Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nurses, Vein-spotting Smart Glasses Are Coming to Help You

Nurses, Vein-spotting Smart Glasses Are Coming to Help You

A new advancement in the field of medical technology could now help nurses and patients in dealing with one of the most dreaded aspects of medical care. A pair of smart glasses will now allow nurses to master a type of X-ray vision, which will aid them in finding a vein in a patient’s body. This previously dreaded procedure of locating veins for the purpose of inserting IV’s and taking blood, will now be made easier thanks to these new age spectacles. The technology involved is known as The Eyes-On Glasses system. It uses multi-spectral 3D imaging technology and Moverio smart glasses by Epson, which are essentially high-definition binocular spectacles. 

Once worn, the nurse is allowed to view a real-time and anatomically-correct version of the patient’s vascular structures. This in conclusion, will help nurses solve the difficult problem of how to find a vein. The invention of these glasses will cause relief not only to nurses and medical practitioners, but will also reduce the number of failed location and vein access; studies indicate that nearly 40% of such attempts involve multiple poking of the patient’s skin, which is by no means pleasurable. Among those who will no doubt be grateful for this wonderful leap in medical technology, are young children who are no doubt more vulnerable to pain and discomfort endured by continuous poking of their skin.

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