Thursday, October 10, 2013

White Weddings With a Hint of Green

Trade your white weeding in for one a little more green. Keep the dress, the flowers, the exotic location, but save the planet while you're at it. Sounds good doesn't it? The best is your wedding will probably end up better than if it hadn't been green. A true win-win. estimated, last year, that 33% of future brides and grooms in the United States were planning an eco-friendly wedding.
There are a few very easy, undemanding steps you and your partner can take to achieve a Green Wedding, without having to nix tradition.
Invitations - Send invitations electronically or on recycled paper stock. The perk of the former-you'll save on postage.
Wedding Gifts - If you're not that in need of anything in particular, just option guests to donate to your favorite charity. Another option is to have your guest help out on the cost of your honeymoon trip, they could pay for a tour, or nights stay in a hotel, maybe even a nice dinner.
The Honeymoon - Swap out a traditional honeymoon for an exotic honeymoon. By doing this, you will be supporting that country's tourism industry and, in turn, feeding their conservation efforts.
Flowers - Go organic, or try some gorgeous dried or silk arrangements.
The Location - Have your actual wedding closer to home. This will limit the distance your loved ones will have to travel and, as a result, reduce any unnecessary fuel emissions.
Food Again, go organic. Don't treat your guests to hormone or pesticide enriched foods but, instead, something a little healthier.

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