Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Go with the Fashion Trend: Vintage Glasses

Fashion Week anywhere always becomes the top concern of fashionistas worldwide. Have you ever noticed that accessories with vintage elements always get much attention and finally lead the fashion trend in next season? Vintage glasses are doubtless the typical accessories, based on the eyeglasses’ huge effect on the whole modeling.

Looking back New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-2014, you will notice one pair of vintage glasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Fascinating frames for young women and men: a little bit of old-school oversized acetate shades in gutsy colors. The colors were chosen from the fashion of 70s with rust browns, deep teals, cayenne and orange, but the whole page looks like from the 50s. Every modern look was edited with some vintage elements, so that everything seemed to be passionate and lively.

No matter what color or style is in vogue, the topic of vintage will always go with the fashion trend, never get “gone with the wind”. Well, eyeglasses, kind of marker of every era in fashion, always release infinite charm that makes people not stopping loving them.

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