Wednesday, March 13, 2013

pi day:wear a pair of ozeal nerd glasses

Bill Gates: ‘Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.’
Let s think like a nerd, act like a nerd, and dress like a nerd.

—-14 March Ozeal Nerd Festival

Nerd Glasses have become all the rage in the fashion world nowadays. These glasses have become very popular due to their frequent use in the world of fashion. There was a time when every cool person was wearing something sleek and shiny but now most television shows and movies try to create cute characters by making them nerdy. These nerdy people are portrayed as nice guys. The hipster subgroup has also taken the act of wearing Nerd Glasses very seriously. They wear the Nerd Glasses as being ‘ironic'.

Nerd glasses climbed the stairs of popularity because of an American actor named Harold Lloyd in early 1900s. He used to wear nerd glasses every time whenever he acted and brought these glasses to the mainstream.Then the glasses gained popularity through 30s and got to an extreme extent 50s when musician Buddy Holly used a series of large, bulky square shaped glasses for his videos and for front album cover posters. The style particularly in black and also got available in varying shades remained popular in 50s, until 70s when different types of large and steel aviator frames started to became popular.

The different types of round horn-rimmed glasses started to get listed in fashion in 80s, with tortoiseshell being the most fashionable among smart and intelligent entrepreneurs and the white variant of nerd glasses became popular among different musicians and their fans. But horned rimmed glasses went out of fashion in 90s but became most popular in the beginning of the new decade and still in fashion since. These glasses were in so much fashion statement and the popularity level got so high that most of these glasses fans used to wear these without lenses.

As nerd glasses is so popular that Ozeal launch its new series of glasses:  Ozeal Nerd Glasses. Not only that pi day is coming, wearing a pair of ozeal nerd glasses will be more fashion. Come on nerds!

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