Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Jewelry Trends

Top Jewelry Trends
Five Fall Jewelry Trends You Might Want to Try

Jewelry always changes with the season, sometimes drastically and sometimes subtly but there's always a few things that are huge for that particular season. The leaves are changes, frost is starting to form on our cars overnight, and jackets are out of storage. Along with all of that comes the fall season's jewelry trends. Here are some of the main ones for this season:

1. Statement Rings: This means any big, eye catching ring. Some people like to go with a classic look; gold with a ruby or diamond and some go with a more modern/funky silver and opal or mixed gemstones. Either way, big and beautiful rings are one of the biggest trends for fall.

2. Statement Necklaces: Along with the huge, flashy rings are the necklaces of equal size and grandeur. Bib necklaces complete with shiny gemstones, diamonds, or crystals are another big thing for the fall. Ones that mix colors like sapphires and rubies or pink stones with green are even better. Some magazines and fashion experts say that with this more is better, piling on two of different lengths at a time can make the look even more interesting.

3. Classic Diamond or Gemstone Rings: Along with the huge and interesting comes an all-time classic. Even if you aren't married or engaged a classic ring with either diamonds or precious stones can make anyone look classy. Three stone diamond rings, large rubies, or even a slim band with smaller diamonds or gems for a wedding band inspired look is sure to look great with anything you wear.

5. Colored Diamonds: We've all seen the commercials for the chocolate diamonds, the blue diamonds, or even the deep yellow ones. Jewelry that has these colored alternatives set with some classic sparkly ones alongside them in any kind of jewelry is a great thing to wear not only in this season, but all the others as well.

Different Ways to Wear a Diamond

Here are three cute and trendy ways to wear a diamond or diamonds:

1. Pandora Jewelry: Pandora's signature bracelets have taken the jewelry industry by storm. Any reputable jeweler wants Pandora's cute and classy line in their windows. This is a great way to wear diamonds that's a little unconventional, but just as beautiful. Check out some of the different bracelet options and see what beautiful beads fit your personality best!

2. The New "Friendship Bracelet": This is an old concept with a new spin. Remember those braided bracelets you used to make at summer camp when you were young? Well, they're back with a whole new style. Elegant braided bracelets with diamond or precious gem embellishments are a whole new and growing trend. Get a look that's both classy and casual by wearing your diamonds retro summer style!

3. Flashy Earrings: Big and sparkly earrings are a big thing right now. The more gems and sparkle, the better. So get a pair of chandelier earrings complete with precious gems and a few diamonds.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five Keywords of 2013 wedding dresses

Many brides think hard before the wedding, in the end what kind wedding dress is good, what is the current popular style. Now you may not worry about it, perspective, nude color, high-slit, flowers, feathers and other elements are 2013 bridal keywords. You could choose one according to these keywords. 


2013 spring and summer fashion T stage, most hot fashion dress none other than the non- clairvoyant outfit. Thus, in the major show floor, perspective can be seen by the use of elements, fashion wedding shows are also like this.

Nude color

Nude color can be described as 2013's most stylish and fashionable areas of popular keywords. The nude color hue from sensuous lips, face and body, and close to the skin color, they look like light and transparent. Whether Golden Globes popular actress or major brands of T-Taiwan show, nude color certainly swept the international fashion. A romantic, elegant, nostalgic beige wedding dress, inlaid with glittering crystal beads decoration, inadvertently reveals subtle nude color between sexy charms. 


In addition clairvoyant outfit, nude color, the style information in the near future most frequently occurring words must belong to another high-slit. Throughout the 70th American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards red carpet, Halle Berry , Heidi Klum and Rosie Huntington Whitely , etc. many actress chose a high-slit dress to show sexy legs. Simple, elegant straight skirt, combined with cleverly designed high-slit, flowers Duolei Si beautifully decorated with embroidery, making a big show of the bride which they can look their sexy legs, yet also show tastes of dignified, elegant temperament.


Charming flower is a symbol of love and beauty. Thus, the spring and summer wedding flowers are popular in every season. Of course, in 2013 wedding trends, it is also not the lack of love and romance filling elements of flowers. This dress is that it highlights corset design, inspired by the flowers in a bouquet of roses.


Feathers are not unique to this era fashion elements. Early in the 18th century, feathers take fashionable in France, becoming the palace nobles fashion elements. However, fashion is so on ad infinitude. As Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel) lady said: "Fashion goes by, but style remains." This wedding dress at , gentle , dynamic feather skirt, upper body with exquisite flowers and lines constitute a slight effect of perspective , so with a court -like retro , this luxurious style wedding dress , the addition of women's soft , light and little sexy. 

