Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vintage Glasses: the Third Wheel for the Wedding Couple

Have you ever considered how to hold a vintage chic wedding, how to make your wedding day unforgettable? You wouldn’t need to spend too much money, and just one pair of retro glasses can nail it.

Most girls have wedding dreams with fantasy, and hesitate what kind of wedding should be held, modern fashion wedding or retro style wedding. Here is a suggestion that you can combine the two kinds of wedding styles by modern wedding dresses and vintage glasses. As you know, there are various kinds of vintage glasses, round black rimmed glasses, cat eye glasses, tortoise shell glasses, or irregular glasses and so on. In wedding, women can choose cat eye glasses, which are always the favorite glasses styles by fashion women, and men can choose oversized glasses. Of course, the choice of eyeglassesdepends on the face shape or interest of groom and bride. Maybe groom and bride can wear the same glasses style, for example, round black rimmed glasses, and is it cute, huh? Please don’t complain the wedding ceremony boring, do something to make it different!

Vintage glasses are just like a fresh breeze blowing off the tediousness of a common wedding and inject vitality to the boring wedding. Sometimes retro glasses may have the chance of stealing focus, not just wedding dresses or jewelries being the focus. Another point of thought, these retro glasses make a different kind of effect with less expenditure and help to create more joyous atmosphere.

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