Monday, December 16, 2013

Reece Witherspoon Wears Wayfarers Outside

Reece Witherspoon Wears Wayfarers

Reece Witherspoon was spotted while shopping for groceries in Brentwood, California on Wednesday. She was quite stylishly dressed in leather boots and wayfarer glasses. These high heeled dark boots added some extra inches to her height. She was also wearing a short black skirt made of a kind of cloth material. It was not tight fitting, the getup showed off her well toned legs. Her dark sunglasses shaded her eyes from the sun. She seemed to have appeared without makeup and wore her blond hair straight and un-styled. She also wore a simple white lined sweater with her skirt. Her wayfarers gave her the rather reserved look as she attempted to remain anonymous on her shopping trip.

She seemed to be in a buoyant mood after her recent romantic trip to Paris with her husband. The thick vintage glasses frames she wore suited her. The fashion glasses she wore gave her a rather glamorous and modern look. She had just returned from a trip exploring Paris with her husband Jim Toth. They also did some designer clothes shopping. She has just finished shooting for her new film Wild. She is set to begin shooting for Nancy Meyer’s The Intern soon.

Charlize Theron's Fashion Side in Dark

Charlize Theron's Fashion Side in Dark

Trust Charlize Theron to look fashionable even when she is sad. While being caught at the airport on her way to South Africa from LA, Miss Theron looked stylishly dark in her dark sunglasses, blue and white top and black leggings.
Other than the vintage glasses she was wearing, everything she wore was in black, including the black pumps. Even the handbag and the blazer she was carrying were black. The blue color of her top added some contrast to her all black attire. 

Charlize Theron looked visibly upset while on her way back home and we know the reason why. Like any other devoted patriotic South African, she has been grieving over the death of Nelson Mandela. She had first met the great freedom fighter way back in 2004 where he had praised her for making South Africa famous all over the world. She had been reduced to tears by his generous words of praise for her then.

As we said before, Charlize Theron managed to look stylish even in a solemn mood. Her dark fashion side on a dark night can easily be termed as a new fashion style to follow whenever you are feeling low! The wayfarer sunglasses she wore did a good job of hiding what she was really feeling inside.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bespectacled Katherine Heigl Shows Fashion & Love

Bespectacled Katherine Heigl Shows Fashion & Love

All dog lovers must be very familiar with what we are about to say here! They follow the master wherever they go! So it was not a surprise when we caught Katherine Heigl with her pet Chihuahua, Gertie at the JFK airport on Sunday. What’s more? Gertie even posed for our cameras! 

Katherine has always been fond of dogs and Gertie is the latest addition to her growing collection of furry friends. But we were not ready for the surprise and the fashion trends she threw at us! It looks like Miss Heigl and her Chihuahua are going to become a favorite with photographers all around. 

Heigl was in all-black while Gertie was wearing a velvety violet coat and prescription glasses. While posing for pictures, she actually stuck out her tongue and held up a paw at us as if to say” I am here and ready to conquer you all with my antics”! Heigl looked like a librarian, a sexy one of course, in her black-rimmed trendy glasses. The rest of her attire was completely black as well, with the bright red shoes being the only exception. The fashion glasses she wore were big and rectangular, with the frames being a combination of black and brown colors. She seemed to be in a very good mood and so did Gertie!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Aviator Sunglasses Sharpen Dowdy Mom’s Look

Aviator Sunglasses Sharpen Dowdy Mom’s Look

The singer Pink has recently been busy on a North American tour. Just a few hours before her concert she was seen coming out of a New York Hotel carrying her two year old daughter and wearing aviator sunglasses for women. Husband and father Carey Hart was seen coming out with a cup of coffee in each hand and a large bag over his shoulder.
The singer was wearing vintage glasses and looked quite cosy and warm in an oversized sweater, black leggings and beige Ugg boots. Her daughter wore a bright green skirt, cream coloured sweater, white tights and sneakers. Carey was wearing a short sleeve shirt with blue trousers and boots. Some of his tattoos were on display. 