New York minute

ACNE ‘Mape’ jacket
ZARA top
ZARA skirt
TIBI 'Billie' boots
RAY-BAN sunglasses

Oh hey NYC, I missed you. I’m back in the big city for another cool four days to spend with the Guess team. So blurred yellow cabs and iconic street signs to demonstrate my location for the ones that can’t be bothered to read. More of it all, soon.

photos by Anouska

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebrities Claim The Latest Eyewear Trend: Nerd Glasses

Nerd glasses are not for nerds anymore. They are fashion accessories trending in the wardrobes of the rich and famous. Movie stars walk around in them. They are now part of the celebrity lifestyle. From rock stars to pop stars, everyone in the music and showbiz industry has a pair of these glasses in their closet if not on their faces. 

Britney spears is one of the pop stars who you will never find in anything else other than the nerd glasses. They looked stunning on her and most of us cannot recall the last time we say her without this old school classic geek glasses

Another person who is familiar to us in the nerd glasses is Jay Z. A multi-millionaire rapper is always gracing the magazine covers with shots of him in his pair of nerd glasses. They are like his trademark and he never goes on stage without them. Perfectly chosen designs to match his outfit always giving him the geeky look that is now trending in the fashion industry. 

Celebrities need to be fashion savvy. There outfits are their trademark. Each time we think of a celebrity, we visualize their outfit in dour mind. You could not visualize T Pain without seeing those geeky glasses always on him.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy hunting

To continue what I started in this post, over in Spain I shot another series of my favorite THE OUTNET.COM picks. This time with a focus on those autumnal accessories, because let’s face it, that’s probably what brings us to the site 90% of the time, right? Finally a comfortable pair of Wangs? Count me in. A bag version of the Valentino Rockstud shoes? Please.

But they go as quickly as they come, so exercise your mind on quick decision making while I wish you happy hunting, my dearest bag and shoe obsessors.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Minju Kim x H&M

MINJU KIM x H&M jackets
COS shirt
ZARA pants

Minju who? This has been the reaction of nearly everyone to whom I’ve proudly presented the winning collection of this years H&M Design Award. I have to admit the 27 year old South Korean designer was new to me too, but I’m nothing short from impressed that H&M took a chance with a designer so.... different? Let’s go with unexpected.

So while we eagerly await for the launch of the iconic Marant collaboration, Minju Kim’s collection landed quietly with minimal promotion. I would have liked to see a bit more of a deserved hype; a launch party, a magazine spread or even a store window. However, apparently that did not stop the collection from selling out in minutes.

I took the good old fashion route down to the store that morning and bought the pieces that I loved the most, quality and design had me piling up almost the entire collection. The manga inspired range that was not only sold in H&M stores but at Opening Ceremony too, remained as an industry secret that even Ebay can’t seem help you out with.... So, it that a good or a bad thing?

More about the collaboration here.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Are Pricy Jeans a Sign of Quality Status?

high end quality jeans prices

It is no secret that today you’ll see many more companies investing all their money in solely producing great quality jeans that will attract a customer’s attention; collaborations seems to rocket their credibility. There used to be a time where Levi’s (the ones with the diminutive red tag and camel square tag behind) were the must have pair of jeans for any obsessed fashion fanatic. They still are one of the most coveted, but not the must go to for everything now. In fact, jeans have become a piece of symbol – with other competitive labels convincing us they have the perfect fit and quality– prices for these items can range from $160 - $500+ for a single pair of jeans that would sound ridiculous. But there are fashion magazines and adequate marketing techniques that have introduced us to so many new and overwhelming denim labels – 7 for all Mankind, A.P.C., True Religion, Paige, J. Brand, Simon Miller – and many other designer labels that include denim in their collections, it is fair to state jeans have become not only a form of wide branding, but quality status for many. 

So what happens when you invest in something greater than the average (more than $100)? And what’s the difference between a nicely washed straight jeans from Macy’s to an exclusive Armani Jeans or a pair of Prada? Or even Levi’s own more original Vintage Clothing label that raises the prices from its other diffusion line?

They say what you pay for is what you get for, and that is the result of these items. There is no doubt highly priced jeans are constructed better to fit your silhouette, made with higher quality fabrics that will last longer and get better over the time, and paid well attention to details – deconstruction, bleaching techniques, stitching, and more. And the more details is put in, the price tag will just slap you in your face like with a $2,390 Saint Laurent gold-chain skinny jeans you could maybe DIY for a cheaper version (shhhhh). But I believe the major player here is the stimulus of society. The feeling of having the True Religion label tag hanging around seems to make some internally appear cooler and important; look at me, you know I paid more than $200 for these. 

