Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Keeps Her Aviator Glasses on While Getting Her Eyes Made up

Lindsay Lohan
The 27 year old Lindsay Lohan continuously posts her pictures on Instagram. Recently she posted a picture of hers where she was getting her touch up for an Elle Indonesia shoot. You must be thinking what the big deal about the picture is.
So that you guys know it clearly, Lohan was getting her makeup done with her Aviator glasses on. We all are aware of the fact that Lohan loves her Aviators but we surely did not know that she loves them so much that she cannot part with them even while getting the makeup done. She did not remove her aviators even when her eye makeup was done.

In another black and white picture posted on Twitter the red head mean girl was seen getting her hair and her face touch- up done by her hair stylist as well as her makeup artist with these aviator glasses on. We know that both the Instagram and Twitter pictures were related to the same event but we sure were not aware of the actor’s unbound love for her shades. While her cheeks were defined with rouge and her lips were painted dark red, Lohan was seen confidently carrying herself.

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