Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Dream List

CARTIER ‘Trinity’ bracelet
2ND DAY waistcoat
CARTIER ‘Juste un Clou’ bracelet
HERMES diary cover
CELINE beige pumps
CHANEL quilted clutch
HERMES ‘Kelly’ bag
CARTIER ‘Tank Solo’ watch
CHANEL snow globe

Christmas is just around the corner so I am grabbing every opportunity to drop subtle hints in the hopes of turning pajamas and bedsheets into any of the ones above. Seasonal wishes? I could fire at you with lighting speed but then there are the classics, the dream buys that will forever have me week at my knees. My favorite online destination, Vestiaire Collective keeps teasing me with the likes of a golden nail from Cartier and The Hermès Kelly (I can’t even pronounce it without transposing up a tone), both things that come best served as gifts (I’m looking at you, older man). One can dream, but I won’t be expecting to unwrap a designer snow globe anytime soon, leave it to me to justify the worth of something so amazingly pointless.

Don’t miss out on the ‘Ready to ship’ section for free delivery until Dec 15th on those smart, bigger than life gift decisions. Trust me, they will pay back themselves.
In collaboration with Vestiaire Collective

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