Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Men's Glasses Say about the Men?

Men's Glasses
Is it possible to guess the mood of a man on the basis of his glasses? Mens glasses speak more about the traits of a person who wears it. If a person wears aviator glasses then he belongs to the valiant, brave and courageous mindset whereas if a person wears oversized glasses then he loves showing fashion styles. This is how we can guess about the person’s character on the basis of different types of glasses frames he selects to wear. 

Many trendy glasses get to know when you start comparing them with the personality of a wearer. You will notice that shady boys always prefer wearing cool glasses. Men who believe on quality more than anything else prefer wearing Donna Karan glasses. These are made up of brown color plastic frames that one can wear while dating someone. Who doesn’t know ray-ban aviators? These glasses get preferred by the men who think themselves as a Mr. Cool. Oakley’s collection is the best choice for those who like wearing vintage glasses. You can become a person from 40s or 50s simply by selecting Oakley’s glasses.

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