Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bespectacled Katherine Heigl Shows Fashion & Love

Bespectacled Katherine Heigl Shows Fashion & Love

All dog lovers must be very familiar with what we are about to say here! They follow the master wherever they go! So it was not a surprise when we caught Katherine Heigl with her pet Chihuahua, Gertie at the JFK airport on Sunday. What’s more? Gertie even posed for our cameras! 

Katherine has always been fond of dogs and Gertie is the latest addition to her growing collection of furry friends. But we were not ready for the surprise and the fashion trends she threw at us! It looks like Miss Heigl and her Chihuahua are going to become a favorite with photographers all around. 

Heigl was in all-black while Gertie was wearing a velvety violet coat and prescription glasses. While posing for pictures, she actually stuck out her tongue and held up a paw at us as if to say” I am here and ready to conquer you all with my antics”! Heigl looked like a librarian, a sexy one of course, in her black-rimmed trendy glasses. The rest of her attire was completely black as well, with the bright red shoes being the only exception. The fashion glasses she wore were big and rectangular, with the frames being a combination of black and brown colors. She seemed to be in a very good mood and so did Gertie!

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