Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall 2013 Trends in Eyewear for Men

Fall 2013 Trends in Eyewear for Men

Eyewear in India has gone far beyond sun protection or vision enhancement: It has turned out to be an essential accessory for individual style. With every season, new styles come into view, or re-emerge, and fall 2013 is no exception. New trends are out for fall 2013, and some striking and trendy alternatives are available for both genders these days. However, we will have latest drifts of eyewear for men in this article. 

Eyewear for Men - Fall 2013

The much-loved trends for men include a touch of everything, from the past to the future. The first innovative trend in eyewear for men is the comeback of vintage hues and patterns, which give you an idea about the conventional frames from the 50's and 60's re-emerging. During 50's, eyewear for men was quite basic, and you will perceive a lot of grave frames for spectacles, dark shades, and simple looks with this trend. Men who like the basic but classy will love the air of sophistication these eyeglasses and sunglasses lend.

Another vintage trend making a comeback is High-Flying glasses, referring to the unending esteem of the aviator style frames. These pilot inspired eyeglasses and sunglasses show that some trends are eternal. The aviator style is ideal for people who want to look classic and fresh at the same time.

Another trend that is all set for fall 2013 is metallic infusion. This sci-fi revival is all about metallic, mirror frames, and shiny surfaces, which call innovative space stations to mind. This trend is anticipated to be most favored one due to its distinctive frame styles and metallic designs.

Rimless will continue to be in vogue untill the end of the year, and fashion freaks will season some amazing shades in rimless frames for spectacles during fall 2013. Rimless will be an hottest trend in eyewear for men as well as in eyewear for women.

Oversized goggles for men are steadily catching up with fashion forwarded people in India. These large sunglasses have become an ideal style statement for those who love to be center of attraction wherever they go. For fall 2013, all the leading brands are going to present some new designs in oversized sunglasses in India.

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