Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Fashion Forecast for Women

Even if the last month of the first quarter of 2013 has already started, who says we cannot get started on a wardrobe overhaul just now? You can make instant changes on your fashion statement, and this is simple if you know what resources to consult online. Get to know more on recent fashion trends through these tips: 

Winter and Autumn Fashion
Cold months require a lot of clothing, but who says you can't be fashionable with a lot of clothes on? Icy sidewalks and freezing weather should definitely not hinder you to look chic and trendy this winter season.

Fur coats: You need not earn the ire of animal activists if you love fur on your clothes because there's already a wide variety of faux fur clothing available in the market today. Since winter fashion will surely be incomplete without any fur coats in sight, you can always afford to wear your favorite furry jacket that's animal-friendly and comfortable at the same time. Get more fashion forecast 2013 on FashionPlus TV.

Cardigan: An unexciting turtleneck blouse or simple long sleeves can be made fashionable with a cardigan on top. You can actually wear cardigans in several ways. One is the basic open type wherein you just wear it as is. Draped and shawl types are also other ways to wear it. Of course, your look will also depend on the material of your clothing, your inners, and the neckline design of the cardigan.

Down-filled jackets: Well, you might find these a bit "puffy" depending on your sense of style, but if the cold weather calls for it, then you just have to add a little bit of accessorizing to make your look more polished. First off, you can pair it with a skinny jeans and knee-length boots. You can also add up a fur scarf for a classy look. Complete your getup with a pair of glasses when going out during daytime. Check out for fashion trend 2013 industry tips.

Spring and Summer Fashion
Summer and spring seasons are the best time to shed out those clothes and go for a more relaxed yet classy style. Here are some must-have clothing and accessories for these seasons.

Black and white trend: While spring and summer are always associated with colors, one growing trend in the fashion industry these days is the black-and-white look. Alternate those typical flashy and festive colors with black-and-white patterns and designs of clothes. With their classier look, such clothes are perfect anytime and anywhere - be it at the office or a party with friends after work.

Lingerie: Summer won't be complete without showing off a little bit of skin. With this said, lingerie-type of dresses and clothing are seen to be popular in the market these days. Think of lingerie collection in a broader sense - sexy and daring, sheer fabric, and exquisite designs. From nightwear to party clothing, to work or regular daytime clothes, you can check out different lingerie-type of clothing in many fashion boutiques near you.

Beach wear: For a lot of people, summer is equivalent to going to the beach. And of course, going swimming is also a time to show off your exquisite taste on fashionable swimwear. You can check out info on elite fashion swimwear online to get started on prepping up for the summer. Like what's mentioned earlier, sexy lingerie types of clothing are available in the market today, and you can also use your favorite lingerie pieces to cover up when going to the beach. Of course, 2-piece and one-piece swimsuits are still popular. Modern designs are geared towards showing off some skin while still leaving something to the imagination. Think of a not-so-traditional one-piece with a slit on front, or something that is bare at the sides to show off some curves. More about fashion swimwear for women at FashionPlusTV.

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