One seems to also feel better to pay an extra $100+ for a Vintage Clothing Levi’s jean than its counterpart. You try on a pair of Gucci or Givenchy and you feel the best because you know its luxury, but I think we tend to forget if these pair even looks great on you for the elevated price you’re about to cash out. Investing on pants is one thing, but jeans are something else. Is there any difference these items will do to you people will want to tell you where you got them from?

There are even bespoke denim shops – 3x1, Jean Shop, and Levi’s – that offer you the chance to customize the perfect pair of jeans that have the possibility to fit like a glove for a beginning offering price of $500 to $1,000 or more if you keep adding on needs. Take it as a special item made just for you and no one else to share with – not even yourself if you gain some weight.  

In general, I’ve learned that it is important to invest in a pair of great quality jeans, but you also have to know which label fits your needs. It’s not about the higher the price the better your rear. For a guy with thicker thighs, True Religion may be the “it” of the South, but for the fit of my needs I pass. Why waste $269 when you won’t feel comfortable, but ok, socially in? As you learn more, you realize sometimes things look marketable on a skinny guy or girl than on an actual real human. 

We may confess to find some straight Dolce & Gabbana jeans favorable for a tag label, or some splendid and badass Balmain biker jeans the real investment, but personally I’d agree sometimes there is nothing better than slipping on a good old pair of Levi’s that come in so many choice of styles. Fashion and society sometimes can be confusing.

Are there any jeans you’ve invested on lately or over the past time?

Shop some looks or take time to read descriptions:

Hola Murcia

GUESS embellished jacket
COS shirt
LEVI’S shorts
ZARA boots
RAY-BAN sunglasses

Indeed hola from Mucia, Spain! Even I did not see that one coming, but I decided last minute to join my other half on a work trip. A brief change of scenery is always a good idea! I can tell you Murcia is very nice, I was strolling around the old city in when I released that this beautiful jacket thing was indeed very culturally correct. I think I do most of these clothing choices somewhat unconsciously. Giving the good old tailoring a rest was just what I needed, before it’s off to the capital of power dressing, New York!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Go with the Fashion Trend: Vintage Glasses

Fashion Week anywhere always becomes the top concern of fashionistas worldwide. Have you ever noticed that accessories with vintage elements always get much attention and finally lead the fashion trend in next season? Vintage glasses are doubtless the typical accessories, based on the eyeglasses’ huge effect on the whole modeling.

Looking back New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-2014, you will notice one pair of vintage glasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Fascinating frames for young women and men: a little bit of old-school oversized acetate shades in gutsy colors. The colors were chosen from the fashion of 70s with rust browns, deep teals, cayenne and orange, but the whole page looks like from the 50s. Every modern look was edited with some vintage elements, so that everything seemed to be passionate and lively.

No matter what color or style is in vogue, the topic of vintage will always go with the fashion trend, never get “gone with the wind”. Well, eyeglasses, kind of marker of every era in fashion, always release infinite charm that makes people not stopping loving them.


H&M ‘Paris Collection’ coat
COS knit
ZARA pants
MINNA PARIKKA ‘Hile oil’ shoes

Back in an almost all black ensemble, nothing that you haven’t seen before but my shoes are indeed fresh. Turns out oil, shine and other undefined coloured surfaces are the best friends of black! I’m proudly wearing pumps from iconic Finnish designer Minna Parikka, for the longest time I’ve been meaning to get a pair, so I finally jumped on the opportunity with these oil hued pumps from Parikka’s fall collection. Everytime I’m asked for some Helsinki recommendations I mention her ‘Universum’ store on Alexanterinkatu. Needless to say, map it in if you’re stopping by.

Warehouse Floors Should Be Super Flat!

Ideally, warehouse floors ought to be super flat to support both arbitrary and defined traffic and also totoleratedifferent weights and recurring motions. Super flat floors can be performedby means of F-number measurements. F-number measurements ascertain floor flatness and also concrete levelness. It isemployedprior to floor construction and right afterto observechanges in concrete levelness.

You will alsomust use F-number measurement to ascertain floor flatness if you’re aiming tomodify floors. F-number measurement appropriatelyexamines the floor’s capacity to pass through new procedures. To guaranteeoptimum performance in new procedures, you should havea new lift truck warranty along with a higher type of floor flatness or concrete levelness.

A little older facilities exhibit poorly levelled floors. This issimply because that no F-number measurements were performedthrough the floor design method. Minus thenecessary information from F-number measurements, concrete flooring flows without certain floor flatness and also floor levelness. Many of these floor constructions can evenbe performed by hand. This crude procedure can deliver an FF20 or FL15 which can be poor floor level. But even thoughcompleted with equipment-supported construction techniques from trowelling, wet screed as well as highway straightedge to skilled craftsmen, floor improvements without F-number measurements can certainly still only accomplish moderately flat floors of FF25 or FL20.

