Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five Keywords of 2013 wedding dresses

Many brides think hard before the wedding, in the end what kind wedding dress is good, what is the current popular style. Now you may not worry about it, perspective, nude color, high-slit, flowers, feathers and other elements are 2013 bridal keywords. You could choose one according to these keywords. 


2013 spring and summer fashion T stage, most hot fashion dress none other than the non- clairvoyant outfit. Thus, in the major show floor, perspective can be seen by the use of elements, fashion wedding shows are also like this.

Nude color

Nude color can be described as 2013's most stylish and fashionable areas of popular keywords. The nude color hue from sensuous lips, face and body, and close to the skin color, they look like light and transparent. Whether Golden Globes popular actress or major brands of T-Taiwan show, nude color certainly swept the international fashion. A romantic, elegant, nostalgic beige wedding dress, inlaid with glittering crystal beads decoration, inadvertently reveals subtle nude color between sexy charms. 


In addition clairvoyant outfit, nude color, the style information in the near future most frequently occurring words must belong to another high-slit. Throughout the 70th American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards red carpet, Halle Berry , Heidi Klum and Rosie Huntington Whitely , etc. many actress chose a high-slit dress to show sexy legs. Simple, elegant straight skirt, combined with cleverly designed high-slit, flowers Duolei Si beautifully decorated with embroidery, making a big show of the bride which they can look their sexy legs, yet also show tastes of dignified, elegant temperament.


Charming flower is a symbol of love and beauty. Thus, the spring and summer wedding flowers are popular in every season. Of course, in 2013 wedding trends, it is also not the lack of love and romance filling elements of flowers. This dress is that it highlights corset design, inspired by the flowers in a bouquet of roses.


Feathers are not unique to this era fashion elements. Early in the 18th century, feathers take fashionable in France, becoming the palace nobles fashion elements. However, fashion is so on ad infinitude. As Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel) lady said: "Fashion goes by, but style remains." This wedding dress at , gentle , dynamic feather skirt, upper body with exquisite flowers and lines constitute a slight effect of perspective , so with a court -like retro , this luxurious style wedding dress , the addition of women's soft , light and little sexy. 

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