Thursday, November 21, 2013

Aviator Glasses & Dog--Man's Best Friend

Aviator Glasses & Dog--Man's Best Friend

We’ve all heard of the old adage, dog is man’s best friend. However, in Russell Brands case, this adage seems a little incomplete as not only are dogs are his best friends but aviator sunglasses too. Who knew that specific glasses frames had such deep significance for some?

After denying all claims regarding his cheating on Jemima Khan with glamour model Sophie Coady, Brand can be seen walking Khan’s dog along while sporting the very hip vintage glasses that show his keen fashion style. And his day out doesn’t just end there but also extends towards hailing a taxi and asking the driver to get some flowers while en route to an address in London. His exit from the taxi was accompanied by those flowers, designer glasses and Jemima’s fluffy white dog, Brian. However, this same comedian who in a very recent interview with Alan Carr admitted to behaving himself and being in love was in recent times caught in a tricky situation with Sophie Coady.

The glamour model not only admitted to the fact that Russell cheated on his girlfriend with her, but also gave away all the gory bed secrets that literally bound them together. Oh and giving away is very polite considering the dirt she pulled up on the famous comedian who has a thing for getting caught in awkward situations and glasses for men. Along with dissing his sexual prowess and highlighting his keenness to cheat with her, she also claimed that he was obsessed with power.

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