Friday, March 1, 2013


Ashley  Madekwe
Ashley Madekwe is an actress in the famous series, Revenge .When it comes to her closet, Madekwe confesses she’s a total “outfit nerd” and admits to keeping a notebook with outfit ideas and pulling an all-nighter to cop Isabel Marant shoes online (to which we say: been there, done that). 

Aside from a killer shoe collection, Madekwe's wardrobe is also rich in our other favorite accessory: bags. 

We spotted Mulberry, CHANEL and Balenciaga amongst her collection, with one mystery buy that she simply couldn't put her finger on, "No idea who makes that purse or even how it got into my apartment!" 

Although she loves a good designer showstopper, Madekwe is all about fast-fashion finds from Topshop and ZARA.I buy items that I love irrespective of the label; it makes my wardrobe very mixed, and I rarely wear a designer look head-to-toe.

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