Monday, December 9, 2013

Unchained affection

COS coat
WHISTLES waistcoat
ZARA knit
CHANEL boots

My newest shoe confession speaks for itself. What happened to my simplistic taste is something that only the hours after loosing my virginity to the Chanel boy can explain. Things did change as much as I cringe to admit, I’m now the type of person that gets phone call from the Chanel store when certain things arrive. Fast-track on becoming a diva? Nah, I still happily took my place in the back of the queue at the launch of Isabel Marant for H&M, nothing will kill the thrill of the chase in my materialistic mind.

But on to a pair of chained, screaming Chanel boots! Minimal pointy pumps for the win, but when these hit my sight-field, the thought of all things understated flew out the window - fast. I trust that majority of you will agree that these are nothing short from perfect? Don’t even get me started on the fact that comfortable, runway heels are practically impossible to find. I’m a shoe lover reborn.

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