Asfoundations of easy and efficient workflow, warehouse floors mustattain thegreat floor flatness. That isto make certain equipment and foot traffic may be well supported. The right model floor flatness will start reading FF110 or FL117.

Badly-levelled floors can beimproved upon. Before doing any enhancements or solutions, make sure to conduct F-number measurements to ascertain the volume of adjustment you couldundertake. It is possible tomake contact with a test lab which willexecute F-number measurements. One of several equipment they couldemploy is a profileograph. A profileograph is a wheeled devicewhich can measure a floor’s F-min.

Several floor challenges call fordifferent solutions. For low wear usage on lightcars or trucks or foot traffic, you can use a self-levelling, synthetic material which isbeneficial to low-wear use on. High wear purposeswill demand topping concrete within the old floors. If you discover localized or perhapsminimal floor problemslike small bumps, you can trycorrective spot grinding. However in order to correct super flat floor tolerances, you may want to do aisle grinding or wheel track. This processusuallyneeds some VNA turret truck procedures and AGV applications.

There is howevera problem with no found solution that happensalong the way of obtainingsatisfactory floor flatness that you'veto look out for. It's theswitching of loose joints on the floor that result to the crossing of vehicles and the chipping of the joint edges. A sign ofthis matter happening is when the lift truck operators start noticing some knocking sounds as well as bumps each and every time they cross the loose joints. To be able to prevent further damage to their vehicles, drivers will be forced to decelerate. However inthe entire process ofgoing slower, the driver can easily still chip the joint ends. Patches can onlyquicklyfix these chipped joint edges. Other optionslike doweling along with sub-slab grouting countdrastically on chemical reactionsand will take hours to accomplishin order to cure the damage.

Improving poorly-levelled floors can be quite atoughalong with a tedious procedure. It'll bebest for youto seeand perhaps hire floor flatness experts to observe, measure and maintain your warehouse floor’s levelness to ensure its long-term use and maximize your operations.