Her black frame sunglasses gave her a rather intense and reserved look as she made her way through the cold. She is slated for two performances at the Barclays Centre. Her husband, retired freestyle motor-cross racer, Hart posted some pictures of their daughter Willow on Instagram as did Pink herself. Her black frame glasses went well with her white head cover. Her husband posted a picture of her on the cover of Billboard Magazine with a caption appreciating the effort she put into her career.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Google Consigns Eyewear Company For Creating Prescription Lenses for Google Glass

Google Glass

Google has recently been involved in discussions with an eyewear company with the objective of launching smart glasses with prescription lenses. In short this indicates that Google is looking to launch Google Glass with prescription power options for those who wear prescription eyeglasses

Experiments are currently being carried out by groups of Google Glass explorers whose objective is to identify strengths and weaknesses of the new glasses, and to understand its potential along with areas for improvement. The rumors as to how much Google glass will cost, however, have been put to rest; it is priced at $1500, which makes it a very expensive toy to acquire. Needless to say, the price will not only restrict the market, however it is likely to increase with the additional prescription lenses. Therefore the restricted market and consumer base is likely to cause problems, which are additional to the existing controversies that Google is already involved in regarding potential misuse of this device. 

While various eyewear companies are in talks with Google in a bid to promote the prescription glasses powered Google glass, the issue as to whether the controversies and high cost will restrict availability or not, remains to be seen and it is hoped that the company will at least reduce the price in order to be available to a wider base of customers.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amber Rose in Wayfarer Sunglasses Certifies Again with Wild Hairstyles

Amber Rose in Wayfarer Sunglasses

Amber Rose was seen attending the Beyonce concert in a very innovative and modern getup. The model and socialite sported a wild hairstyle with an electric purple buzz cut. It was slicked to the side on top and in a buzz cut style at the sides. 
The concert was in downtown LA, at the Staples Centre. She complemented her hair with bubble gum pink lipstick and sunglasses. She wore a tight mini dress and black pointed heels. She was also wearing an edgy leather jacket. Dark wayfarer glasses gave her look an added element of mystery and coolness. She appeared quite reclusive and elegant in her designer shades. 

She had earlier posted a photo of herself in a pool with her son, sporting quite an innovative hairstyle, with her hair in a zigzag shaped buzz cut. Her dark roots showed under a layer of bleached blond. She has a son, Sebastian, with her husband Wiz Khalifa, born about nine months ago. She showed her maternal side when she sent a series of tweets. She talks about her anxieties and worries. She has anxieties about his future and growing up, hoping that he adjusts well and is able to cope with any problems.

12 Pairs of Christmas

WHISTLES 'Lennox' coat
COS shirt
WHISTLES 'Anjelica' boots

How adorably Christmassy is it that December is kicking off the first day of Advent? If you’re not yet in the holiday spirit, now is the time to get sucked in. Favorite retailer Whistles is launching their famous Advent Calendar and in today’s window we’ll find the chance of winning a brand new pair of shoes every month for the whole year!

So whether you’re looking for a perfect pair of run around boots (obviously pictured) or something more festive or maybe even sparkly, never mind - you can have them all.

Simply enter with signing up here, as there will be prize draws and competitions every day until December 24th. Good luck!
In collaboration with Whistles

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lady Gaga’s Empire is Crumbling: She Flashes Her Bra with Aviator Sunglasses

Lady Gaga’s Empire is Crumbling

Mother Monster doesn’t appear to be giving up easily now that her recent album sells have decreased around eighty percent this past week. Despite these statistics that have flagging tongues claiming that her career is ‘suffering’, Lady Gaga is still managing to capture attention from the media. 

She arrived in Tokyo this past week in one of her usual shocking outfits. This singer wore a pair of aviator sunglasses along with a camouflage themed jacket and pants. The jacket had nothing underneath except a pair of a black laced bra. She posed for pictures with her fans while receiving many stuffed animal gifts from her adoring Japanese fans. 

Her most recent album enjoyed overall success within its first week of being released to the public. In the charts, her song was in the top of the list but it now is at a measly #24 in the list. While some claim that these results signify the demise of her career, the egregious personality of Lady Gaga suggests otherwise. Many of her fans don’t believe that their mega star will cave that easily. 

If you are interested in buying a similar pair of sunglasses, you should take a look through eBay and browse through their designer sunglasses section. Their shopping links will direct you to a wide range of round sunglasses that closely resemble Lady Gaga’s while she was in Japan. Many of their spectacles come at a great discounted price along with free shipping and delivery.

Unchained affection

COS coat
WHISTLES waistcoat
ZARA knit
CHANEL boots

My newest shoe confession speaks for itself. What happened to my simplistic taste is something that only the hours after loosing my virginity to the Chanel boy can explain. Things did change as much as I cringe to admit, I’m now the type of person that gets phone call from the Chanel store when certain things arrive. Fast-track on becoming a diva? Nah, I still happily took my place in the back of the queue at the launch of Isabel Marant for H&M, nothing will kill the thrill of the chase in my materialistic mind.

