Thursday, November 28, 2013

Come on, Gaga: Mind Your Broken Spectacles

Gaga: Mind Your Broken Spectacles

If there is anyone at all who could try and turn broken glasses into a fashion statement and actually succeed, it is Lady Gaga, or “Mother Monster” as she is called by her legions of “little monster” fans. Gaga has been in the news, more for her outlandish sense of fashion than her music, the latter, needless to say, is less attention-grabbing when compared with her meat dresses, balloon dresses, and now, broken glasses. 
Spotted recently wearing a pair of broken metal glasses which were accessorized with two wigs and a lavender menswear inspired dress, Gaga made it clear that even a simple pair of glasses had to have that unique “Gaga” fashion edge to it. 

Interestingly the trend of wearing broken metal glasses is predicted to hit the market soon. No matter how bizarre or outlandish her fashion choices, one can be assured that anything preferred by Gaga will soon be fashion favorite. The broken glasses trend therefore, will be spotted on runways and in high street markets alike and cheaper, more budget-friendly variants will no doubt make their way into the unique eyewear collections of Gaga fans worldwide. Also expect the accompanying double blonde wig and menswear inspired dress to follow the same pathway into popular fashion magazines.

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