Six-time defending champion Rafael Nadal

MONACO - Six-time defending champion Rafael Nadal beat Andy Murray 6-4, 2-6, 6-1 in a thrilling match to reach the Monte Carlo Masters final on Saturday. Indianapolis Colts Joseph Addai Jersey . The top-ranked Spaniard was made to work for nearly three hours by Murray for his 36th straight win at the clay-court tournament, dropping a set at the tournament for the first time since the 2009 final against Novak Djokovic. "It is a fantastic victory for me against a very difficult opponent," Nadal said. "(To) start the clay court season being in the final is very good for me." He will play David Ferrer, who is looking for his third title this year, in an all-Spanish final. Nadal thinks he will have to improve on his performance against Murray. "I think I played too short for a lot of moments," Nadal said. "I think I had few more mistakes than usual." Ferrer is unbeaten on clay so far this season, winning a title at Acapulco, Mexico, and he also beat Nadal in the Australian Open quarter-finals. Nadal leads 11-4 overall but has lost once to Ferrer on clay, although that was in 2004. "He had a fantastic start to the season. He hasnt lose yet on clay this year," Nadal said. "Hes very dangerous, its going to be a very difficult match." Nadal was full of praise for Murray, tipping him to keep improving on clay in the leadup to the French Open, where Murray has never been past the quarter-finals. "He has unbelievable potential. Hes very good on all the surfaces," Nadal said. "Theres no reason why he cannot play very well on clay because his serve is good, his movements are very good, and his shots are with topspin." Murray, who is 4-10 against Nadal, thinks he has some way to go before he can beat Nadal on his favourite surface. "I want to try to play better than that," Murray said. "Ill need to, if I want to beat him, because hes going to improve the next few weeks, for sure, the more he plays on clay." The third-seeded Murray took a medical timeout at 3-0 down in the third set and had his right elbow massaged. The start of the match was delayed for 30 minutes while Murray had a cortisone injection into his elbow and wondered whether he would play. "I had a cortisone injection, local anesthetic in my elbow before the match," Murray said. "I was really like uptight about it. Id never had one before, didnt know what the feeling was going to be like. The doctor said that would probably be what would be suggested even if I didnt play the match, that they would suggest a cortisone injection, like an anti-inflammatory." He said hell have an exam on Sunday, but believed it shouldnt keep him off the tour. Nadal looked to be coasting to another straight-sets win at 4-1 up but Murray rallied superbly, edging the five-time French Open champion 9-7 in winners in the first set, and 13-3 in a second set of outstanding quality. "Hes the best player in the world and theres a reason for that," Murray said. "Its good to be close, but I think I could have done better." Nadal lost his serve six times in the match, and particularly struggled when Murray stepped inside to hit angled winners. "I was being patient. I was playing a ball with good height," Murray said. "When he left it a bit short, I was sort of stepping in." With his surge, however, the pain came back at 2-0 down in the third. He argued unsuccessfully with the umpire for a medical timeout, and by the time the trainer could see him, he was down 3-0. Earlier, fourth-seeded Ferrer beat seventh-seeded Jurgen Melzer of Austria 6-3, 6-2 to reach his second Masters final, having lost his first in Rome to Nadal last year. "Im full of confidence. I feel good physically, and also with my tennis," Ferrer said. "I hope Ill keep going." Lance Moore Jersey . Williams received 66-of-158 votes cast by editors at U.S. newspapers that are members of the AP. No other candidate got more than 18 votes in the tally, which was announced Tuesday. Clearly, Williams most infamous on-court episode -- a tirade directed at a line judge after a foot-fault call near the end of her U. Green Bay Packers Ray Nitschke Jersey . "Its a little frigid," NHL Facilities Operations Manager Dan Craig said via telephone Monday afternoon. "Being the good Canadian that I am, maybe Ive just been away too long." While the provinces of western Canada have seen more than their fair share of cold days, Mondays chill hardly was something to brush off, as temperatures dipped down to minus-11 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-23. Super Bowl Robert Mathis Jersey . Jamal Robertson gained 140 yards on 18 carries and scored the lone touchdown for the Lions (4-8), who won for the third time in four games. They also snapped an eight-game skid to the Stampeders. Henry Burris completed 11-of-26 passes for 136 yards, but was picked off twice for Calgary (9-3), which lost its second in a row. Donald Brown Authentic Jersey . More than 8,500 fans of motorcycles from all over China gathered in the county, south of Lushan Mountain, one of Chinas tourist destinations, to attend a two-day festival that includes stunts shows and races. Authentic Chicago Blackhawks Jersey . Survivors weep at a memorial service at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, as Australia holds a national day of mourning for victims of the countrys worst wildfire disaster. [Agencies] Related readings:  Australia holds day of mourning for fire victims  Australia wildfire death toll reaches 200  Australias child survivors struggle to cope  Call for calm as Australia wildfire arson case in court Joined by Britains Princess Anne, Rudd led a national day of mourning in leading a memorial ceremony at Rod Laver Arena to honour those killed in the February 7 disaster in rural Victoria state.BARCELONA, Spain -- Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored on his debut Monday as Barcelona began its Spanish league title defence with a 3-0 victory over Sporting Gijon. The Sweden striker dived low in the 82nd minute to head in Daniel Alves deflected cross to round out the scoring. Earlier, Bojan Krkic and Seydou Keita had also scored from headers at the Camp Nou, where the Catalan club opened its season without star forward Lionel Messi who had travelled to Argentina to prepare for Saturdays crucial World Cup qualifier against Brazil. Keyta flicked on a corner toward the far post in the 17th minute and Krkic headed home to open the scoring. The Mali midfielder then met Alves swinging cross in the 42nd to beat Juan Pablo with another powerful header. "Every rival is important, so it was important to win today," Alves said. But Barcelona also learned that it will be without Krkic for two to three weeks with a leg injury that forced the teenage striker off in the 80th minute. New signing Dmytro Chygrynskiy watched on from the stands after the Catalan club completed the Ukraine defenders 25-milliion euro (C$39 million) transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk earlier on Monday. Authentic Eli Manning Jersey. Maxwell also made his debut alongside former Inter Milan teammate Ibrahimovic, but was replaced by Eric Abidal in the 57th minute with a leg injury. Barcelona paid 66 million euros (C$103.5 million) and sent leading striker Samuel Etoo to Inter Milan in order to bring Ibrahimovic to the Camp Nou, and it was certainly a relief to the crowd, the Sweden striker and his teammates when he opened his account. "He just arrived, he needed to find his rhythm, know his teammates," Alves said. "But we always knew the goals would come because of his quality." World-record signing Cristiano Ronaldo was also on target with a penalty as Real Madrid began its season with a 3-2 victory over Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday. In the rest of the weekends opening round of games, it was: Valencia 2, Sevilla 0; Racing Santander 1, Getafe 4; Malaga 3, Atletico Madrid 0; Athletic Bilbao 1, Espanyol 0; Mallorca 2, Xerez 0; Osasuna 1, Villarreal 1; Almeria 0, Valladolid 0; and Zaragoza 1, Tenerife 0

3 Stores to Shop Online for Vintage Glasses

Shopping for vintage glasses tends to be a time-consuming process. There are many vintage glasses companies to choose from, each ranging in prices and styles. To make this process easier for you, I have listed three companies that have attracted many customers for their variety of perks that they offer their customers. 

