Monday, September 30, 2013

Home Trends for 2013

Popular Home Trends 2013
There will be quite a few things that will top the hot home trends 2013 list. Therefore, I have compiled a list and details of some of the most popular home trends to make the list this year. So, whether you are going to update your home to enjoy yourself or if you are updating to sell your home fast, check this list to see if you are choosing the most popular trends.
√ Smart Homes – In today’s time we all live with smart devices like the iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. Therefore, be on the lookout for homes that are controlled with smart devices too. It will be even more affordable to control your home this year from one single device. You can use an iPad, iPhone, or an Android to control your homes lighting, temperature, electronics, security, your pool and more.
√ Outdoor kitchens – This year, we will see more prefabricated kitchens for outdoor use. They are much more affordable than a custom outdoor kitchen and just as attractive. Hybrid grills that cook with wood, gas or charcoal will also be popular.
√ Home gardens – As fresh food prices rise, many more people will turn to gardening for their fresh vegetables. Raised garden beds are perfect for home gardening. Raised gardens are especially great for homeowners who can’t do a lot of bending. We will also see more backyard ponds that homeowners are raising fish in for food consumption.
√ Outdoor living spaces – This has been a trend for several years now and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining. You can add lush furniture, fire pits, televisions and more to your outdoor space.
√ Home theaters – We should see more rooms in homes being converted to home theaters as more and more families choose affordable home entertainment. Some comfy seating, tables and dim lights set the right mood for a home theater.
√ Themes – Themed decorating will be making a comeback this year. After several years of plain contemporary design, many homeowners are looking for themes in their d├ęcor such as European flair, which is likely to be the most popular theme for home fashions.
√ Multi-use furniture – Since homes are still on a smaller scale in square footage than a few years ago, you should expect to see more multi-use furniture like sofa beds for sitting and sleeping, ottomans for sitting and storage, adjustable height coffee tables that can be raised for dining use, and much more.
While there will be many more home trends this year, these are the most popular ones for 2013. Each one will add value, efficiency, and style to any home.

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