Friday, November 22, 2013

Nine Months Pregnant Rachel Zoe Went out in Round Sunglasses

Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and mother of one child, stepped out in style with her son Skylar. Being pregnant and waiting to deliver her baby any day now, she wanted to have one last outing as a mother of one before the 2nd baby arrives. She is due any day now and so is not letting go of any chance where she can spend more time with her son.
Both mother and son were dressed impeccably, with the mother wearing a camel coat and platform boots and the son wearing matching tunic and trousers and a beanie hat. The special attraction of Rachel Zoe’s fashion was her big round sunglasses.

Her vintage glasses were a unique combination of brown and white. The lenses were brown and the glasses frames were white. It added a very retro appeal to her overall style and look. In spite of being pregnant, there were no visible signs of her baby bump. Her glasses helped with taking off the attention from her bump towards her face. The big round over-sized sunglasses both acted as a diversion and a stylish accessory. In spite of being such a busy entrepreneur, according to her own words – “there is no time”, Rachel Zoe continues to step out in style every time.

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