Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eyewear Trend 2014 List

Eyewear Trend 2014 List

Eyewear trends have changed and developed a great deal. A number of styles have come up. The frame of the glasses, the tinting and shape of the glass and the frame play an important role in deciding the look of the glasses. These can vary and lend a particular style to the wearer. 

Tortoise shell glasses provide a more traditional and classical look. They can be worn with a variety of clothes because they seem to go pretty well with everything. Square glasses give a more modern look to the wearer. They symbolize precision, utility and even a sparser look. These glasses are becoming more and more popular, particularly in a working environment. Round Glasses give a more traditional and homely look to the wearer. They are part of a more laid back style of glasses.Vintage Glasses can paradoxically have an element of novelty about them. 

Designers have combined styles and innovations to create types of glasses which can make a fashion statement. These come in multiple colours and styles, which vary and change greatly. These glasses follow various trends like the mathematical style, which is slightly darker, to the aquatic style with lighter, cooler colours.

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