Monday, December 9, 2013

Lady Gaga’s Empire is Crumbling: She Flashes Her Bra with Aviator Sunglasses

Lady Gaga’s Empire is Crumbling

Mother Monster doesn’t appear to be giving up easily now that her recent album sells have decreased around eighty percent this past week. Despite these statistics that have flagging tongues claiming that her career is ‘suffering’, Lady Gaga is still managing to capture attention from the media. 

She arrived in Tokyo this past week in one of her usual shocking outfits. This singer wore a pair of aviator sunglasses along with a camouflage themed jacket and pants. The jacket had nothing underneath except a pair of a black laced bra. She posed for pictures with her fans while receiving many stuffed animal gifts from her adoring Japanese fans. 

Her most recent album enjoyed overall success within its first week of being released to the public. In the charts, her song was in the top of the list but it now is at a measly #24 in the list. While some claim that these results signify the demise of her career, the egregious personality of Lady Gaga suggests otherwise. Many of her fans don’t believe that their mega star will cave that easily. 

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