But on to a pair of chained, screaming Chanel boots! Minimal pointy pumps for the win, but when these hit my sight-field, the thought of all things understated flew out the window - fast. I trust that majority of you will agree that these are nothing short from perfect? Don’t even get me started on the fact that comfortable, runway heels are practically impossible to find. I’m a shoe lover reborn.


MUUBAA leather pants

A lucky window of light that was too prefect to pass up on. Sometimes it’s better not to ask too many questions, especially if you can’t answer them.
photos by Steffi

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lady Gaga’s Special Dress Up with Her Special Glasses

Lady Gaga’s Special Dress Up with Her Special Glasses
Lady Gaga and regular dressing simply do not get along, so it was no surprise to note her latest leather costume as she stepped out to meet the public recently, complete with a pair of aviator glasses
While the dress itself resembled something which would be better suited to a futuristic alien film with Gaga as its beautiful resident alien protagonist, complete with celebrity sunglasses to boot, her unusual new look did nothing to stop her fans from imitating this bold fashion statement along with a pair of unique glasses to complete the look. 

Gaga has off late been spotted wearing a wide range of round glasses, some of which resemble Elton John and John Lennon’s classic wire-rimmed style, albeit with a Gaga-esque tinge to them. While it is not uncommon for celebrities to consistently sport designer sunglasses in a bid to either look mysterious, escape paparazzi, or simply, protect their eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, Lady Gaga’s wearing of sunglasses screams, “Fashion Trend”, and never fails to inspire her legions of fans or little monsters, who will go to any length to emulate the unique and avant garde fashion statement that is being made by their Mother Monster, aka, Gaga.

How to know if you're a Music Producer

In the How to Know if You're a Songwriter post I mentioned I would do a couple more music related posts, because of how much music means to me. I really like doing these kind of posts because they give you an insight into the person I really am, and all the things that make up an average day in my life. I also really love these posts because they give me the opportunity to connect with other like-minded spirits and also to appreciate the diversity of characteristics and characters that make up my devotee base. Much like the previously mentioned post on being a songwriter, the things I list below are just characteristics I've noticed in people who are/ want to be music producers. So without further ado here is my list of ways to know if you have music producer potential:

When you hear a song for the first time a video you have instantaneously created begins to play in your head.
You sometimes check up lyrics and analyze them for plot possibilities and video potential
You predict how well a song will do on the charts and at award shows.
You are always very interested in new musical talent.
You try to learn as much as you can about every aspect of music, constantly.
If you are in school you can probably be found taking widely different music and/ or dances classes at the same time.
When your friends invite you to karaoke you give them performance advice and sometimes critique their vocal quality.
You find audio engineering, music theory and even music history oddly fascinating.
You are always clued in with the latest innovations in technology and programming.
You manage crises well.
Business is not your foe.
You know what’s happening in the music industry as its happening in the industry.
After seeing a band perform for the first time you already know their image, style and genre.
Beats are constantly on the end of your finger tips.
You think life should have a soundtrack and may have created a few playlists for important events , describing them.
You know the names of all the top producers in the music industry.
When you hear about a music video for the first time you ask for the label/ producer not the artist
You love bringing music to life.
You critique videos that you see on TV (or youtube) and sometimes envision how you could have done it better.
You appreciate all the different genres of music and sometimes draw inspiration from two widely different genres, to create the next big thing.
You know that songwriting and producing through social networking are two major ways to enter the industry.
You try to create the perfect environment and medium to transfer the emotional quality of the music from the artist to the audience.
You are always on the lookout for unexpectedly amazing collaborations between artists in the music industry.
You are aware that music production is really tasking, and sometimes not as glamorous as it’s made out to be but you love it anyway.
Photos from:
Love you all and Stay inspired,

Fascination with the 80s.

After recently watching Sex and the City 2 and flicking through my people in vogue a century in portraits has reminded me of how much i LOVE the 80s...

It was the decade that MTV was created, Margaret Thatcher ruled the ever changing Great Britain, Shoulder pads emerged and John Lennon was shot outside his New York City House. It was an Era that would have an impact on years to come. – The Music, The Fashion and The People influenced a lot of the ways we look and do things today.

Women and men were trying to find an identity, break out of the mould. They were finding themselves, creating individuality and showing uniqueness. 