Warby Parker advertises itself on its website as being a company that takes customers of all types of backgrounds in mind; from those that have a stricter budget to those that could afford to buy more expensive items. Saying that ‘everyone has a right to see’, it prices its eyeglasses relatively cheap, starting from ninety five dollars. Along with the cheaper prices, this company ensures that their customers receive eyeglasses made of the best types of materials. The materials used to make their eyeglasses are made of cellulose acetate and titanium, which tend to be very durable and provide a comfortable lightweight for their wearers. 

Ozeal Glasses is a well known company in Great Britain known for its cheap prices in eyeglasses. Known for the elegance and sophistication of its glasses, this company provides prompt and cheap delivery of their eyeglasses. 

Vintage Frames Company is an online glasses shop that comprises frames that past celebrities such as Elvis used to wear. They sell glasses that have styles reminiscent of the 50’s and the 60’s and with a variety of colors. According to the website, if you want to take a historical timeline of past fashion to today’s fashion, just simply take a look at the gallery of glasses they offer. If you are an individual that loves to look unique and to have vintage frames, it is strongly encouraged that you buy from this company.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Check yourself

ZARA coat
ZARA blazer
TOPSHOP unique shoes
MICHAEL kors bag
RAY-BAN sunglasses

Check matching with the newest member of the bag family. Monochrome on a tote is not something I would agree on everyday, the line is fine on what’s acceptable. Layered tailoring on the other hand is something that I seem to want to wear everyday; when did I get so serious with dressing? Maybe it’s time to pull out my floral jacket and smile for a change.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Don't fear the unknown

ZARA cropped pants
RAY-BAN sunglasses

How to pair the most sought after shoes of the season? The funny thing is I don’t even know how to google these, they’ve been called creepers, 90’s platforms, tractor, rubber and lug sole Stellas. I might have claimed I was torn between these and the Prada pair, but I guess that was a lie since I could not live without either one.

What’s certain is that they caused some mayhem, a lot of commotion that brought up emotions in us women, both positive and negative. So the ugliest shoes of the season or did they just caught you off guard? Don’t fear change unless your planning to wear the same type of shoes for the rest of your life.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vintage Glasses: the Third Wheel for the Wedding Couple

Have you ever considered how to hold a vintage chic wedding, how to make your wedding day unforgettable? You wouldn’t need to spend too much money, and just one pair of retro glasses can nail it.

Most girls have wedding dreams with fantasy, and hesitate what kind of wedding should be held, modern fashion wedding or retro style wedding. Here is a suggestion that you can combine the two kinds of wedding styles by modern wedding dresses and vintage glasses. As you know, there are various kinds of vintage glasses, round black rimmed glasses, cat eye glasses, tortoise shell glasses, or irregular glasses and so on. In wedding, women can choose cat eye glasses, which are always the favorite glasses styles by fashion women, and men can choose oversized glasses. Of course, the choice of eyeglassesdepends on the face shape or interest of groom and bride. Maybe groom and bride can wear the same glasses style, for example, round black rimmed glasses, and is it cute, huh? Please don’t complain the wedding ceremony boring, do something to make it different!

Vintage glasses are just like a fresh breeze blowing off the tediousness of a common wedding and inject vitality to the boring wedding. Sometimes retro glasses may have the chance of stealing focus, not just wedding dresses or jewelries being the focus. Another point of thought, these retro glasses make a different kind of effect with less expenditure and help to create more joyous atmosphere.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Black Spectacles, Colorful Life

Black Spectacles

Are you fond of black spectacles or bright-colored eyeglasses? It seems that wearing bright-colored glasses is more delightful. However, it can’t be denied that black spectacles are the perfect neutral and can be paired with any costume in any color. Just one pair of black glasses can explain changeable styles. 

As you know, there are thousands of glasses styles as well as color changing or matching of glasses. Whatever kind of spectacles is in vogue, the eternal first choice for fashionistas is always black glasses. With black spectacles, you can be a nerd, a geek, even a fashionista. Changeable modeling puts changeable spices into your boring life. 

For prescription glasses, Black, with different styles may create amazing effects. Wish to be a Cat Woman? Choose black cat eye glasses; want to be an intellectual beauty? Choose black rectangular eyeglasses; hope to become a cute lovely girl? Choose black round glasses. Who said black is boring? It can’t be right! Wish to live a colorful life? Then join us to choose Ozeal black glasses.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Do You Know about Aviator Sunglasses?

