Sunday, October 27, 2013

Minju Kim x H&M

MINJU KIM x H&M jackets
COS shirt
ZARA pants

Minju who? This has been the reaction of nearly everyone to whom I’ve proudly presented the winning collection of this years H&M Design Award. I have to admit the 27 year old South Korean designer was new to me too, but I’m nothing short from impressed that H&M took a chance with a designer so.... different? Let’s go with unexpected.

So while we eagerly await for the launch of the iconic Marant collaboration, Minju Kim’s collection landed quietly with minimal promotion. I would have liked to see a bit more of a deserved hype; a launch party, a magazine spread or even a store window. However, apparently that did not stop the collection from selling out in minutes.

I took the good old fashion route down to the store that morning and bought the pieces that I loved the most, quality and design had me piling up almost the entire collection. The manga inspired range that was not only sold in H&M stores but at Opening Ceremony too, remained as an industry secret that even Ebay can’t seem help you out with.... So, it that a good or a bad thing?

More about the collaboration here.

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