The sound in their ears

A mixture of Brit pop, Punk rock and the hip-hop scene evolved with the likes of Run DMC and De la Soul becoming successful, but of course the woman of this decade is no other than Madonna, her music was listened to everywhere and she was noted for her many fashion moments.

Two significant figures in music died- John Lennon was shot outside his home December 8 1980 and Bob Marley 11 May 1981 who defined reggae and taught the world that ‘the herb is the healing of a nation.’ 

MTV started to produce music videos that changed the world of fashion, music and TV. Hard rock, glam metal was the most popular genre of 80s; silver, sequins and glitter sparkled under the stage lights of Live Aid in 1985 where the likes of Paul McCartney and David Bowie where to be seen in this heroic performance to make money for those not as fortunate.
Techno, Detroit, Michigan, USA during the mid to late 1980s and house music Chicago, Illinois, USA in the late 1970s and early 1980s
It was the infamous STUDIO 54, that to this day people hear about and talk about. On the hedonistic balconies you might have indulged in some champagne or a little extra with the likes of Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Calvin Klein, it was the place to be and be seen. You could have been dancing to Wham! or Duran Duran above the Man in the moon with an animated 'cocaine spoon' depicted on the floor or be sparkling with the four inches of glitter that was dumped on the ground to create a 'standing on stardust' effect. Is there such thing as a time machine? 

 Significant fashion trends of the 1980s include:
Perm, mullet
Leggings, Big Socks
Shoulder pads
Ray-ban sunglasses

Christophe Decarnin- Designer Balmain (If i could be dressed head to toe in it, I would)
‘Creative expression of the 80s inspired me’
‘I love that sense of liberty they had, throwing vintage together with luxury, sportswear with designer brands, a tailored jacket on top of a sexy dress- and it all looked so right.’
People that made their mark

Vivienne Westwood- she defined Punk-rock fashion
Jerry hall and Mick Jagger- the David and Victoria of the 80s
Debbie harry- the one and only Blondie
Michael Jackson- Dancing around stage in a sequin jacket and white gloves

‘There was spontaneity in the 1970s and 1980s says Richard Young which has since been eroded by the media-savvy stars neutered by ‘brand awareness’
‘Everyone is so body conscience now- God forbid you should see a breast’
‘When I look back, there was this incredible, charged, Studio 54 feel to that time. People didn’t care.’

Take me there.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh sugar

H&M trend trousers
TIBI ‘Billie’ boots
MARIA BLACK jewellery

It’s bye for now London and hello Finland! I’m heading home for an early Christmas break as you can see London has been boring me lately. Oh well, nothing is ever so serious when you get to look at the world from the arms of your loved ones.

More cheerier posts to follow, promise.

Wearing all Black Makes Denise Richards Look Mysterious

Wearing all Black Makes Denise Richards Look Mysterious
Denise Richards looks under strain and worried, wearing all black as she was seen going to the hairdressers in LA. She was wearing dark sunglasses. These oversized sunglasses served to give her a reserved look and hide her emotions.
She was wearing leather boots and black jeans and cardigan with a white t-shirt. She had her hair pulled back in a bun. Her dark shades gave her a mysterious reserved look. However, after she came out from the hairdressers, her hair came down in cascading curls, giving her a more youthful and relaxed look. The black frame glasses were a stylish touch. However she still appeared gaunt, with thin legs in tight black leggings.

She has been on the receiving end of allegations from Charlie Sheen’s former wife Brooke Mueller who charges that Richards abused her four year old twin sons Bob and Max when they were in her custody while Mueller was in a rehab centre. She also alleges that Brooks abused her own daughters Sam (nine) and Lola (eight). Denise Richards has rubbished these claims and will try to shelter at least her daughters from these problems. She will be shooting for her serial soon which airs on NBC. She will need to stay in shape for it.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hello, Fashion Designer Eyeglass Frames

Fashion Designer Eyeglass Frames

Shopping for eyeglass frames tends to be very fun for fashion-oriented individuals. The wide selection of eyeglasses must seem like pure bliss for the individuals who love a wide variety of designer eyeglasses to browse and select as they wish. There are many types of eyeglasses to choose from and many people take advantage of this wide selection of designer eyeglasses.

Cat eye glasses are part of the latest fashion trends. This style of spectacles has been around for a long time and they continue to this day with the latest generation. Reviewers of this type of frames have raved it to be the ultimate expression of femininity on a growing female.

Spectacles with colorful arms have also gained popularity among glasses-wearers. Some of these types of glasses include square glasses or rectangular glasses. Bloggers have raved that these glasses add dimension into your fashion signature statement. There are many samples of eyeglasses with colorful arms that would attract many people’s fancy.