 Aviator Sunglasses
The eyewear company Ray Ban developed the first style of aviator sunglasses or “aviators” for short in 1937. Early in the 20th century, as pilots often flied high over all kinds of mountains, they had to take overall outfit, including leather hoods, fur-lined goggles and so on. To protect eyes from extremely low temperatures and harsh sunlight, they must wear thick goggles. However, these goggles would leave undesirable tans on pilots’ faces, and for a long time these tans wouldn’t disappear. Sometimes pilots must remove the goggles for an instant to risk lives, and then eyes were exposed in the harsh conditions so that eyes would be enormously damaged. John Macready, a pilot who had experienced eyes hurting with early goggles, got the idea of designing early aviator glasses. 

By the late 1930s, advertisements for Ray Ban promised “real scientific glare protection” for fishermen and golfers. Not yet called aviators, the glasses nonetheless captured the essence of aviator goggles with their teardrop shape and frames as delicate as biplane’s struts. Sold as sporting equipment, they cost several dollars at a time as sunglasses could be had for 25 cents. During World War II,aviators became standard gear for military men, including Gen. Douglas MacArthur. 

Aviator glasses are characterized by thin wire frames, often gold or black in color and large dark lenses that are approximately three times larger than the average human eye socket. Some versions have reflective lenses instead of dark lenses. Another feature of aviator sunglasses is their bulging lenses. Most of eyeglasses and sunglasses are fitted with flat lenses, while aviator glasses have lenses that bulge outwards slightly, and this design allows for maximum coverage of the eye area. The styles of aviator glasses become more and more various with the times. Aviators are designed not only for pilots or navy, but also for celebrities, even the civilian community. In various magazines or fashion reports, celebrities with aviator glasses can be seen everywhere. It is easy to see that aviators always maintain a high level of popularity.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Real 3D Glasses with 80 Lenses from Vintage Frames Company

Real 3D Glasses with 80 Lenses

Let me start this off by saying that Vintage Frames Company is an excellent company, when you are looking for a pair of cool glasses. This company features dozens of fun glasses with remarkable vintage frames. If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to follow the crowd, this company is positively ideal for you. 

What’s fantastic about this company is that they sell eyeglasses that were worn by the king of rock n roll himself. Elvis Presley wore a pair of glasses with brown on the sides and dark red and yellow on the frames itself. The description on the company’s website described this pair as ‘funky’ and ‘fresh’. 

The company is also currently selling a pair of Nina Ricci 1003 R sunglasses. These sunglasses are very unique in appearance; they have the appearance coming directly from the 1960’s. The glasses lenses are pink in color and the top of glasses frame has a red color and the sides have lines on it. If you wish to have a pair of real 3D sunglasses that have a uniquely feminine look, this pair is perfect for you. 

This is merely a short preview on what you would expect to find on this company’s website. They offer a wide array of 3D glasses with unique and meticulous designs. Since Halloween is right around the corner and many people are dressing up as famous 1960’s icons, this company would give you exactly what you are looking for to complete the oldies appearance you want.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Why to Wear Reading Glasses?

Why to Wear Reading Glasses
Reading glasses almost become necessities in some people’s life, especially aged people. Have you ever considered the reasons for this situation? In fact, there may be some explanations from two aspects, physical and psychological level. When we thoroughly understand what causes our far vision, we could correctly choose suitable designer reading glasses. 

With regard to the reasons for wearing reading glasses, we will set about from physical level. One consequence of aging is a loss of flexibility and elasticity in most tissues. In the case of eyes, there can be a loss of basic functions. With aging, the lens in our eyes gets less able to change shape or focus properly, and the lens becomes less and less elastic. Usually this situation gives rise to losing of near vision. Sometimes we also call the case of lens’ losing of focus “presbyopia”. In this case, we must resort to reading glasses to read books or newspapers. Of course, people who get laser surgery to correct distance vision may wind up needing reading glasses, however, the risk of surgery can’t be ignored. Maybe choosing exact prescription reading glasses would be a proper option. 

In some situations, wearing reading glasses has something to do with psychological factors. Many aged people have been accustomed to wearing reading glasses when reading. Without eyeglasses, they won’t focus on the reading content and the saying “Habit is a second nature” rules. As you know, everyone loves beauty. The styles of prescription reading glasses tend to be more diverse, not just simple glasses frame and lenses, and gradually designer reading glasses get closely related with fashion, for example, there are clic reading glasses or cool reading glasses. Some aged people prefer designer reading glasses with fashion design. Sometimes cute reading glasses are the spice of life. 

According to online survey, most people buy designer reading glasses or fashion reading glasses in the online shops, where they can receive better custom service and higher quality assurance. You can visit Ozeal Glasses for more information.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Men's Spring 2014 Shoes: It's Worth Talking About

Top Left to Right: Dolce and Gabbana Men's Spring 2014 lace-ups, Dior Homme, and Prada sneakers.
Bottom Left to Right: Calvin Klein Collection Men's Spring 2014 shoes; Louis Vuitton Men's silver oxfords

Lately, it seems we've been focusing a great amount of time on women's fashion instead of menswear as well. There are other sites who are still talking about the must have women's accessories for next spring 2014, but not much (only a few) have shared their thoughts on next season's spring 2014 men's accessories. 

