Monday, August 5, 2013

Timeless Summer Fashion Items for Men and Women

The weather is getting hotter, perhaps too hot for clothes? Well you can’t leave the house naked and you don’t want to be stuck rocking tank tops and flip flops all summer. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to suffer. So here’s a list of timeless summer fashion items that follows form and function and gives you versatility and style. 

Items for Women


Sun dresses can be formal and/or casual depending on how you dress it up or dress it down. With a scarf and sandals for a more casual look, or a pair of them with high heels and red lips for a more classy for a more put together look.

Tennis styled bracelets

Effortlessly cute and classy, this simple jewelry item can go with everything, shorts, jeans, skirts, swimsuits, heels, sandals, the list is endless.

Floppy, Droopy Hats

Floppy and droopy hats are a great way to match style with sun protection. You can wear this on the beach, out in the town, or even at church. This can be classy, elegant, and dramatic.


Wedges are the shoe staple for the summer. They are like what leather boots are for the fall, snow boots are for the winter and rain boots are for the spring. Whether you wear them as high or possible or with a low, modest heel, your summer isn’t complete without wearing wedges at least once.

Silver or Gold Hoops

Hoops like Tennis styled bracelets are simple, mostly inexpensive jewelry pieces. Where them on the beach with a sexy swimsuit, cute short shorts, a maxi skirt and/or sundress, hoops can go with almost everything and are always in.

Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts!!! Yes that’s right you wear short shorts. Shorts are perfect for those days when you want to throw on something that can cover your butt and make it look nice too. For those times when you can’t or don’t feel like wearing a skirt or a dress, all the while keeping cool and stylish.

Items for Men

Cotton suites

Nothing looks better on a man then a nicely pressed cotton suite. A bit more on the formal side, these are good for a nice dinner date or for church.

Lightweight watches

The parallel to the tennis styled bracelet, lightweight watches are good for telling time while out and about. It’s also incredibly stylish. Pair them with your cotton suite or a pair of pants or shorts.

Khakis/ Cargo Pants and Shorts

Khakis and cargo pants and shorts are great for those casual days out in the sun. Opt for a simple one without too much pockets for a more tasteful less juvenile look. Paired with some sandals, sneakers, or boat shoes, khakis/cargo pants or shorts can be worn to a barbeque, a party or even on a nighttime stroll with the loved one.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are the male version of the perfect summer shoes. You can wear them pretty much everywhere. On the beach, a summer barbeque party, even on a boat.

Silver/ Gold chains

The equivalent of silver or gold hoops, a simple silver or gold chain can add some bling to an outfit. Nothing too outrageous, chains are a nice, subtle touch to an outfit. Where them with a cotton suite or with a simple watch to accessorize an outfit.

Bermuda Style Shorts

These shorts are a bit on the classier side. Great for a beach party, rooftop party or a romantic evening with your boo.

Overall these are some of the best timeless summer classic clothing items for both men and women. They can be hiding in your wardrobe as you read. If not go out and buy some, you’ll get your money’s worth two times over. Since these items are classic they won’t go out of style and will with stand the ever changing trends that the major fashion labels and companies churn out here and there. So here's to looking good and keeping summer fashion 2013.


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