Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Jewelry Trends

Top Jewelry Trends
Five Fall Jewelry Trends You Might Want to Try

Jewelry always changes with the season, sometimes drastically and sometimes subtly but there's always a few things that are huge for that particular season. The leaves are changes, frost is starting to form on our cars overnight, and jackets are out of storage. Along with all of that comes the fall season's jewelry trends. Here are some of the main ones for this season:

1. Statement Rings: This means any big, eye catching ring. Some people like to go with a classic look; gold with a ruby or diamond and some go with a more modern/funky silver and opal or mixed gemstones. Either way, big and beautiful rings are one of the biggest trends for fall.

2. Statement Necklaces: Along with the huge, flashy rings are the necklaces of equal size and grandeur. Bib necklaces complete with shiny gemstones, diamonds, or crystals are another big thing for the fall. Ones that mix colors like sapphires and rubies or pink stones with green are even better. Some magazines and fashion experts say that with this more is better, piling on two of different lengths at a time can make the look even more interesting.

3. Classic Diamond or Gemstone Rings: Along with the huge and interesting comes an all-time classic. Even if you aren't married or engaged a classic ring with either diamonds or precious stones can make anyone look classy. Three stone diamond rings, large rubies, or even a slim band with smaller diamonds or gems for a wedding band inspired look is sure to look great with anything you wear.

5. Colored Diamonds: We've all seen the commercials for the chocolate diamonds, the blue diamonds, or even the deep yellow ones. Jewelry that has these colored alternatives set with some classic sparkly ones alongside them in any kind of jewelry is a great thing to wear not only in this season, but all the others as well.

Different Ways to Wear a Diamond

Here are three cute and trendy ways to wear a diamond or diamonds:

1. Pandora Jewelry: Pandora's signature bracelets have taken the jewelry industry by storm. Any reputable jeweler wants Pandora's cute and classy line in their windows. This is a great way to wear diamonds that's a little unconventional, but just as beautiful. Check out some of the different bracelet options and see what beautiful beads fit your personality best!

2. The New "Friendship Bracelet": This is an old concept with a new spin. Remember those braided bracelets you used to make at summer camp when you were young? Well, they're back with a whole new style. Elegant braided bracelets with diamond or precious gem embellishments are a whole new and growing trend. Get a look that's both classy and casual by wearing your diamonds retro summer style!

3. Flashy Earrings: Big and sparkly earrings are a big thing right now. The more gems and sparkle, the better. So get a pair of chandelier earrings complete with precious gems and a few diamonds.

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