Thursday, March 14, 2013

National Day, Mothers’ Day, Why Not Nerd Day?

Do you own a laptop, or a microscope, or graphing calculator, or even a laser printer? Can you explicitly tell who Albert Einstein is and who James Clerk Maxwell is? Did you build the computer you are currently working on? Does engineer sound very fun to you? Do social rituals seem like disasters to you? Do your faces flush when you talk to girls?
If “YES” to all the above questions, well then, you can define yourself as a “NERD”.
Don’t panic! If you are called a nerd by your roommates, classmates or colleagues, you are recognized as freakily intelligent, passionate about your academic pursuit and a bit awkward in a cute way. Now people start to appreciate the uniqueness of nerds and many of them even dress like nerds, like teaming a semi-witty t-shirt with a hoody and a pair of canvas sneakers and most importantly, a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.
The even greater news is that a glasses online shop in UK, Ozeal Glasses, literally started by a group of nerds, set 14th March (world widely known as π Day) as the NERDA DAY so as to celebrate being nerdy and outstanding by launching a brand new glasses line: Nerd Glasses, handpicked by stylists and specially designed for anyone who wants to highlight the stylish nerdy looking.
Yeah, that’s hilarious. Besides comic book stores, laboratories, virtual online space, nerds have another place to refer to- In order to make this more serious and exciting, Ozeal Glasses even claim that all the students can take a 40% off voucher if you buy glasses from this website on 14th March.(source: Ozeal Blog)

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