Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Google Consigns Eyewear Company For Creating Prescription Lenses for Google Glass

Google Glass

Google has recently been involved in discussions with an eyewear company with the objective of launching smart glasses with prescription lenses. In short this indicates that Google is looking to launch Google Glass with prescription power options for those who wear prescription eyeglasses

Experiments are currently being carried out by groups of Google Glass explorers whose objective is to identify strengths and weaknesses of the new glasses, and to understand its potential along with areas for improvement. The rumors as to how much Google glass will cost, however, have been put to rest; it is priced at $1500, which makes it a very expensive toy to acquire. Needless to say, the price will not only restrict the market, however it is likely to increase with the additional prescription lenses. Therefore the restricted market and consumer base is likely to cause problems, which are additional to the existing controversies that Google is already involved in regarding potential misuse of this device. 

While various eyewear companies are in talks with Google in a bid to promote the prescription glasses powered Google glass, the issue as to whether the controversies and high cost will restrict availability or not, remains to be seen and it is hoped that the company will at least reduce the price in order to be available to a wider base of customers.

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