a bad Saint Laurent girl/boy is having the necessary amount of money to satisfy ones need, because prices for these babies - a jacket retailing at $5,900 - fits more the spoiling brat who doesn't give a hell how the economy is right now.

Lanvin Men's Spring 2014 relaxed silhouettes

Vibe: Strong Silhouettes.

While many men's wear designers were going for strong floral prints, Lanvin went with not a single dose of print. Instead they focused on their tough relaxed tailoring, which made this collection one of the strongest presentations of paris men's spring 2014 fashion week. 

Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver went with a number of matching rich silk pants (pajama-like) and t-shirts that were a stand innovation for the duo. Their was something in their style that imbued an urban masculine appeal most men could favor. Being pure silk the choice of fabric that could lean towards femininity, there was none of that feminine l'air in these looks. Suits - less strictly tailored - were actually pleasing to see coming from Lanvin. Perhaps their precise choice of fabric and color is what made them one of the best relaxed silhouettes compared to other brands; so mesmerizing.

Texture was replaced for prints. It was intriguing to see a pair of trousers (pictured right above) with such a luxurious texture you could easily feel when zoomed closer. At far they could have been perceived as a fading print, but they were actually a living print just as were their glossy sweatshirts and tank tops. It seems Lanvin came with a stronger force of authority in men's fashion this season, which we hope continues on to next season so triumphantly. 

Paul Smith Men's Spring 2014 vibrant sweaters and suits

Vibe: A Joyful Life of Living Colors.

Color is the living DNA of the Paul Smith man. Tailoring is also what makes his colors more refreshening to watch. And the injection of youthfulness in his designs finish describing who is the Paul Smith guy. To say the least, his spring 2014 menswear collection was enough to understand the brand without too much fashion vocabulary: easy and joyfully stylish.

His suits, slim-ly tailored with insects of different colors on hems of sleeves and suits, were quite pleasing to see, but maybe not so gratifying to see on his color-block trousers. They weren't poorly made by no means, but there was something missing to them; just blah. If some his outerwear jackets could have had less zippers and more emphasis in construction, they would have been the perfect ones to wear. There was one navy and white checked blouson that made a nice intro. 

What were noteworthy were his colorful sweaters and short-sleeve shirts. In conclusion it seems there will always be four things we will always be fond to see Mr. Paul Smith design exquisitely: a great suit jacket; a pair of great tailored trousers with no color-block or prints; an outstanding casual or dress shirt with or without youthful prints; and a delightful sweater that will never be out of style no matter what season were in.

July 8 Market Update

MLS numbers update courtesy of the VREB via Marko Juras. These numbers are for the Victoria Real Estate Board's reporting area, including Sooke, Shawnigan Lake and the Gulf Islands.

July 2013July 2012 
Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Unconditional Sales120

New Listings315

Active Listings4762

Sales to New Listings

Sales Projection552

Months of Inventory

First week of July 2012 was exactly the same at 120 sales and 306 listings.    Goes to show the uselessness of projections in the first week, as back then HHV (using calendar day method) projected 465 sales.   Business days (ignoring the holiday) gives us 552, the predictor based on last year and June's sales gives us 551 using calendar days, or 613 using business days.

Edit:  Die giant fonts die!