Monday, December 16, 2013

Reece Witherspoon Wears Wayfarers Outside

Reece Witherspoon Wears Wayfarers

Reece Witherspoon was spotted while shopping for groceries in Brentwood, California on Wednesday. She was quite stylishly dressed in leather boots and wayfarer glasses. These high heeled dark boots added some extra inches to her height. She was also wearing a short black skirt made of a kind of cloth material. It was not tight fitting, the getup showed off her well toned legs. Her dark sunglasses shaded her eyes from the sun. She seemed to have appeared without makeup and wore her blond hair straight and un-styled. She also wore a simple white lined sweater with her skirt. Her wayfarers gave her the rather reserved look as she attempted to remain anonymous on her shopping trip.

She seemed to be in a buoyant mood after her recent romantic trip to Paris with her husband. The thick vintage glasses frames she wore suited her. The fashion glasses she wore gave her a rather glamorous and modern look. She had just returned from a trip exploring Paris with her husband Jim Toth. They also did some designer clothes shopping. She has just finished shooting for her new film Wild. She is set to begin shooting for Nancy Meyer’s The Intern soon.

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