Sunday, April 14, 2013

Warm Weather Fashion 2013

Get Mod for Spring

This year the mid-west and east had the winter season last longer than usual. The sun has started to shine again and for most women it is time to start thinking about spring and summer wardrobe, swim wear, and accessories like jewelry and glasses. Hopefully, even if in these economic hard times you will be able to add one or new pieces to your wardrobe, to give you a fresh look to go with the warmer seasons.

Capes and Metallics Make the Seasonal Transition

Some of the early spring trends like capes made out of lighter materials can hold over until May or be brought out for cool summer evenings. The tailored cape can be worn into an over chilled office. There are of course any numbers of less tailored capes that are in neutral colors

The can be used to ‘dress” up sleeveless t- shirt dresses. Capes make plain summer day dresses them appropriate for an outdoor cafĂ© or concert .They are great for events that might become slightly chilly. Metallics are big this spring and tailored capes can be found in linen look fabrics. A metallic cape will probably last into fall, as the cape does not appear to be going any wear right at the moment. Brushed metallic clothing in pastels will most likely be limited to the warmer months. The more traditional silver and gold can probably travel a few seasons.

hiny and Sheer for Summer

Pastel metallic material appearing in very retro looking clothing and some that is straight out of 60’s sci-fi. Jackie O style suits are really making a statement when metallic material appears in the brocade. In skirts for spring you find less of the 60’s Woodstock folk look and more the early 60’s “That Girl Look.”

Any thing sheer is in for the warmer months. There is less emphasis on, “the lace sheer look.” Most of the sheer material looks like it was made our mother’s pools cover ups from the mid 70’s. There is also a great deal of interesting ribbon and sheer fabrics out there. Again, this stuff is great for summer evening wear and the pool, but a little much for even the most progressive office. The best part of sheer clothing is showing off the great camisoles and delicate slips that can be shown tastefully under this clothing.

The Natural Look and All that is not!

For those who really what to embrace the futuristic all kinds of sci-fi inspired plastic wear is out there. If you look the zip lock look, the next two seasons you can probably get a way with it. It is like the mod sixties has collided with the mellow mid 70’s. The hobo and peasant look is back, but so are all the bold patterns, plastic synthetics, and bright primary colors of the mid 60’s. Black and white bold patterns are in and can be worn past Indy race day.

Vintage swimwear is in and you can cover up a little bit more and still be fashionable. Mismatched bikini’s allow you to maybe get several looks out of a fewer pieces while having a great deal of fun. Digital prints are like the new tie dye and you can make a bold statement in because they are in very bright colors.

This year seems to be a new twist on trends from the years of plastic fantastic of the 60’s to the back to the nature trend of the mid 70’s


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