Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spectacles for Men: Mix & Match, Mischievous & Mature

Choosing spectacles for men may be much easier than for women. Women focus more on sense of beauty than on other aspects, while men pay more attention to material and durability. Everyone likes beauty, of course, including men. The beauty of men means mature, wise, and sometimes a little mischievous. Men easily ignore a proper way to show their beauty, and that is wearing designer eyeglasses.

Metal spectacle frames often give a sense of visual weight, and plastic or other materials release some kind of lovely or mischievous feeling. Here, Mix & Match means the mixture and match of different kinds of materials for prescription glasses, mostly metal and plastic. Well, if the material of spectacle frames is “mix & match”, then the mischievous and mature sense is integrated into one pair of prescription eyeglasses, or a man. Sometimes, women don’t love just mature men, and naughtiness can be charming.

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