Thursday, September 26, 2013

Only Simple Glasses Allowed to Worn at Orthodox Brooklyn School

Simple Glasses
Don’t get shocked to hear that there are only a few places where wearing hipster glasses is allowed or permitted in Brooklyn, New York . You cannot wear these glasses at orthodox Brooklyn school and many other places. Adjust your glasses frames and read the below given information that explains the whole scenario in depth.

Places where hipster glasses are permitted: Bowling alleys, the Brooklyn Brewery, parks, coffee shops, and the vintage stores.

Places where you cannot wear hipster glasses frames include an Orthodox school, Borough Parks Bobover Yeshiva B’Nei Zion.

According to some fashionable news, hipster glasses are a part of new modernized glasses that are worn by majority of the celebrities to adopt sexy look. These thick framed glasses offer a vulgar look on the face of a wearer. To avoid the students’ mind getting influenced by these types of trendy glasses, Orthodox school has decided to ban the trendy glasses into the school and nearby area. Now students there can wear only the simple glasses that are produced with the pragmatic intention.

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