Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Costume Inspiration from the Music of 2013 Miley Cyrus is bound to be the most popular celebrity Halloween costume this year, but there are other options, too.

'Tis the Season... To Twerk
Expect to see a sea of Miley Cyruses of all shapes and sizes this Halloween, as the former Disney star is practically begging to be parodied every time she bends over. We'll give you pointers on how to get the look — and also provide other potential pop star muses for your Halloween costume needs.
Miley Cyrus as Creepy, Sexy Baby
Items Needed
• a teddy bear leotard
• white sneakers
• a 90s double-bun hairstyle

Unfortunately, it's kind of hard to find Miley's nude latex bikini (apparently there's not really much of a market for those), but there are plenty of teddy bear leotards available on the Internet thanks to Cyrus' overwhelming popularity this year. Work your foam finger for all it's worth. Just don't get arrested. 
Lady Gaga
Items Needed
• Black glittery heeled boots
• A skimpy string bikini
• A bunch of shells, including two large (for bra)
• A long, wavy wig

Lady Gaga whizzed through a number of nutty looks for her performance of "Applause" at the MTV VMAs, but none made an impact as memorable as her Botticelli-inspired Venus outfit. Glue some shells to a bikini, fasten on a wig, strap on your stripper boots and you're ready to roll.

Robin Thicke
Items Needed
• A black-and-white striped suit (don't worry, it's cheap)
• Mirrored sunglasses
• A pervy attitude

Robin Thicke was probably trying to go for "sexy referee" when he picked out this bold black-and-white ensemble, but instead he just looked like Beetlejuice. Still, this costume is terrific for anyone who wants to be twerked-upon by random women all night long. 

Items Needed
• Dada short suit and/or Cuggi sweater
• Gold chains
• Thick eyebrows (fakes are fine)

The best possible Drake costume would be a replica of his outfit from the "No New Friends" video — a very '90s Dada short suit worn with striped socks and hunting boots. But Cuggi sweaters worn with bright shorts will work too. Seal the deal by talking only in emo Drake lyrics for the entirety of your evening. 'Cause you're a good girl and you know it. 

Justin Bieber
Items Needed
• Dropcrotch pants
• Oversized baseball cap
• Sunglasses
• Gold chains

If you're built and you want to show off your abs, you can go shirtless — just make sure to cover yourself in the appropriate faux tattoos. Don't ever take off your sunglasses, no matter how dark it is. And if you can get a friend to pretend to be your security guard, have him carry you up the steps to your destination. Bonus points if you pee in a bucket. 

Katy Perry
Items Needed
• Tiger print top (bomber jacket, tank top, or bra)
• Boxing shorts
• Athletic knee socks
• Boxing gloves

Katy Perry has toned down her look for the release of her new album, PRISM, but if you dress up like a foxy tiger-print lady boxer, chances are people will get the reference. If this requires too much, just wear something that looks like it fell straight out of '95 with a jet black wig and you're set. 

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