Eyeglasses with dramatic patterns also have gained many fans. People have claimed that glasses with dramatic patterns add sophistication and elegance without having the need to radically alter your wardrobe. There are many chic and urban pattern designs that would attract your personal attention.

Angelina Jolie's Movie Hookup History She may be with Brad Pitt now, but on the big screen Angelina Jolie likes to play the field.

Kiss and Tell
In the real world, Angelina Jolie is happily engaged to Brad Pitt, but on the big screen she can't be tied to just one man. Following her love-interest trajectory over the course of her filmography, you'll find she's had quite an impressive run of lip-locks with a diverse array of Hollywood stars. 
Angelina Jolie's Movie Hookup History

Hot News: Austin-based Pop-up Eyewear Store Opens

Austin-based Pop-up Eyewear Store Opens

Austin based pop-up eyewear store has opened which is operated and conceptualized according to some very novel ideas. The glasses shop sells glasses which are ready to wear. These glasses are very convenient and stylish.
They are quite light in frame and the frames are made using mazzucchelli Italian acetate. This is an organic plastic, derived from cotton. It is quite light and lends itself to easy moulding according to a variety of styles and designs. These cheap glasses are at the same time very hardy and durable as well as being high quality. Reading glasses as well as other types, i.e. for distant vision etc. are also available.

This company was started by Pierre and Isabel Fay from France. Fashion sunglasses which are at the same time affordable and easy to use, are made by this company. A product that can be enjoyed by all age groups is aimed at. Glasses for kids are also available and these are in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and desires. Pop-up stores are also being opened. Austin is known for trailers and these stores which open temporarily, are likely to be popular. They can allow a wider market to be reached which is helpful for those wanting quality and cheap sunglasses.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vintage Sunglasses Are the New Fashion

Vintage Sunglasses
Many people are interested in buying a pair of vintage sunglasses. Apparently, vintage sunglasses are part of new fashion trends. Online, you can find many retro sunglasses that look like they came straight out of the 1970s. Since vintage sunglasses are hard to come by, retailers are inventing sunglasses that appear vintage to attract many potential clients.

People are interested in retro sunglasses because they look old. And old is in nowadays. Everyone wants to stand out and everyone wants to like what others like, which is why vintage retro glasses are becoming increasingly popular.

If you are interested in buying a pair of retro sunglasses online, you can visit the eBay website and type in ‘retro sunglasses for men’ and ‘retro sunglasses for women’ and the website will direct you to a wide range of retro sunglasses it believes you would like. Since this company knows that many of its customers have certain budgetary needs, they offer sunglasses of all price ranges so you won’t feel left out.

You don’t have to just look through eBay. If you visit Google and click on their shopping directory, it will lead you to many sunglasses that would attract your fancy. You can buy these sunglasses for great discounted prices and with good prices on shipping and delivery.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gwen Stefani Sexy Six Months Pregnant Look in Large Dark Sunglasses

Gwen Stefani Sexy Six Months Pregnant Look in Large Dark Sunglasses

The season of celebrities stepping out in glam looks while being pregnant just doesn’t seem to end. Here we have Gwen Stefani, who almost looked like a teenager in that really cheery red shift dress! Going by her attire, you would think that Christmas is just around the corner and she is all set to welcome it. However, the occasion was Thanksgiving and not Christmas.

The bright red dress did a very good job of covering up her six-month pregnant baby bump along with attracting a lot of attention. The sunglasses she wore along with the black stockings and black boots completed the color red perfectly. How can you go wrong with a combination of black and red, anyway? Did we mention here that she had painted her lips in a bright shade of red? It doesn’t even need to be mentioned because Gwen Stefani never steps out without doing that anyway!

Her husband and two children and even her pooch were so smartly dressed that it won’t be wrong to give the family an award for being so stylish! While the husband, Gavin Rossdale, turned out in all-black, the two kids Kingston and Zuma, were dressed like little rockstars in making.

A spring break

MKA Olsen for Bik Bok, SS14 Look Book

 The third and final part of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s collection for Bik Bok will launch on the 5th of December. So allow me to take a small mental break from Christmas, and build my imaginary spring wardrobe. The French inspired city-safari looks are basic 101 on how to look like the love child of a Scandi and an effortless Parisian woman, but with a contemporary side kick of.. shall we say haute Hampton chic? Enough with the cultural references, may the breezy look book speak for itself.