We have already covered most of the men's spring 2014 collection here, but we haven't focused on something else that gives a final touch and life to an outfit.......Shoes! They are the basis of what makes a collection stand out even if "shoes" don't come to mind. Why do I like that outfit so much? The shoes are probably the answer.

Personally, as I searched for some of the best shoes of the season, I noticed designers are beginning to put much more thought and details into men's shoes. We used to see the same types of brogues, monks, and oxford styles in previous collections, but with technology changing the world of fashion, there is so much more to offer now. And bigger competition to survive in the accessories industry to convince someone to pay such thousands of dollars on a single pair of shoes.

Real leather may elevate prices over the sky for some, but you have to agree some things just transmit a better image when luxury is injected into them. All of these shoes above and below are basically the same type of leather until details become the noteworthy part that separate each brand.

Dior Homme caused a sensation with those insets of silver hardware that said nothing so basic about a pair of derbies, while Louis Vuitton's textured patches of silver-y metallic oxfords stated luxury party boy when paired with black suit attires - it made one want to leave those ordinary black oxfords somewhere else. Raf Simons (slide 19) also made squared loafers give us another thought on wearing them again with a technical brush of faded blue on its vamp, and Lanvin gave great amount of texture to its pair of white invigorating loafers (slide 13).

When it came to casual attire, sneakers sure did make a pleasing l'air to spend some money on next season. Fendi (slide 5) came up with one of the best men's sneakers to crave over with dying techniques that lifted the cool factor of an ordinary sneaker. Kris Van Assche (slide 18) didn't stay behind as well, giving black monk-straps a unique twist by turning them into a pair of black sneakers. Burberry Prorsum's men's colored sneakers in suede and Gucci's blue leather lace-ups gave it a nice classical touch for the ones who may have the money to spare on, but Valentino kept it strong again with their detailed camouflage sneakers that at $795 for a single pair of these describes what luxury sneakers are all about. Although, Jimmy Choo's spring 2014 mens pair of sneakers and high-tops could increase the competition for Valentino somewhat very soon. But don't worry, because hopefully Kenneth Cole's new black and bronze snake high-tops (slide 10) may come accessible for the rest of us to enjoy. 

Overall, next season will come full of indecisive choices of great clothes and shoes you'll have to think about to save you out of debt.

Which pair of shoes would you invest on next season?
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On to Christmas

Christmas parties. The chance to have a laugh and socialise with colleagues or just a mess waiting to happen?
The stats for Christmas parties and pretty poor with half of them involving a fight between colleagues, a third resulting in sexual harassment claims and a fifth of parties involve serious accidents. Over half have had a cheeky snog with a boss or colleague, a third have engaged in drunken sex and three quarters of bosses have claimed that an employee threatened to take a case to tribunal regarding another employees behaviour at a party.
What can we do can do to stop the party descending into chaos? One option, of course, is to cancel your party. That seems extreme to most and slightly 'bah humbug'. Also, most bosses want to give their employees a party to thank them for the work done that year. So, what can we do?
Step one: Issue guidelines on what is and isn't acceptable behaviour. Weather you write a party policy or just send an email giving a heads up on what is expected it is important you staff have guidelines in place.
Step two: Carry out risk assessments on the venue. A Christmas party is a work related venture so you must ensure the venue is safe. Cover you back; make sure you took the relevant steps to make your staff safe so if something does go wrong you are less likely to be at fault.
Step three: Decide if partners are allowed. You may end up doubling your party numbers by inviting partners so think carefully about your budget. More people means more chance for something to go wrong or fights to occur.
Step four: Limit the amount of free alcohol. You want your employees to have a good time but providing a free bar all night will inevitably result in very drunk people so set an amount of drinks per person and don't be persuaded to increase it.
Step five: Consider the food supplied. Make sure you don't offend anyone with your chose of food, consider peoples religions and beliefs. Ensure there are vegetarian options and vegan options if required.
Step six: Don't allow drink driving. You are responsible for your employees' safety if they drink alcohol you have provided. Take reasonable steps to ensure your employees get home safely, make sure local taxi firms numbers are readily available. Even consider hiring a mini bus if the need is there.
Step seven: Set realistic standards for the next morning. How much the employees' are expected to do is up to you. You have to decide prior to the party how much you expect from them the next day and let everyone aware of the standards you expect. Generally, expect a little less from your employees.
If you use these steps as a guideline your party should go without a hitch. Of course there will always be unforeseen circumstances but these will help you stay in as much control as possible.