Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebrities Claim The Latest Eyewear Trend: Nerd Glasses

Nerd glasses are not for nerds anymore. They are fashion accessories trending in the wardrobes of the rich and famous. Movie stars walk around in them. They are now part of the celebrity lifestyle. From rock stars to pop stars, everyone in the music and showbiz industry has a pair of these glasses in their closet if not on their faces. 

Britney spears is one of the pop stars who you will never find in anything else other than the nerd glasses. They looked stunning on her and most of us cannot recall the last time we say her without this old school classic geek glasses

Another person who is familiar to us in the nerd glasses is Jay Z. A multi-millionaire rapper is always gracing the magazine covers with shots of him in his pair of nerd glasses. They are like his trademark and he never goes on stage without them. Perfectly chosen designs to match his outfit always giving him the geeky look that is now trending in the fashion industry. 

Celebrities need to be fashion savvy. There outfits are their trademark. Each time we think of a celebrity, we visualize their outfit in dour mind. You could not visualize T Pain without seeing those geeky glasses always on him.

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