Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hot News: Austin-based Pop-up Eyewear Store Opens

Austin-based Pop-up Eyewear Store Opens

Austin based pop-up eyewear store has opened which is operated and conceptualized according to some very novel ideas. The glasses shop sells glasses which are ready to wear. These glasses are very convenient and stylish.
They are quite light in frame and the frames are made using mazzucchelli Italian acetate. This is an organic plastic, derived from cotton. It is quite light and lends itself to easy moulding according to a variety of styles and designs. These cheap glasses are at the same time very hardy and durable as well as being high quality. Reading glasses as well as other types, i.e. for distant vision etc. are also available.

This company was started by Pierre and Isabel Fay from France. Fashion sunglasses which are at the same time affordable and easy to use, are made by this company. A product that can be enjoyed by all age groups is aimed at. Glasses for kids are also available and these are in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and desires. Pop-up stores are also being opened. Austin is known for trailers and these stores which open temporarily, are likely to be popular. They can allow a wider market to be reached which is helpful for those wanting quality and cheap sunglasses.

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