Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rose Tinted Glasses: Make the World in Your Eye Rose-colored

Rose Tinted Glasses

A line of rose tinted glasses have been brought out by wine make Robert Moldavi Private Selection in collaboration with Woodzee, an eyewear company. These designer glasses are made from recycled wine bottles. The glasses have a distinctive tint imparted to them by the wine which was previously stored in these bottles. 
They allow the wearer to see the world through a tinted lens, which can be rose tinted. The glass wooden frames are made from oak wood derived from wine barrels and have a distinctive tint imparted by contact with the wine, in this case the coastal crush red variety created by the label. The fashion sunglasses contain a barrel logo on the temple as a sign of its origin. 

Woodzee has created eyewear from very novel materials in the past like skateboard decks and bamboo reeds. These sunglasses come in four shades. These are reflective blue, reflective green, bronze and grey. The designer eyewear is unisex and in a wayfarer type shape. These glasses can be purchased through Woodzee’s website. These wayfarer glasses are in a very unique style and the result of the collaboration between the wine making company and the eyewear manufacturer. It has been the creator of a highly individual product which is high quality and distinctive.

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