Monday, November 18, 2013

Lady Gaga Wears Bizarre Blow-fly Sunglasses and Almost Trips on Her Sky-high Shoes

We are all aware of Lady Gaga and the ways she adopts for looking “different” than the others. This recent appearance of Miss Gaga was no different as she put all her other weird looks behind with this one.
There was only one good thing about her whole appearance and that was her blow-fly round sunglasses. Even though they made her look like someone from space, they were still much less weird than the rest of her outfit.

We still cannot figure out what she was really wearing other than the round sunglasses. The “jumpsuit” looked like something astronauts would like to wear. It had sleeves at the oddest of places and was so shiny that it almost hurt the eyes. The white leggings she wore looked like they were stuffed with something around the knees. And that is not all! The Lady Gaga shoes looked like you can kill somebody with them! They were so high that she actually tripped while walking.

She didn’t leave her head out of the weirdness and chose to adorn it with a turban! Not a cap, not a hat, but a purple turban! It was the fashion sunglasses which somewhat managed to salvage her whole appearance.

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