Friday, November 22, 2013

Slip 2013 Fashion Tendencies for that Furthermore Sort of.

If your body type describes a pear shaped smaller top and a bigger bottom, experts recommend that you choose a Kimono dress; only because it balances the body. In the fashion world, draped sweater coats are going to be all over the place during the fall season. Most will come in knits and cashmere. You should also consider a wrap dress or V-neck dress.
They are ideal for plus sized women because:
1. The knit hugs the body
2. The folded top takes the attention from all other body parts, but your face
3. The sweater length provides a slimmer and leaner look
Colors to wear
If you are plus sized and want to create that slimming appearance, you should wear a red sweater with black pants. You can never go wrong with red and black. Smokey gray is another color that adds depth to an outfit and takes away from the fact that you are plus sized. When you wear the color gray, the best way to do so without appearing bigger than usual, is to mix it with bright colors on top. Make sure your top has a distinct neckline to take away all the emphasis from the body toward the face. Choose tones that are monochromatic since they provide a slimming effect to the body; not to also mention that they add sophistication and class to your look.
Other options
Rosettes are going to be popular for the fall. You can choose a basic shift dress and make it either professional or casual. A good pair of pants with medium-low wide waistband will minimize your midsection. Stay away from high thin waistbands. Select a bootleg style pair of pants because it is sufficiently wide to add balance to your hips. Tailored and proportionate dresses should be your first choice.
What you should avoid
If you are a plus sized woman, you should stay away from baggy and shapeless clothes; especially tunic tops and long skirts. You may want to hide your body by wearing these types of clothing, but it only gives the opposite effect of not actually hiding you, but drawing eyes to you. Stay away from loose fabrics. These will only make you appear heavy on top. Avoid pants that are too narrow or too wide in the leg because it will make your hips look bigger. Tummy control is something that you should consider by wearing shape wear under your clothing.
Be sure to begin your search for the right apparel by choosing styles to compliment your figure. A pencil skirt and sweater with no belt is an ideal combination for work or play. Add some nice little pumps to make you appear taller and more slender.

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